Marat Bashirov Renova Group Luhansk People’s Republic acting prime minister

July 15, 2014

Marat Bashirov formerly with Renova Group has been appointed acting Prime Minister Luhansk People’s Republic. This was around July 4, 2014.

Luhansk People’s Republic Appoints Russian Lobbyist to Head Council of Ministers
The Moscow TimesJul. 04 2014 18:59 Last edited 19:00
The head of Ukraine’s self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic appointed a prominent Russian lobbyist with ties to Moscow’s elite to act as chairman of its council of ministers Friday in a move likely to prompt fresh accusations that Russia is backing the separatists there.

Marat Bashirov has held a number of positions close to Russian decision-making circles, including assistant to the chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, according to the website. He has also occupied senior positions at billionaire Viktor Vekselberg’s Renova conglomerate and IES Holding, one of Russia’s largest private energy companies, according to the website.

European Union Sanctions – Ukraine
This news release is issued in respect of the EU financial measures taken against certain persons, entities and bodies in view of the situation in Ukraine.

Annex I to Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 has been amended with effect from 12 July 2014.

Eleven names have been added to the EU sanctions list.




Other Information: So called Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Luhansk

Group ID: 13013

BORODAI, Aleksandr, Yurevich

DOB: 25/07/1972

POB: Moscow

Other Information: So called Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Donetsk

Group ID: 13009


Other Information: So called Minister of Internal Affairs of the People’s Republic of Luhansk

Group ID: 13016

KALYUSSKY, Alexandr, Aleksandrovich

Other Information: So called de facto Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs of Donetsk People’s Republic

Group ID: 13011


DOB: 1979

Other Information: So called Supreme Council Chair of the People’s Republic of Luhansk

Group ID: 13015


Other Information: So called Minister of Security of People’s Republic of Donetsk

Group ID: 13010

KHRYAKOV, Alexander

Other Information: So called Information and Mass Communications Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic

Group ID: 13012


DOB: 20/06/1956

POB: Donetsk region

Other Information: Commander of Cossack Forces

Group ID: 13018

MOZGOVY, Oleksiy

Other Information: A leader of armed groups in Eastern Ukraine

Group ID: 13019


Other Information: So called Vice Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers of the People’s Republic of Luhansk. Formerly so called Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Luhansk

Group ID: 13014


Other Information: So called Defence Minister of the People’s Republic of Luhansk

Group ID: 13017

Financial institutions and other persons are requested to check whether they maintain any accounts or otherwise hold funds or economic resources for, or provide financial services to, the designated persons. If so, they must freeze such accounts or other funds and, unless licensed by the Treasury, refrain from dealing with said funds or economic resources, and suspend the provision of any financial services. They must report their findings to the Sanctions Officer at the Customs and Excise Division of the Treasury.

Further details of the sanctions regimes related to Ukraine and links to the Consolidated List of individuals and entities subject to other financial sanctions regimes may be found on the Customs and Excise pages of the Isle of Man Government website.

New Prime Minister LNR Marat Bashirov was engaged in GR, worked in “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg and was a strategist in the “Image-contact”
the Head of the self-proclaimed Lugansk people’s Republic Valery Bolotov was appointed acting Chairman of the Council of Ministers LNR Russian political consultant and former top-Manager of group “Renova” Victor Vekselberg Marat Bashirov. Former Prime Minister Vasily Nikitin now he became the first Deputy Bashirov. The new government must be formed within a week.

Some discussion here

Renova Group is linked to Alexander Zyurikov who is Vice Chairman of Renova Group and head of Mongoose Private Security aka Mangust which operators from Ufa Russia, Kiev Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzebekistan. Mongoose operates from countries or next to them linked to the Boston Bombing or the students or taxi driver.

Renova Group and Zyurikov may have played a role in the death of Pierre Wauthier of Zurich Insurance Group and Josef Ackermann who was chairman of Zurich Insurance joined Renova Group in February 2014. Ackermann is linked to profs Anatoly Chubais and Sergei Guriev. Guriev attended the Stanford SIEPR Agenda Day involving Stanley Fischer, Darrell Duffie, and John Shoven. Duffie was in Zurich in 1997 apparently meeting with Freddy Delbaen as part of their operation against Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers, ie to use plagiarism kompromat against him. Albert Shiryaev of Moscow State was also in Zurich sometime from 1997 to 1999 and is closely linked to Freddy Delbaen. Duffie may have helped in the 1999 Shiryaev book on mathematical finance that was intended to help put pressure on Stanley Fischer. This was part of Project 97-03 of the Lyapunov Institute a joint venture of Inria France and Russian institutes (Moscow State University and Steklov by memory).

Agnes Sulem was co-head of the Math Finance Project 97-03 and she El Karoui have many Muslim students in finance over the years many now in academia or investment banking.

Barack Obama was an employee of University of Chicago at the time, although presumably unaware of this unless someone like Bill Ayers know of it and told him. Later Obama appears to have acted as an accessory after the fact to cover up for Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers, U Chicago, Harvard and MIT among others.

Depending on facts and legal theories, some of these individuals and institutes can be linked to some or all of the related incidents that are part of these conspiracies including funding the Chechen Genocide in 1999, possible if the suicides of Aaron Swartz, Boris Berezovsky or Pierre Wauthier were homicides, the invasion of Ukraine, etc.

The above is draft and preliminary. These are hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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