July2014X A Muslim group steals a nuke in Kazakhstan? Nuke NYC Fed?

July 20, 2014

One possibility for July2014X the event happening while we focus on Mh17 and Gaza could be that a Muslim group in Kazakhstan gets hold of a Russian nuke. Russia could have reported the nuke as stolen or missing already to the United States and United Kingdom.

Russia could document a trail to be discovered later of this group getting the nuke in July 2014 in Kazakhstan. Later the nuke is moved to New York City and exploded in the Financial District near the World Trade Center. This might happen in 2015. Possibly outside a mosque or inside one in FiDi near old WTC. In the meantime, Russia could do more fake Chechen bombings in Russia such as in Volgograd to make them seem like a victim too.

After the nuke in NYC, Russia then says, so sorry, we told you about that nuke being stolen and missing. They also gave us a list of Muslim groups operating in Kazakhstan or have already.

Boston Bombing April 15, 2013 may have been a dry run for such a nuke run in NYC. They could test our investigation skills. Revealing Snowden also helps keep their proxy Muslim group from using telephones or emails to communicate.

Russia might do this if we put on heavy sanctions on it over Ukraine or over MH17.

Russia says after the nuke they will cooperate with us to track down the real terrorists, but we have to lift our sanctions on them so they have the funds to do it.

Volgograd bombings are another part of conditioning us to accept such a New York City nuke scenario. They say we have terrorists too.

They even link the attack to Muslims from Crimea and say it is revenge over Crimea and if America had not made such a big deal, the Chechens would not have felt entitled to retaliate.

Stanley Fischer can fit into such a scenario. The Muslim group could say that Fischer had funded the Chechen genocide with IMF loans in the 1990s. They say he did it to cover up his plagiarism that Russia knew about. They further say the Senate Banking committee and Schumer of New York knew about the plagiarism and that it was a key factor in Russia’s genocide of Chechens.

They can even set the nuke off close to the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. This way they can tie it to Stanley Fischer being appointed Vice Chairman. This may have been part of Russia’s plan all along if they are partly responsible for Stanley Fischer being made vice Chairman, perhaps in some deal with Israel, although Israel presumably would not know about the nuke the Fed in NYC part.

The Russians have to make it plausible that the Chechens would nuke the Fed in NYC instead of attacking Russia with it. The Boston Bombing of April 2013 does that. That already makes Americans accept that they are a target for Chechens.

The death of Boris Berezovsky helped set this up, because they took him out of the way to tell what is going on, particularly about Stanley Fischer. Berezovsky was a professor at Institute of Control Sciences V.A. Trapezian Moscow.


The Stanley Fischer thesis plagiarism was in the same area of math as this institute works on and where Berezovsky was a professor in 1970s and 1980s.

Note Berezovsky’s “suicide” involved a locked bathroom door that could be locked from both sides. It involved a scarf that came apart so that Berezovsky fell. That would explain any bruises or fractured bones found later. His security guard was from Israel.

Avi Navama was the security guard at Berezovsky home and only person there other than Berezovsky we know of.


Avi Navama has over 15 years of experience in the security services both in the public and private sectors. As part of a Special Forces unit whilst in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Avi specialized in counter terrorism operations. He later joined the Israeli Security Agency, where he specialized in operational intelligence and the prevention of terror activity. Other specializations included the identification of risk throughout international arenas. Avi has subsequently been responsible for security at Ben-Gurion Airport, overseeing close protection security for the Israeli Prime Minister and various government ministers and was appointed the security attaché at the Israeli Embassy in London. Upon leaving the Israeli security services, he entered the private sector as a consultant and operational manager where he has managed large security projects in the UK and abroad for high profile clients for the past five years.

Berezovsky fell through the scarf it is claimed and hit the floor of the bathroom and/or tub, sink, etc. So any bruises can be blamed on the fall. Israel has the sophistication to know how to do that. So does Russia.

This is not to claim Mr. Navama was involved, just to stimulate the mind. Russia could say he was later even if he had no involvement. The above paragraph is enough for Russia to blame Berezovsky’s death on Israel and then try to mix Israel into the events. They could try to tie Israel to the Boston Bombing somehow and the later incident.

Stanley Fischer also links Israel to the Chechen genocide. Israel then made Stanley Fischer chairman of their central bank. So a Chechen attack in New York, which has a large Jewish population, can also be tied to Chechen resentments against Israel. It can also be tied by Russia to what is happening in Gaza by any Muslim group.

Remember, Russia blamed the CIA after the Boston Bombing for 1990s activities involving Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer. Even if Berezovsky died of natural causes, Russia can use the above to blame Israel and then blame Israel for the nuke. Perhaps there will be a private security company involved in the post event evidence trail with links to Israel.

Russia can present some twisted theory that will be acceptable to conspiracy theorists. The MH17 shoot down was likely planned so that conspiracy theorists would have plenty to work on. If necessary, Russia could stimulate it itself with social media.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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