Wauthier Ackermann Renova Group some notes

July 19, 2014

This is very speculative and hypothetical.

Suppose for whatever reason that Josef Ackermann had wanted to cause the death of Pierre Wauthier.  How would he do it?  He couldn’t buy a copy of Soldier of Fortune and call an ad in the back.  That would probably get law enforcement.  Given what we know from Snowden, the chances are any such telephone number is monitored by the NSA and other country agencies.

A person like Ackermann doesn’t deal with the type of people who do this sort of work.  If he did get someone not a cop, they would blackmail him. It would be worse than whatever Wauthier could say about him.

Someone like Ackermann needs not just a referral but an intermediary who can handle the hiring and payment of the team to do the job.  Renova Group has a Russian private security firm linked to it, Mongoose or Mangust. It operates from Kiev, Ufa Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Mongoose is run by Alexander Zyurikov who is vice chairman of Renova Group.  So if Ackermann had needed such help he could go to Vekselberg and Zyurikov and then Zyurikov would arrange it.  Mongoose then would hire someone else through say its Kazakhstan office.

A team would enter Switzerland do the work and leave.  If it involved surveillance, they would need access to Wauthier’s home, work computer, cell, etc. That would probably be a different team.

The team that would do the job on Wauthier might also remove any listening devices.  They might however, foul that up. Or leave them there to see what happened afterwards.  Logically, those would be removed before Renova Group announced that Ackermann was joining their team.  However, what if they fouled it up?  Left something?  Then while everyone is looking at Ukraine, they might send in a team to remove anything left.

We see that to manage this sort of operation in a case like this, it involves an intermediary who can manage such people on an ongoing basis.  So it takes something like a Mongoose with offices in remote places like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan or Ufa Russia that are beyond Western law enforcement or even spy agencies to operate in.

So if someone like Ackermann was to be the decision maker to start this, he would have to use contacts like Renova Group or similar contacts in Moscow to do it.  Russia would then have that on him as leverage going forward.  He would have sold his soul to them, if he hasn’t already.

This is not intended to suggest in anyway that Ackermann is responsible for Wauthier’s death in this way.  This is simply used as a straw man to discuss hypothetically.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.




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