Boris Berezovsky death and Stanley Fischer set up Israel for blame

July 20, 2014

The death of Boris Berezovsky, for whatever cause or who was involved, and the move of Stanley Fischer from head of Israel’s central bank to Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve has set Israel up for blame in a terrorist event engineered by Russia in the United States especially in New York or Washington DC.

Stanley Fischer resigned unexpectedly at the end of January 2013. This was about a week after I sent an email to MIT asking them to investigate Stanley Fischer for plagiarism in his Ph.D. thesis, whether Russia used that to pressure IMF loans, and whether Aaron Swartz was trying to investigate that by downloading JSTOR files. I had used a much smaller set of JSTOR files downloaded in the normal manner to investigate that and help confirm it.

Boris Berezovsky was found dead near the end of March 2013 when he was scheduled to fly to Israel. Boris Berezovsky was the one behind use of kompromat on Stanley Fischer in the 1990s to get IMF loans for Russia and to use that money to fund the genocide of Chechens as Chechens see it. Larry Summers too was a target of that. For either Summers or Fischer to be appointed to the Fed, removing Berezovsky would be of benefit.

The security guard and only other person known to be around Berezovsky when he was found dead was Avi Navama

Avi Navama has over 15 years of experience in the security services both in the public and private sectors. As part of a Special Forces unit whilst in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Avi specialized in counter terrorism operations. He later joined the Israeli Security Agency, where he specialized in operational intelligence and the prevention of terror activity. Other specializations included the identification of risk throughout international arenas. Avi has subsequently been responsible for security at Ben-Gurion Airport, overseeing close protection security for the Israeli Prime Minister and various government ministers and was appointed the security attaché at the Israeli Embassy in London. Upon leaving the Israeli security services, he entered the private sector as a consultant and operational manager where he has managed large security projects in the UK and abroad for high profile clients for the past five years.

This biography lets Russia tie Israel to the death of Berezovsky and to any plot Russia cares to suggest about Israel getting Stanley Fischer to the Fed. That would include linking him to Israel’s invasion of Gaza. Fischer helps keep the US government from imposing sanctions on Israel is how that would be explained.

The second day of hearing into the death of Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky is under way in the Town Hall in the British city of Windsor. According to published data aafter expert examination, a scarf found at the scene could have served as the means for the entrepreneur’s suicide.

“Both parts of the torn scarf coincide. Fibers from both parts are identical, many fibers, identical to the material of the scarf, were also found both on a shower rail and on the clothes of Mr. Berezovsky, including the area of the neck and shoulders.

The examination ascertained that the scarf was torn as a result of the application of force, which can be explained by Mr. Berezovsky’s weight,” coroner Peter Bedford read out the examination’s conclusion during the inquiry into the businessman’s death.

Opponents of the suicide version believe that the scarf was too thin to bear Berezovsky’s weight. An independent forensic expert, Robert Bone, found that the scarf was able to bear the weight of the body and become the instrument of suicide.

“Whatever force was used, whether gradually or abruptly, the scarf could bear the weight of the body,” Bone said answering Bedford’s questions.

“I constantly ask myself: Was everything taken into account during the investigation? And I have a feeling that not all the questions have answers. Not everything is clear in this case. For example, it was only yesterday that, thanks to my questions, we found out that the bathroom could be locked from both sides. If I had not asked questions, everybody would have thought that it was only possible to lock the bathroom from the inside,” Elizabeth Berezovskaya concluded her testimony.

Voice of Russia, RIA, Interfax

Notice how Voice of Russia reports this little known fact about the bathroom door being lockable from both sides. That is important to any conspiracy theory to kill Berezovsky.

The torn scarf means Berezovsky fell. If he was killed, this fall would explain any bruises or fractures found later in killing him. Obviously, they could not do a medical examination after killing him, so this technique would cover that. This is the sort of technique Israel or Russia would know. They would know how to kill him so that the bruises or fractures could be explained by the fall from the broken scarf.

Avi Navama, Mr Berezovsky’s bodyguard of six years, told the inquest at Windsor Guildhall that he was “very low” and “depressed” in the last four months of his life but seemed “different” in the final two days before he died.

Speaking of when he last saw him, the night before he died, Mr Navama said: “He looked at me with very low, tired eyes.

“Like he doesn’t know what to do.”

He said that later that night he collected Mr Berezovsky’s son, Gleb, from school and got a text from his boss thanking him, which he thought “strange”.

Police confirmed the Russian exile’s cause of death was “consistent with hanging”.

The tycoon’s lifeless body was discovered slumped on the floor by his bodyguard at his ex-wife’s luxury property in Ascot, Berkshire, on March 23 last year.

However a paramedic who attended the scene said there were some “strange” elements to the incident, including the colour of Mr Berezovsky’s body.

The witness said: “In my experience normally when we go to patients in these circumstances they tend to be quite pale. I felt that the colour was quite a deep purple.”

Paramedic John Pocock added that he received a phone call to say that police were warning of “hazardous materials” being present in the property and a “warning tone” went off on the alarm he carried to detect levels of background radiation.

He said he spoke to Avi Navama, Mr Berezovsky’s bodyguard of six years, who “indicated that he wasn’t aware of any radiation” and advised him to leave the mansion, as he did.

Mr Pocock said: “It may have just been a faulty meter.

This helped slow down the investigation presumably and possibly the examination of the body.

“I don’t believe it was suicide,” he states. “My friend would not have taken his own life.”
Despite the evidence pointing to a suicide, the discovery of Mr Berezovsky’s body at his home last Saturday led to immediate speculation that, once again, the long reach of President Vladimir Putin was behind the death of one of his inconvenient critics.
Mr Zakayev, the exiled “Prime Minister” of the Chechen Republic, bitter enemy of President Putin and a close friend and confidante of Mr Berezovsky, has more reason than most to believe this.
After all, he was himself the target of an assassination plot in London, revealed by MI5 in April last year. It is the very frequency of these incidents that makes him doubt the theory that Mr Berezovsky took his own life. And certainly, with the death of Mr Berezovsky, President Putin has lost one of his most high-profile opponents.

It was against this background that his bodyguard, not having seen Mr Berezovsky for several hours and growing increasingly anxious, broke down the bathroom door around 3pm last Saturday and discovered his lifeless body.
But such is the level of anxiety and distrust among opponents of the Russian president that the conclusion that Mr Berezovsky did indeed take his own life in a moment of despair has been greeted with scepticism and disbelief.

The body of the Russian oligarch was found by his bodyguard on the bathroom floor of his Ascot home. A ligature was round his neck and a piece of the same material was tied to the shower rail above his body.
The opening of the inquest into his death, held at Windsor Guildhall last Wednesday, heard that there had been no signs of a violent struggle.

Also this:

Berezovsky’s body was discovered on a bathroom floor in his residence on Saturday, after the tycoon’s employee forced open the door, which had been locked from the inside, police said in a statement.

Berezovsky was left unguarded for five hours on the day of his death before being discovered, the Telegraph reported.

According to the tycoon’s bodyguard, Berezovsky was alone at home from 10:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday, as his bodyguard, former Mossad agent, went to run errands.

Berezovsky was reportedly last seen alive on Friday at 10:30pm when he gave out a list of errands to the bodyguard, who was the tycoon’s last protection.

When the bodyguard returned he saw a number of missed calls on Berezovsky’s phone, which was left downstairs. He then forced open the bathroom door and discovered the deceased body lying on the floor. Berezovsky was fully dressed, and there was no blood and no suicide note.

No matter what happened, Russia can blame Israel for Berezovsky’s death and tie it to Israel covering up Stanley Fischer’s plagiarism and funding IMF loans to Chechens, even admitting Berezovsky pressured Stanley Fischer to get the IMF loans.

Senator Schumer was the one who prevailed on the Senate Banking Committee to confirm Stanley Fischer after the long pause during which the Federal Reserve and likely FBI received information about Stanley Fischer’s plagiarism and Russia’s use of it. Schumer said he would add a statement on Stanley Fischer at the hearing of the confirmation vote in 2014. Russia can further tie Schumer to the plan to get Fischer as fed vice Chairman and thus tie Israel even more to this and to the coverup of Stanley Fischer funding the Chechen genocide with IMF loans. That can then justify a Chechen terrorist attack on the New York Fed or Washington DC Fed, possibly using a stolen nuke or radioactive material.

Israel would have little defense. They knew of the plagiarism. David Levhari in Israel also likely plagiarized Hakansson and was part of the conspiracy to keep him from getting credit. Levhari supported Fischer for the central bank job in Israel in an essay.

TN Srinivasan, the coauthor with David Levhari was at an earlier SIEPR at Stanford and Fischer got 100,000 from Stanford SIEPR in 2013 despite knowing his plagiarism of Hakansson and Russia’s use of it to get IMF loans. Elements of Stanford can be blamed as part of the conspiracy to get Stanley Fischer confirmed. The Senate Banking Committee helped set this up by confirming Stanley Fischer after they got information in secret about this.

The Fed is under jurisdiction of the Senate Banking Committee which has Chuck Schumer as a member, in fact a very influential one and one who pushed the Stanley Fischer appointment despite the committee learning of all this. That was after Berezovsky’s death.

Thus in a Nuke the Fed attack by Chechen terrorists at the Fed in NYC in FiDi or at Washington DC, Israel can be blamed as well as elements of the US government for covering up Stanley Fischer’s role in funding the genocide of the Chechen people in the 1990s.

The Boston Bombing attack has already set up in the US public’s mind that America can be a target by Chechens. So this would all tie together and be accepted, or at least Russia thinks so. So they can supply a nuke or nuclear material to a Chechen group in Kazakhstan and then report it as stolen to the US FBI and UK MI5 and then say we told you so just like after the Boston Bombing in 2013.

Russia can then say lift your sanctions on us so we can help you investigate these terror groups from Central Asia including states bordering Afghanistan or in the region. This includes Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan where, by the way, Vekselberg’s Renova Group’s Mangust or Mongoose Private Security has offices.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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