Ukraine Malaysia Flight MH17 downed by missile possibly Russian private security

July 17, 2014

Malaysia flight MH17 was shot down by a missile in Eastern Ukraine near the border with Russia in the insurgent areas of Donestk and near Luhansk (Lugansk).

From a Russian point of view, having it done by a private security company from Kazakhstan from within Donetsk is the ideal. That removes any Russian legal responsibility.

Mongoose or Mangust Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or even Kiev would fit the bill. These are legal entities not technically subject to Russian jurisdiction or licensing. They act from within Donestk or Ukraine outside Russian legal jurisdiction.

Thus their action is deniable by Russia and outside their jurisdiction. If Russia gets the black boxes and does an investigation it can simply consider those companies beyond its legal jurisdiction and outside the scope of its investigation.

Veksleberg and Renova Group are already linked to Luhansk through Marat Bahsirov appointed as acting prime minister of Luhansk without explanation for firing the former prime minister. This happened Friday July 4, 2014, just 13 days ago.

Why did Putin do it? One reason is to create terror. To create a distraction. To oppose sanctions on Russia. To send a warning to Ukraine, Obama and Europe.

To know that the flight was a Malaysian 777 would require planning and know-how. This was not an accidental shooting of a Malaysian passenger jet. It was deliberate and planned in advance to know it was a Malaysian aircraft.

Renova Group has been given airports in Russia to run. So it is linked that way. Zyurikov is vice Chairman of Renova and head of Mongoose Private Security aka Mangust.

Renova Group was linked to Luhansk intentionally by the Bashirov appointment. Renova Group was put under investigation in 2004. The memory of this puts pressure on it so Vekselberg and Zyurikov are reminded how easy it is for Putin to act against them.

Interesting info on Renova Group and Vekselberg.

The Russians know that the Americans will rely on sigint and that without explicit evidence in sigint that Russia ordered it, the US will say there is no evidence that Putin ordered it. Putin is laughing at this. Russia knows how the US can’t act without certainty and that it is paralyzed without it.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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