Academic conspiracies what are the benefits?

July 28, 2014

What are the benefits given out in academic conspiracies?


  1. Credentials that are not earned, such as a Ph.D. obtained by plagiarism.  This defrauds the granting institution by a student possibly in conspiracy with the faculty.
  2. Immigration benefits arising from use of fraudulent credentials.
  3. Government grants based on fraudulent credentials or fraudulent papers.
  4. Government regulatory benefits.  Bank bailouts. Antitrust benefits.
  5. Wall Street endows buildings, professorships, entire business schools.  These go to the same universities that do the plagiarism and that furnish profs to government agencies.
  6. Some positions in US gov are always or usually held by econ or finance profs. Fed chairman or vice chairman, Undersecretary of the Treasury for international affairs sometimes, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economic Analysis Group of Antitrust Division, Chief Economist FTC, etc.
  7. The same Wall Street firms that give benefits to universities get regulatory benefits.  These Wall Street firms often employ Ph.D.s, MBA, BAs, from those universities, recruit lavishly at those schools and hire the profs as consultants.  Some profs have made millions of dollars in these business arrangements.  Some have made comments in their Nobel Prize essays that indicate knowledge of the Stanley Fischer plagiarism or even a false statement in the Robert C. Merton case about Hakansson.
  8. Universities withhold information in FBI background checks on profs for US government positions or Ph.D.s.  They withhold information on security clearances.
  9. Academic awards such as the SIEPR 100k award to Stanley Fischer are intended to signal to profs who know this to keep silent.  AEA also gave Fischer an award during his nomination. This too was intended to signal not to volunteer info. This was years after they know of the postings on line that Russia used this information. Those involved in giving the awards are aware of and possibly active participants in the misconduct or covering it up or intimidating the victims into silence.
  10. Intimidating victims is an act in furtherance of these conspiracies.
  11. Intimidating others including potential witnesses in FBI background checks.
  12. Nobel Prize essay(s) indicate fears by winners to speak up about the Stanley Fischer plagiarism in particular.  This includes by Phelps.  The Sameulson forward to his book is a case of bullying and intimidation to keep quiet if he wanted to get the Nobel Prize.
  13. The effectiveness of their bullying is why they were so afraid the blog author would speak up at the January 2005 AEA meetings.   Paul Samuelson canceled his talk supposedly out of illness, but more likely he couldn’t face me.
  14. The January 2005 meeting had the announcement effectively too late on Sunday that Stanley Fischer would be the central bank head for Israel for me to speak up at the meeting.  I in fact heard about it after getting home.
  15. This was during US v Harvard.
  16. Larry Summers’ comments about women and math abilities may have targeted a woman prof at Harvard Law School who had a Ph.D. in econ from MIT and who had joint control of the law and econ grants through NBER From the NSF, ie from US government.  She later left Harvard.
  17. LTCM bailout was arranged by Fed but without US government money. Even so, many knew that LTCM was betting on Russia having leverage over Larry Summers in US government and Stanley Fischer at IMF.  This was not disclosed to the US government.
  18. In the 2008 bailouts, the beneficiary banks received benefits from the Fed which was compromised by that time through its academic hires.
  19. Federal Reserve Board employees are subject to fear by university journals and academic departments not to cite victims, including this blog author and including a paper pending at the present time at a journal edited at Cornell by a professor known to be hostile to the blog author.
  20. When a Ph.D. employee of the government is subjected to fear not to cite a victim by a university or journal, that also means they are subjected to fear not to tell the FBI about this in federal background checks or about Russia or China using such information or other countries such as India and Pakistan.
  21. Pakistan and Russia may have used this to help get away with terrorist acts or groups or individuals linked to them.
  22. Federal employees and grant recipients and immigration benefit recipients could have provided information after the death of Boris Berezovsky or after Putin’s statement about Anatoly Chubais following the Boston Bombing. They were intimidated not to.  That interfered with a federal investigation.  They also knew that Berezovsky linked to Chubais so their knowledge of Berezovsky and Russia being able to use plagiarism kompromat on Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers, etc. was relevant as well as Shleifer’s possible role as a conduit.
  23. Private sector benefits are given or exchanged based on these multiple conspiracies including by employees of investment banks who are associate editors at the journals or belong to the associations or to IAFE which has given awards to those involved.
  24. Certain models are  flawed for capital and risk but were used during the time before the bank bailout. Information on these flaws was likely not disclosed to regulators by the banks or the universities or their employees at government agencies.  This led to under capitalization of the banks and can be considered linked to the need to bail them out.
  25. Government policies like low interest rates benefit the banks but hurt savers. Savers are not aware of this kompromat while the banks are.
  26. Investment banks focus their recruiting on a few top schools that provide the profs for regulation of the banks. This focus of recruiting makes wealthy students want to go to those schools and pay high tuition. This boosts prof salary.  Econ departments benefit from this particularly at schools that don’t have an undergraduate business major. The same econ profs then staff the FTC, Antitrust Division EAG, Federal Reserve, US Treasury, etc.
  27. The same universities withheld info about Russia using this to get atomic secrets.  That also involved China. Some of the know-how transfer e.g. from China to Pakistan continued long afterwards.  The book by Thomas C. Reed documents China’s help to Pakistan.
  28. Pakistan had an expert in Fock Space the same area as in the Corson plagiarism paper at Rockefeller University.  Mirza Abdul Beg.  Pais at same university in one of his books relates how he had been asked to review the Corson plagiarism paper after Russia sent a letter about it.   Bad feeling between Beg and Pais?  Some people still alive can answer questions on this. Beg and Pais are both dead.  I met Beg and looking back believe he had a hostile reaction to me based on his fear if I came as a grad student there at the physics department I might discover his secret. I was working for the US military in my summer jobs and so he may have feared I would pass on suspicions I might develop over the years of being a grad student.
  29. Pakistan also may have used information on these matters as well as India at the World Bank and IMF to get benefits.
  30. Any use by India would likely be learned by Pakistan from their moles in the Indian government.
  31. Pakistan may then have used this information for its own benefit including to get away with supporting terrorism.


This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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