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Isis shows that Muslim immigration is unsafe because change of state can be rapid

September 10, 2014

The sudden rise of ISIS or ISIL is why Muslim immigration is unsafe at any speed.  They can instantly become a powerful force of terrorism and warfare.  Virgil Goode was right. Stop Muslim immigration.  

The New Jersey man illegally fired for burning the Koran by Chris Christie shows who the authorities are targeting.  The continued Muslim immigration after 9/11 while fighting one war after another with Muslims in practically every country they inhabit in numbers shows the insanity of our “leaders”.  Instead those who say the truth like Virgil Goode are treated as insane. This is like the Soviet Union.



Case Closed Anthrax Blog one of best public service science detective blogs ever

September 10, 2014

The blog Case Closed by Lew Weinstein featuring comments by Dxer and sometimes others is one of the great public service blogs in the area of science and detection in history.  It has kept alive the 2001 Anthrax attacks, their linkage to the al Qaeda 19 hijackers including their leader Atta, and to the wealth of evidence connecting the attacks to the 19 hijackers.  

FBI agent Van Harp invented a single grower mailer theory not based on considering the evidence for all different theories but simply as an act of will.  Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung is not how to decide to close off investigative options as Harp evidently felt.  The lone mailer idea was contradicted by the evidence from the get-go.  This includes

  1. the injuries to the hijackers consistent with anthrax infection documented by medical authorities,
  2. their location near AMI in Florida,
  3. the timing link to 9/11,
  4. the hoax letters from St. Petersburg Florida to Tom Brokaw who got a real letter when this was not public information,
  5. the evident early lead of the AMI letter,
  6. the testimony that it was the J-Lo letter that was the powder that affected the person who died Robert Stevens,
  7. That all the Florida cases were inhalation anthrax not skin anthrax as were all cases known to be linked to the letters mailed September 18, 2001
  8. The quality of the mailed September 18, 2001 letters sent to New York as Purina Dog Chow, i.e. not capable of spreading inhalation anthrax
  9. The second wave of letters in October that were of the same inhalation quality as AMI earlier
  10. The timing of the AMI letter received September 4, 2001 which adding 7 days for the onset of skin anthrax gives September 11, 2001, which hijackers hoped to time with the attack, but the letter was mislaid
  11. The amount of material which the government’s publication later showed would take longer than a weekend and would be highly variable with many duds,
  12. The presence of high levels of silicon in several letters which shows it is not measurement error. Those silicon levels could not be reproduced in many tens of runs by the government,
  13. The distribution of anthrax to government labs still being covered up in at least one case
  14. The allowing of Muslims and Arabs to gain access to the US biological system in and out of government,
  15. The denial of reality in the name of PC and fear of being fired in and out of government,
  16. The evidence of careful and long term planning of the attacks,
  17. The extensive linkage of the hijackers and al Qaeda to anthrax
  18. The high tech biology research of Alibek and his students who include at least one Muslim likely linked to bad actors
  19. The extensive involvement of the well connected in the research program that allowed this access to Muslims and which even today denies the risk and the loss of know-how
  20. The evident ability of Muslims and suspicious persons to gain access to US government stocks of anthrax,
  21. The poor policing of the entire research of anthrax in and out of government before the anthrax attacks, which is still being denied and covered-up,
  22. The fact that the timing of Ivins time in the labs corresponds to animal checks as shown by Dxer and not to the steps of growing anthrax and producing powder
  23. The inability of Ivins to produce the quantity of anthrax in the letters
  24. The inability of Ivins to turn it into a quality powder fro the lyophilizer not being available
  25. The almost near alibi for Ivins to have reached the unlikely Princeton mailbox for him,
  26. The St. Petersburg hoax letters he could not have sent
  27. The J-Lo letter most likely sent from Florida by the hijackers
  28. The need of the hijackers to commit an illegal act prior to the hijackings that would come out later but was known to the hijackers before the attack so as to prevent them chickening out of the suicide attacks,
  29. The J-Lo anthrax letter met this need.
  30. The timeline corresponds to the hijackers, al Qaeda
  31. The return of Alibek to Kazakhstan where he has a high level position despite Russia’s claim he was leaking state secrets when he came to the West
  32. The need of al Qaeda to show it had anthrax to thwart an invasion of Afghanistan
  33. The need of Russia to show it was involved in a deniable way, but consistent with their MO in the last year and in intervening years such as poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London
  34. The mass of evidence and information posted by Dxer
  35. The complete absence of support for the FBI theory from the scientific community except for those employed by the FBI or close to them
  36. Plain common sense that it was al Qaeda that knew of the hijackings beforehand,
  37. The absurd approach of the FBI to discard evidence item by item based on a preconceived management position of a lone mailer instead of comparing the entire set of evidence of multiple people to the set of evidence for a lone person
  38. The failure of the government to explain the science and manner of the making of the high silicon anthrax to this day.
  39. Any lab can try to create high levels of silicon in harmless substitutes for anthrax such as subtilis. To this day, no lab in the world has reported growing such high percent by weight or so many spores as a percent having silicon.
  40. The silicon tin combination which suggests transfer of know-how from Russia, directly or indirectly through intermediaries.
  41. Known linkages from Russia to al Qaeda in the 1990s.
  42. The obvious lying by the government at the time of claiming Ivins did it when they said he had no reason to be in the labs. They had already asked at that point how long it takes to do animal checks to at least one scientist, which indicates they knew of Ivins animal checks already prior to his death. They lied in their press conference and posted materials by concealing this knowledge.

No one has kept this alive, gathered more evidence, explained it more or had a better place for debate than the Lew Weinstein blog.  The Meryl Nass blog came close at the time of the Ivins death and some other blogs like Emptywheel can be noted, but none like the Case Closed blog and Dxer.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

More on J-Lo AMI Anthrax Letter and skin v inhalation anthrax

September 9, 2014

The people at AMI in Florida who got anthrax all got inhalation anthrax.  This is true whatever letter they got it from whenever it was sent.  (Assuming a letter and not someone spiking the building directly.)

The J-Lo letter had baby soap like powder which one expert said is how anthrax powder would seem.  Yet the people who handled the J-Lo letter did not get cutaneous anthrax, ie skin anthrax.  Robert Stevens handled the J-Lo letter and he got inhalation anthrax.  

Some might be tempted to say, no one who handled the J-Lo letter got skin anthrax, so the J-Lo letter was not anthrax.  These people have a problem though if they go onto another letter idea. Why didn’t the people who handle the next letter get skin anthrax?   If we assume the AMI anthrax cases all came from letters, then we can’t choose between letters based on people not getting skin anthrax, because no one at AMI got skin anthrax from all letters combined.  

The J-Lo letter did contain toys to attract hands.  This could have caused skin anthrax.  If skin anthrax had resulted, then it would have shown symptoms faster, within 7 days according to the Mayo Clinic link in prior post.  So the mailers may have been hoping to get a skin anthrax case within 7 days of the J-Lo letter reaching AMI on September 4, ie on September 11, 2001.

As it was, the letter was not opened until later, no one got skin anthrax from any anthrax letter at AMI, but at least two people got serious cases of inhalation anthrax.  Inhalation anthrax as the Mayo Clinic link points out can take weeks to develop. Whether the mailers understood this distinction, we don’t know.  But it seems they were planning for September 11 to get anthrax cases if we assume the J-Lo letter was anthrax.

The AMI anthrax was not spread by copier paper, because in a large building, copy paper is distributed in boxes not in individual reams.  So the anthrax could not be spilled into every box of paper.  At most it could get into one box in the mailroom and even that is unlikely.  Instead, the copy machines pull anthrax spores from the air because of some part being electrically charged.

A better timeline should have been constructed at the start of the case.  Instead of assuming a lone mailer, the FBI should have built a timeline of the case from the point of view of each possible suspect.  This would have included the hijackers as a group as well as for a lone mailer.  Then one compares each party’s timeline.  

The J-Lo letter matches up with a hijacker timeline.  It also serves the purpose of the hijackers already committing conspiracy to commit murder before the hijackings. This way, they won’t get cold feet.  Recall that they had made martyrdom videos which were later released.  Having made martyrdom videos clued them in these were suicide jobs.  The martyrdom videos are also meant to shame them into carrying out the suicide attack.  The J-Lo letter as an anthrax letter sent before the attacks does the same thing.

They thought on the morning of 9/11, the anthrax cases would be coming out about that time and so they might as well do the suicide attack and go out with glory as opposed to be arrested for the anthrax letter.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Amerithrax J-Lo Letter was timed to give onset of anthrax on September 11, 2001

September 8, 2014

The J-Lo Letter or Jennifer Lopez Letter was received at AMI on September 4, 2001.  The peak time for anthrax onset is 7 days, so that would put the onset of anthrax from that letter targeted on September 11, 2001.  

According to a source, 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “In most cases, symptoms develop within seven days of exposure to the bacteria.”

In most cases, symptoms develop within seven days of exposure to the bacteria. The one exception is inhalation anthrax, which may take weeks after exposure before symptoms appear.


The J-Lo letter arrived at AMI on September 4, 2001.  Thus going by the first figure, there should have been cases with symptoms on September 11, 2001.

Thus the anthrax onset and the planes hitting World Trade Center would happen at the same time.  

When September 18, 2001 came around, no anthrax cases were reported. So the mailer sent out poor quality material from Princeton and possibly another letter to Florida.  The Princeton letters were all to New York City and they were of low quality as far as can be told.

So these could have been test runs not used that were still available. So they sent those out. If they had a little of the good stuff left, they may have used that in another letter to AMI.

When the September 18 letters seemed to fail, they created another good batch and sent that out.

Note it appears the copier machines would attract airborne anthrax and this is why they had spores. Copy paper is distributed in boxes and so it would not be possible for one letter to get into reams which are sealed and are in boxes.   

The mail room itself likely had more copy machines and so attracted more of the spores.

One of the sources says that AMI had a special heavy duty air circulation system.

The sources also give the September 4 date as the date the letter was received at AMI.  So it was sent before then.

Bob Stevens, the only one who died, is known to have closely looked at the J-Lo letter because he was near sighted.  This gave him the most exposure.  The other two who showed signs were mailroom employees.

The J-Lo letter was a honey trap. It had toys to play with and open to insure they got the powder on their hands and inhaled it.  These were inhalation cases showing it was high quality not the Purina Dog Chow quality in the New York media letters sent September 18, 2001.

The J-Lo letter was likely sent from Florida by the hijackers who were nearby. One of the sources indicates they likely bought medicine for anthrax in late August.  This would correspond with their growth of it or receiving it from the grower more likely.  Since the last batch came from Princeton, that might indicate the grower was near Princeton.

The hoax letters that were sent to overlapping people were from Florida and were sent before the public knew of the real anthrax letters.  That may have been intended to heighten awareness.

No AMI letter had a warning unlike all the others.  This would be consistent with it sent before September 11 so as not to alert authorities but to time the onset of anthrax with the hijacking on September 11, 2001.

It also had the effect of sealing the deal. The hijackers could not back out at the last minute, because they knew the anthrax letter had already been set. So they were already in for felony murder charges and conspiracy on that.  This is one reason to have the hijackers be involved in the letters, so they don’t get cold feet at the end.

Anyone who backed out would know the anthrax letters could be traced back to the hijackers through the Florida mailing and the medicine they bought and the ER visit and other traces they expected FBI to track down.

As it was, this obvious point was apparently never considered by the FBI because at a higher level it was decided the anthrax letter was from a lone scientist mailer and not the hijackers. This was against the evidence they had, such as hoax letters to the same people in some cases like Brokaw, going by memory.

The anthrax itself could not be grown in a weekend, and the hijackers knew it. It also had a silicon tin signature which was intended to send a signal that “We have this anthrax, and it is beyond US technology to prepare.” That was intended to cause great fear in the US government.  

Apparently, to damp that down, the high level people made up the lone mailer idea. When Ivins killed himself, that let them pin it on him.

There was never a time in the case that a lone grower and mailer made sense given the evidence at that time. This was forced down on the FBI investigators by a higher level person.  It was never based on science, only on authority.  In fact, it has been plainly contradicted by the evidence the whole time. This is indicated in the various blogs and articles going back to 2001 which state valid evidence then which has held up that it was not a lone mailer.

The insistence on a lone mailer from the top before the evidence was in shows bad faith on the part of the leadership of the government. They wanted to limit fear, particularly since they realized they were not going to solve the anthrax case in a neat package like they later tried with Hatfill and Ivins.  This is consistent with their coverup of the Pakistan and Saudi Arabia involvement documented in the unreleased Senate document.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Does Russia have Caucasus Code Talkers to defeat NSA and MI5?

September 6, 2014

Does Russia use obscure Caucasus languages to defeat the efforts of NSA?  Is this a reason they use Chechens? They can speak one or more of these obscure languages?

The Caucasian languages are a large and extremely varied array of languages spoken by more than ten million people in and around the Caucasus Mountains, which lie between theBlack Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Linguistic comparison allows these languages to be classified into several language families, with little or no discernible affinity to each other. However, the languages of the Caucasus are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a family of languages.


Since the birth of comparative linguistics in the 19th century, the riddle of the apparently isolated Caucasian language families has attracted the attention of many scholars, who have endeavored to relate them to each other or to languages outside the Caucasus region. The most promising proposals are connections between the Northwest and Northeast Caucasian families and each other or with languages formerly spoken in Anatolia and northern Mesopotamia.

Perfect for Russian intelligence work.  These languages are so obscure that very few Westerners are aware of their existence let alone can speak them or read them.

The use of such languages and records in them would allow Russia to keep operations secret.   This could let them get away with some of what has happened.

  1. 9/11 support?
  2. Anthrax attacks 9/11
  3. Assassinations such as Boris Berezovsky
  4. MH370
  5. MH17
  6. Other terrorist attacks? 

 This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

What Russia does in secret in Central Asia stays in Central Asia?

September 6, 2014

Russia uses Central Asia for its deep projects?  Things it wants to hide for extended periods of time from Western eyes.

  1. Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat against academics is heavily done from institutes in Russian Central Asia?
  2. Russia’s use of Muslim front groups to commit terrorist acts inside the West or 3rd world is done from Central Asia?
  3. Russian private security companies like Mangust aka Mongoose of Alexander Zyurikov and Viktor Vekselberg operate in Central Asia to do this?
  4. The anthrax attacks of 9/11 were ultimately through front groups traceable back to Russia?
  5. Even 9/11 was in part plotted by Russia and implemented through front groups?
  6. The killing of Boris Berezovsky?
  7. Other killings?
  8. MH370?
  9. MH17?
  10. Renova Group has been given airport contracts in Russia and possibly in nearby Central Asian republics.  Is it involved?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Kenneth Alibek made the round trip Russia to US to Kazakhstan

September 5, 2014

In October 1992 he emigrated with his family to the US, despite being forbidden to do so by the KGB.[3]


Kenneth Alibek is back in Kazakhstan.

Alibek has two linkedln profiles. One is current based on back in Kazakhstan.

One says he is in DC, but is stale.


The FBI lab concluded that 1.4% of the powder in the Leahy letter was silicon. Stuart Jacobson, a small-particle chemistry expert stated that:

“This is a shockingly high proportion [of silicon]. It is a number one would expect from the deliberate weaponization of anthrax, but not from any conceivable accidental contamination.”[91]

Scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs conducted experiments in an attempt to determine if the amount of silicon in the growth medium was the controlling factor which caused silicon to accumulate inside a spore’s natural coat. The Livermore scientists tried 56 different experiments, adding increasingly high amounts of silicon to the media. All of their results were far below the 1.4% level of the attack anthrax, some as low as .001%. The conclusion was that something other than the level of silicon controlled how much silicon was absorbed by the spores.[91][92]

==end excerpt

There is more on silicon at the link. Basically, the US government does not have the know-how to replicate the high silicon content of some of the recovered sample(s).  The only country with more know-how on anthrax is Russia.  The person who headed their program is Alibek. He is now back in Russia.

The AMI letter(s) had to be before the second batch of letters were sent.  


The anthrax attacks came in two waves. The first set of anthraxletters had a Trenton, New Jersey postmark dated September 18, 2001. Five letters are believed to have been mailed at this time to: ABC News, CBS News, NBC News and the New York Post, all located in New York City and to the National Enquirer atAmerican Media, Inc. (AMI) in Boca Raton, Florida. [16] Robert Stevens, the first person who died from the mailings, worked at a tabloid called Sun, also published by AMI, died on October 5, 2001, four days after entering a Florida hospital with an undiagnosed illness that caused him to vomit and be short of breath.[17][18] Only the New York Post and NBC Newsletters were found;[19] the existence of the other three letters is inferred because individuals at ABC, CBS and AMI became infected with anthrax. Scientists examining the anthrax from the New York Post letter said it appeared as a coarse brown granular material looking like Purina Dog Chow.[20]

Two more anthrax letters, bearing the same Trenton postmark, were dated October 9, three weeks after the first mailing. The letters were addressed to two Democratic Senators, Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Patrick Leahy of Vermont. At the time, Daschle was the Senate Majority leader and Leahy was head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Daschle letter was opened by an aide, Grant Leslie, on October 15, and the government mail service was shut down. The unopened Leahy letter was discovered in an impounded mail bag on November 16. The Leahy letter had been misdirected to the State Department mail annex in Sterling, Virginia, due to a misread ZIP code; a postal worker there, David Hose, contracted inhalational anthrax.

More potent than the first anthrax letters, the material in the Senate letters was a highly refined dry powder consisting of about one gram of nearly pure spores. A series of conflicting news reports appeared, some claiming the powders had been “weaponized” with silica. Bioweapons experts who later viewed images of the attack anthrax saw no indication of “weaponization”.[21] Tests by Sandia National Laboratories in early 2002 confirmed that the attack powders were not weaponized.[22][23]

==end excerpt

AMI building was closed until 2007. NBC, CBS,  and New York Post buildings were never closed.  The Senate buildings and AMI were closed for extended periods.  Thus the AMI had to be subjected to high quality anthrax not just Purina dog chow quality.

This creates some problems for the Ivins theory.

Suppose Ivins had started growing the first letter anthrax on Friday September 14, 2001 in the evening. He then centrifuged it on Saturday night and spread it out to dry on paper towels.  Then on Sunday night he put the letters together and mailed them Monday night.  Suppose that this drying plus any speed vacing or heating led to Purina dog chow quality.  In that case, the AMI building would not have been needed to be closed for an extended period like the Senate building.


Dozens of buildings were contaminated with anthrax as a result of the mailings. AMI moved to a different building. The decontamination of the Brentwood postal facility took 26 months and cost $130 million. The Hamilton, New Jersey postal facility[180] remained closed until March 2005; its cleanup cost $65 million. TheUnited States Environmental Protection Agency spent $41.7 million to clean up government buildings in Washington, D.C. One FBI document said the total damage exceeded $1 billion.[181]

The principal means of decontamination is fumigation with chlorine dioxide gas.

== end excerpt


Former AMI building declared free of anthrax contamination

By Gretel Sarmiento, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Thursday, February 08, 2007

WEST PALM BEACH — Federal environmental experts have concluded that the former American Media Inc. building in Boca Raton has been cleared of the anthrax spores that killed a photo editor more than five years ago and shuttered the tabloid publisher’s headquarters.

The 160-page report was sent to Dr. Jean Malecki, director of the Palm Beach County Health Department. She will review it and decide by next week whether the building, which she ordered closed on Oct. 10, 2001, can reopen.

Malecki did not indicate Wednesday what her decision would be, but her reaction after getting the positive assessment was clear.

“It was a relief,” she said. “It’s been five years of my life. But it will be over soon, I guarantee it.”

The report’s conclusion: “In summary, based in the information available, the technical working group concludes that the measures used to treat and remove B. anthracis at the former AMI building at 5401 Broken Sound Blvd. were successful.

“The technical working group believes that the building can be safely reoccupied, normal working activities resumed, and building contents reused.”

== end excerpt

So the AMI building had to be subjected to high quality anthrax powder not Purina dog chow. CBS, NBC were never closed.

The person at AMI was already dead before the second letters were sent. Those also tie to a certain period of time of Ivins in the hot suite. So Ivins did not have the opportunity at another time to send the high quality AMI letter(s) or however anthrax arrived at AMI.

The hours of Ivins in the B3 Suite preclude him having done a high quality mailing prior to the second batch, and so Ivins is ruled out. Someone had to send a high quality letter(s) or delivery means to AMI to kill the first person October 5, 2001, 4 days before the second letters were sent.

The AMI letter must have been dried using a lyophilizer.  It could not be turned into high quality powder by simply letting it dry on a paper towel or heating it crudely.  Ivins did not have access to a lyophilizer into the hot suites at any relevant time.  Thus Ivins could not have sent the AMI letter(s) if it was letters or delivered it by some other means.  

Ivins did not have a lyophilizer for the second batch either, and so that is also outside his means.  The second batch at a minimum was a lyophilized.

It would appear the CBS, NBC, Post letters may have been done by letting the anthrax dry after centrifuging or some other ad hoc method that did not include a lyophiilizer.  Ivins never had access to a working lyophilizer in the B3 Suite.  The Purina dog chow anthrax is what you get without using a lyophilizer.  The Senate anthrax and AMI required at least a lyophilizer to dry them.  So Ivins is out.

It seems likely that there were 2 mailers. The first may have been 9/11 hijacker types or others linked to them. They sent the Purina Dog Chow quality anthrax.  

Another group sent the high quality including the high silicon.  That would appear to be either Russia or some group receiving aid from Russia directly or through a front group. That could be from a Russian private security company like Mangust or Mongoose. Alexander Zyurikov of Mongoose has a career that overlaps with Kenneth Alibek in Soviet Central Asis during the USSR.  

Russia could have sent the high silicon anthrax to send a message that only they could do that. They had the motive to tell the US not to pressure them, because they could do terrorism through front groups. Boston bombing, MH370 and MH17 follow that same MO.  Possibly the same for the killing of Boris Berezovsky and possibly others in 2013.

Alexander S. Zyurikov
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Director for Security Born in 1951.

Graduated from Omsk Higher School under the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs,
Academy of Management under the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Worked in detective force of law enforcement agencies in the Novosibirsk region, Uzbekistan, USSR/ Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Headed a branch directorate of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Since 1997 €“ General Director of OOO Mongoose-Service (private security firm).


Alibek Wiki


Youth and early career[edit]

Kenneth Alibek was born Kanat Alibekov in Kauchuk, in the Kazakh SSR of the Soviet Union (in present day Kazakhstan) to a Kazakh family and grew up in Almaty, the republic’s former capital.

His exceptional academic performance while studying military medicine at the Tomsk Medical Institute and his family’s noted patriotism led to his selection to work for Biopreparat, the secret biological weapons program overseen by the Soviet Union’s Council of Ministers. His first assignment (1975) was to the Eastern European Branch of the Institute of Applied Biochemistry (IAB) near Omutninsk, a combined pesticide production facility and reserve biological weapons production plant intended for activation in a time of war. At Omutninsk, Alibekov mastered the art and science of formulating and evaluating nutrient media and cultivation conditions for the optimization of microbial growth. It was here that he expanded his medical school laboratory skills into the complex skill set required for industrial level production of microorganisms and their toxins.[2]

After less than a year at Omutninsk, Alibekov was transferred to the Siberian Branch of the IAB near Berdsk (another name of the branch was the Berdsk scientific and production base). With the assistance of a colleague, he designed and constructed a microbiology research and development laboratory that worked on techniques to optimize production of biological formulations. After several promotions over a short period of time, Alibekov was transferred back to Omutninsk where he quickly rose to the position of Deputy Director. He was soon transferred to the Kazakhstan Scientific and Production Base in Stepnogorsk (another reserve BW facility) to become the new Director of that facility. Officially, he was Deputy Director of the Progress Scientific and Production Association, a manufacturer of fertilizer and pesticide. AtStepnogorsk, Alibekov created the most efficient industrial scale assembly line for biological formulations. In a time of war, the assembly line could be used to produce weaponized anthrax. Continued successes in science and biotechnology led to more promotions which resulted in a transfer to Moscow.[3]


Mangust or Mongoose now operates from Kazakhstan among other places in Russia and Central Asia including Uzbekistan.  So it may be that Mangust aka Mongoose Zyurikov and Alibek were responsible for the high quality anthrax attacks possibly through al Qaeda front groups.  This would be similar to the Boston Bombing being manipulated through front groups by Mangust or Russian FSB/SVR.


Russia wanted to send a signal with the high percentage silicon that they were ultimately behind the anthrax mailings through front groups or however.  This was meant to say to the US not to exploit the situation after 9/11 against Russia’s interest.  

After the Boston Bombing, Putin brought up Anatoly Chubais to implicate Shleifer as a CIA agent. Russia blamed the Moscow Apartment bombings in 1999 on the CIA as well as arranging the killing of Dudayev to be on a day Bill Ciinton was in Russia while he was president.  Strobe Talbott wrote in his book before Boston Bombing that Clinton congratulated Yeltsin on the kill.

The high level silicon and high quality powder and Alibek going back to Kazakhstan are consistent with Russia being behind the anthrax attacks directly or indirectly.  

Alibek sort of defected to the US, then returned to Kazakhstan. Alibek revealed the extent of Russia’s anthrax program. Russia did not kill him like it did Alexander Litvinenko even though Alibek returned to Kazakhstan after revealing state secrets.  

It has been suggested that Russia sent Alibek to reveal its anthrax program in the 1990s to tell the US not to take advantage of the fall of the USSR.  Alibek sent the message, “We have this anthrax.” The mailings with high silicon said Russia has this anthrax and it is willing to use it on the US Senate.

It is known the US won’t release the Senate report on Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the 9/11 attacks.  The US government is thus known to conceal information about foreign governments participating in or assisting in attacks on the United States or Americans.

It is possible that parts of the US government think Russia was responsible for the anthrax attacks or part of them, directly or indirectly.  Following the same protocol as for Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the US could then withhold information it has on the involvement of Russia (or Pakistan as well with front groups or Saudi Arabia) in the anthrax attacks.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Russia’s Rules of Terrorism

September 2, 2014

Russia’s rules of terrorism.

  1. Never tell Bond your plan.
  2. Never take credit for your terrorist acts.
  3. Leave some tech twist that proves it was you but you can deny it.
  4. Always blame the twist on the CIA.
  5. Have your conspiracy theory ready and push it as soon as you do the deed.
  6. Always base it out of Kazakhstan.
  7. Use a private security company like Mangust to manage a terrorist group as a front group.
  8. Involve an oligarch so they can’t take your money and stay in the West.
  9. Remind your allies you can kill them.
  10. Remind your enemies you have nukes and are willing to kill.

If we look at the reign of Putin, we see these in operation.

Possible incidents involving Russia that fit this.

  1. 2001 Anthrax attacks.  These used anthrax tech silicon super concentration only Russia knew. Ken Alibek their man did a fake defection and now is back in Kazkahstan.  Mangust operates from Kazakhstan.  Alexander Zyurikov and Alibek’s paths overlap in Soviet Central Asia.  The mailbox linked it to Princeton, which included George F. Kennan, author of containment, as well as Russia’s atomic spying including the Edward M. Corson incident.  Containment is a joke on anthrax put in a mailbox.  Kennan was expelled as ambassador to Russia for saying his quarters in Moscow were like internment in Berlin.  Russia mocked Stanford prof McFaul in similar ways to Kennan. That links to Duffie, Moody’s,SIEPR, and Stanley Fischer.
  2. Polonium murder of Alexander Litvinenko.  Only Russia could have done it. They denied it and blamed West.
  3. Killing of Berezovsky. Broken scarf said this was a fake.  Later Russia said Berezovsky alive and Mi5 was in on it.
  4. Boston Bombing. Russia immediately afterwards said that Chubais was advised by CIA agents. This linked the attack to Harvard and to Summers, Fischer, Shleifer.
  5. Death of Pierre Wauthier. Strange removal and then restoration of Renova Group biographies of management including Alexander Zyurikov head of Mongoose aka Mangust.  Removal was after this blog pointed out their possible involvement and Ackermann working for Renova. Ackermann has links to academics or people like Shleifer linked to Stanley Fischer or SIEPR including Anatoly Chubais and Sergei Guriev.
  6. MH370.  You could figure out a course, possibly involving a drone, using 1960s satellite type calculations and measurements.
  7. MH17. Russia knocked it down and immediately blamed both MH17 and MH370 on the CIA.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

More thoughts on the GAO report on Amerithrax and the DOJ FBI Bruce Ivins Theory

September 2, 2014

The FBI at one point asked Patricia Fellows (I believe) or someone else or both how long it takes to check the animals during an animal challenge.  Challenge is their term for subjecting the animals to anthrax and then seeing how many die how quickly. They check the cages each night and remove the dead ones.  

It is important to remove the dead animals promptly because animals that die of the anthrax challenge may have gotten some other disease while weakened or may produce and release anthrax to the other animals.  This would result in the experiment not having the right statistics.  So to avoid that, the animals have to be checked by someone and removed if dead.  

This takes 2 to 3 hours per night, I forget the exact figure.  But it explains Bruce Ivins time. The animal check is done at the same time each night as I recall as part of the protocol.  The times Bruce Ivins was in the lab were at the same time each day, at least for the most part.  For the weekend of September 14 to 16 2001, that was around 8 PM as I recall.

The protocol of checking the animals each night at the same time is not the time for doing lab steps in growing and drying anthrax.  The lab steps of preparation do not come at 24 hour intervals.  Instead, a person would go into the lab more often if trying to grow and dry anthrax in a weekend.  In particular, during the growth time, they would go in to check if enough growth had happened, e.g. by taking a sample of fluid, centrifuging it, and then trying to do some test for whether spores had grown.

The person doing it appears to have added additives as well.  These don’t seem to make sense if one is trying to do it in a weekend and has never used such additives before. The additives used, silicon, etc. were never used by Ivins before in any growing he was involved in.  Nor has any document been found that he had access to that suggests these additives.

If Ivins tried to grow and dry it in a weekend, he would have started it Friday night, September 14, 2001, and then on Saturday night, September 15, 2001 had to stop it, centrifuge the growth solution and then try to dry it, perhaps by leaving it out over night.

We know Ivins had no lyophilizer that weekend as a machine and to make a make shift one on the fly was not possible it would appear given the times he was in the lab.  It would take time to make and then to take apart.

There is the issue of a speed vac, but that also would have taken time to use for that quantity of anthrax. It has been said by biologists that it was not of sufficient capacity for the anthrax amount at issue.  Even if somehow it was stretched to, it would have led the person doing it to come in early Sunday morning and done drying.

A more sensible plan for a weekend growth would be to let it grow from Friday night to Sunday morning, then come in, centrifuge and if using a speed vac, then spend the day speed vacing it.  So the person would be in the lab all day Sunday.

The time records show, going by memory, that Ivins didn’t come in until 8 PM Sunday night on Sunday.  That doesn’t fit with growing, drying and letter prepping anthrax.  No one comes in at 8 PM Sunday to finish that job.  You would come in early in the day to get started, particularly if you are trying to dry wet powder for mailing.

Also recall, the strange additives added like silicon.  Someone managing such a process would keep on it, instead of just waiting until 8 PM Sunday night.

The fact that the FBI asked how long to do the animal checks shows they had this information before Ivins died.  They didn’t continue the investigation later and find it, they ended the investigation then.  So they already knew about the animal checks by Ivins and had asked how long they take to find out if they explained his time in the lab. They did.  The FBI did that years earlier.

However, the DOJ prosecutors may not have known that.  They may have jumped on the Ivins theory to close the case after he died. They may not have known the FBI had already checked into the animal checks and resolved that those explained Ivin’s time in the lab.  A prosecutor unfamiliar with this history might then have decided Ivins did it as a way to close the case. Later DXer or others tracked down that the FBI had already investigated the animal check times and thus had resolved that Ivins did not do it.

The government also published a paper showing that growing anthrax simulants is highly variable in time and yield. So that to produce the amounts of anthrax at issue, would not be something Ivins would think he could do in a weekend.  The government likely used that paper and the animal checks to rule out Ivins years before he died.  But the prosecutor(s) may not have known all that so they just jumped on the suicide to close the case.

The government released a paper in 2004 on simulant growth runs.

See my comments, Old Atlantic at

The following search brings up hits of my discussion of this paper.

Eventually, Ed Lake abandoned the idea the anthrax was grown that weekend and he came up with a plates in the trash hypothesis.  However, this doesn’t explain the silicon and other additives added to the anthrax that was mailed.  Ed Lake’s idea was that discarded plates grew anthrax by happenstance and that Ivins harvested these. This would not involve the silicon additives being added.  So the plates in the trash argument does not explain the additives found in the mailings.

Once one rejects the growth and dry in a weekend idea, one rejects Ivins. That is likely what happened with the FBI. They likely released the above paper in 2004 as part of preparing a case against Hatfill. They would introduce the above paper as evidence to show that Ivins could not have grown the anthrax in the weekend as part of their prosecution of Hatfill.

Same with the animal checks.  The FBI had asked how long it took to do animal checks because they knew Ivins was in the lab at these critical times doing animal checks. The FBI was gathering evidence to rule out Ivins so they could prosecute Hatfill.

When Hatfill was dropped and Ivins committed suicide, the prosecutors, perhaps less familiar with this part of the investigation then leaped to the conclusion Ivins did it without knowing this history.  Then Dxer brought the animal checks to light and I found this simulant growth paper.

The simulant growth paper can be read by a non-biologist but it takes several readings over a period of time and looking up terms and ideas.  It took me a long time to get up the learning curve on it.  So the FBI may have done that but the prosecutors did not.  

That paper is key.  It is not some random paper on the Internet.  The paper supports later statements by biologists that growing the amount of anthrax involved would not have been possible in a weekend given the equipment available to Ivins, or perhaps any equipment at all in that period of time and then to dry it.

One of the most important takeaways from this is that the times Ivins was in the lab correspond to the check the animals at the same time of day protocol.  This is not the way you try to do a rush job of growing a lot of anthrax, drying it and preparing multiple letters in a weekend.  If you were doing that you would come in more often and check the growth and the drying.

For example, if Ivins stopped the growth on Saturday night and centrifuged and sort of spread out the wet powder to dry, then he would have come in Sunday morning to see if the powder had dried or if he needed to try to speed vac it for a few hours or heat it some other way to speed it up.  This is particularly true since just leaving wet anthrax powder out to dry as a way of drying it is not something Ivins would have practiced so he would need to check it Sunday morning September 16, 2001 and night just wait until 8 PM Sunday night with 2 hours of animal checks to do as well.

Remember, ivins was 55 years old at the time.  At that age, you don’t leave everything to do Sunday night and have 2 hours of animal checks to do Sunday night. He would have come in early Sunday morning to check how the drying was going, or the growth was going and switch to drying if he let it grow from Friday night to Sunday morning.  We know from the lab records, Ivins did not come in to the hot suite until Sunday night September 16, 2001 which is not what he would have done if he was trying to grow and dry anthrax in such a short period. Particularly, since he had no experience in drying anthrax to create anthrax powder.

The put it on Ivins approach looks like it was done by a high level administrator or busy prosecutor who did not know this level of detail or the investigation history.  So they made up a theory of growing and drying in a weekend without realizing that the times in the lab for the animal check protocol which Ivins followed from lab records of once a night did not correspond to the lab steps to grow and dry anthrax in a weekend.  Eventually, that was discovered by the work of Dxer, the above paper being found and the work of others to be easily rejected.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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