Pierre Wauthier suicide or homicide how to think about it.

July 18, 2014

We can consider how to go about considering whether Pierre Wauthier was a suicide or homicide.

Reasons to think it was a suicide.

1. There are many more suicides in Switzerland than homicides.

2. He had expressed the view of feeling stress.

Reasons to think it was a homicide.

1. There was a conflict with Josef Ackermann.

2. Ackermann joined Renova Group after the death of Pierre Wauthier.

3. Renova Group’s vice chairman is the head of the Russian private security firm Mongoose aka Mangust.

4. Mangust operates not just from Ufa Russia, but also Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and Kiev.

5. These are the same places many of those in the Boston bombing case are from.

6. Renova Group is likely fronting for Putin’s own money.

7. Ackermann has a relation with Russia and has met senior people like Putin and Sergei Lavrov. He also has a relation with Merkel who was in East Germany when it was Communist and she was a Communist.

8. If Wauthier could testify against Ackermann in any way that could give law enforcement leverage over Ackermann, then Ackermann could testify against these people.

9. This could lead to exposing Putin’s own money in Renova Group being subject to civil litigation in courts in Switzerland or the US or UK. So Putin could lose his money as people sue for everything he has done.

10. Pierre Wauthier knew the author of this blog and had possible knowledge that Russia could have hoped would give them leverage. As it turns out, it didn’t. But the CFO of Zurich Insurance in 1998 resigned for insider trading. Zurich Insurance continued to pay him money. The blog author was part of Rohrbasser’s team and that was known to Freddy Delbaen and possibly Darrell Duffie. So possibly there was a link to the insider payment or ZIG paying Rohrbasser after he left even though he was prosecuted by Switzerland. As it turns out, the blog author told ZIG not to do it and was fired within 2 months of Rohrbasser’s resignation. This also is useful info for Russian intel to find out and to use somehow at some point. Wauthier was the only person left at ZIG from those days who knew the blog author.

11. Wauthier could have other knowledge, e.g. of Delbaen who was a consultant to ZIG.

12. Wauthier might have academic contacts in Switzerland or France or people he knows who knew the blog author and his writings on Russia. So Wauthier could have put together the linkage between Ackermann asking about Rohrbasser, the prosecution for insider trading, ZIG’s payments to Rohrbasser, the linkage if any to this blog author, etc.

13. Because Renova Group is Putin’s own money and Wauthier could provide direct evidence against Ackermann, assuming this scenario, Wauthier was a direct threat to break this open in Switzerland and lose Putin over 10 billion dollars of his money in Renova Group.

14. Mangust Kazakhstan could cause the death of Wauthier without involving the legal system of Russia. For the Russian intel service to cause Wauthier’s death, there would have to be a death warrant signed. That would likely require a secret trial in Russia. Wauthier was never in Russia and coming up with reasons would be difficult. However, Mangust Kazakhstan could do it without these legal requirements.

15. Vekselberg lives in Zug near Wauthier’s house. If Wauthier died there, Vekselberg would be frightened. That would remind Vekselberg that Renova Group was Putin’s money not Vekselberg’s. Vekselberg is careful to say that he never had the Faberge eggs in his own home. So he makes it clear he is not spending Putin’s money lavishly.

16. Wauthier died in August 2013 which was a point in the sequence of 2013 and 2014 events leading up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

17. Stanley Fischer is part of these events.

18. Freddy Delbaen, Albert Shiryaev and Darrell Duffie were meeting in Zurich to work on putting pressure on Stanley Fischer in 1997 is likely. In 2013, Fischer was part of the events in the sequence starting with Aaron Swartz’s “suicide”, Berezovsky’s “suicide” and Wauthier’s.

19. These all relate to Stanley Fischer in some way. Swartz may have been investigating the Fischer plagiarism and using JSTOR for that. Berezovsky was behind using it to get IMF loans in the 1990s. Delbaen, Shiryaev and Duffie in Zurich in 1997 were all working on that for Russia is one scenario. The blog author was part of their plans then although he did not know it.

20. Wauthier could help link 1997 and 1998 events in Zurich to 2013 and the impending invasion of Crimea by Russia in 2014. So they needed him out of the way same as Swartz and Berezovsky.

21. Russia has not hidden the subsequent links, e.g. Ackermann joining Renova Group, Sergei Guriev going to Stanford for SIEPR Day where Duffie was, etc.

22. If Russia was already involved in killing people in 2013 such as Swartz or Berezovsky or the Boston Bombing, then Wauthier would be easy to add to their list. This is particularly so if he threatened Putin’s money in Renova by being a potential witness against Ackermman would could then expose this network if law enforcement got leverage over him.

23. Perhaps at times, Russia kills for the fun of it? This article suggests that about Israel in the Gaza invasion of 2014.


Similar things could be said about Russia. Keeping Ackermann and Vekselberg afraid seems to be useful for Putin as well. Zyurikov as vice Chairman of Renova seems to have no other role besides keeping Vekselberg afraid and reminding him that Renova is Putin’s money.

24. When Pierre Wauthier did not show up for a meeting on Monday, ZIG immediately sent a security guard to his home in Zug. This is unusual and his widow found it unusual.

25. Josef Ackermann immediately resigned in a way indicating guilt to his widow. If Ackermann had provided information to Russia or Mongoose private security gained from Wauthier and had discussed with them whether Wauthier might connect that to Russia and expose them, then Wauthier’s death may have suggested to Ackermann that Russia had caused Wauthier’s death.

26. Josef Ackermann resigned from Siemens as Vice Chairman as well.

27. Peter Loscher of Siemens joined Renova in February 2014 with Ackermann. Both had been involved in conferences with Russian academics including Sergei Guriev, Rector of New Economic School Moscow. Loscher stepped down as CEO of Siemens in July 2013. Wauthier died August 26, 2013.


This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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