Amerithrax J-Lo Letter was timed to give onset of anthrax on September 11, 2001

September 8, 2014

The J-Lo Letter or Jennifer Lopez Letter was received at AMI on September 4, 2001.  The peak time for anthrax onset is 7 days, so that would put the onset of anthrax from that letter targeted on September 11, 2001.  

According to a source, 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “In most cases, symptoms develop within seven days of exposure to the bacteria.”

In most cases, symptoms develop within seven days of exposure to the bacteria. The one exception is inhalation anthrax, which may take weeks after exposure before symptoms appear.


The J-Lo letter arrived at AMI on September 4, 2001.  Thus going by the first figure, there should have been cases with symptoms on September 11, 2001.

Thus the anthrax onset and the planes hitting World Trade Center would happen at the same time.  

When September 18, 2001 came around, no anthrax cases were reported. So the mailer sent out poor quality material from Princeton and possibly another letter to Florida.  The Princeton letters were all to New York City and they were of low quality as far as can be told.

So these could have been test runs not used that were still available. So they sent those out. If they had a little of the good stuff left, they may have used that in another letter to AMI.

When the September 18 letters seemed to fail, they created another good batch and sent that out.

Note it appears the copier machines would attract airborne anthrax and this is why they had spores. Copy paper is distributed in boxes and so it would not be possible for one letter to get into reams which are sealed and are in boxes.   

The mail room itself likely had more copy machines and so attracted more of the spores.

One of the sources says that AMI had a special heavy duty air circulation system.

The sources also give the September 4 date as the date the letter was received at AMI.  So it was sent before then.

Bob Stevens, the only one who died, is known to have closely looked at the J-Lo letter because he was near sighted.  This gave him the most exposure.  The other two who showed signs were mailroom employees.

The J-Lo letter was a honey trap. It had toys to play with and open to insure they got the powder on their hands and inhaled it.  These were inhalation cases showing it was high quality not the Purina Dog Chow quality in the New York media letters sent September 18, 2001.

The J-Lo letter was likely sent from Florida by the hijackers who were nearby. One of the sources indicates they likely bought medicine for anthrax in late August.  This would correspond with their growth of it or receiving it from the grower more likely.  Since the last batch came from Princeton, that might indicate the grower was near Princeton.

The hoax letters that were sent to overlapping people were from Florida and were sent before the public knew of the real anthrax letters.  That may have been intended to heighten awareness.

No AMI letter had a warning unlike all the others.  This would be consistent with it sent before September 11 so as not to alert authorities but to time the onset of anthrax with the hijacking on September 11, 2001.

It also had the effect of sealing the deal. The hijackers could not back out at the last minute, because they knew the anthrax letter had already been set. So they were already in for felony murder charges and conspiracy on that.  This is one reason to have the hijackers be involved in the letters, so they don’t get cold feet at the end.

Anyone who backed out would know the anthrax letters could be traced back to the hijackers through the Florida mailing and the medicine they bought and the ER visit and other traces they expected FBI to track down.

As it was, this obvious point was apparently never considered by the FBI because at a higher level it was decided the anthrax letter was from a lone scientist mailer and not the hijackers. This was against the evidence they had, such as hoax letters to the same people in some cases like Brokaw, going by memory.

The anthrax itself could not be grown in a weekend, and the hijackers knew it. It also had a silicon tin signature which was intended to send a signal that “We have this anthrax, and it is beyond US technology to prepare.” That was intended to cause great fear in the US government.  

Apparently, to damp that down, the high level people made up the lone mailer idea. When Ivins killed himself, that let them pin it on him.

There was never a time in the case that a lone grower and mailer made sense given the evidence at that time. This was forced down on the FBI investigators by a higher level person.  It was never based on science, only on authority.  In fact, it has been plainly contradicted by the evidence the whole time. This is indicated in the various blogs and articles going back to 2001 which state valid evidence then which has held up that it was not a lone mailer.

The insistence on a lone mailer from the top before the evidence was in shows bad faith on the part of the leadership of the government. They wanted to limit fear, particularly since they realized they were not going to solve the anthrax case in a neat package like they later tried with Hatfill and Ivins.  This is consistent with their coverup of the Pakistan and Saudi Arabia involvement documented in the unreleased Senate document.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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