More on J-Lo AMI Anthrax Letter and skin v inhalation anthrax

September 9, 2014

The people at AMI in Florida who got anthrax all got inhalation anthrax.  This is true whatever letter they got it from whenever it was sent.  (Assuming a letter and not someone spiking the building directly.)

The J-Lo letter had baby soap like powder which one expert said is how anthrax powder would seem.  Yet the people who handled the J-Lo letter did not get cutaneous anthrax, ie skin anthrax.  Robert Stevens handled the J-Lo letter and he got inhalation anthrax.  

Some might be tempted to say, no one who handled the J-Lo letter got skin anthrax, so the J-Lo letter was not anthrax.  These people have a problem though if they go onto another letter idea. Why didn’t the people who handle the next letter get skin anthrax?   If we assume the AMI anthrax cases all came from letters, then we can’t choose between letters based on people not getting skin anthrax, because no one at AMI got skin anthrax from all letters combined.  

The J-Lo letter did contain toys to attract hands.  This could have caused skin anthrax.  If skin anthrax had resulted, then it would have shown symptoms faster, within 7 days according to the Mayo Clinic link in prior post.  So the mailers may have been hoping to get a skin anthrax case within 7 days of the J-Lo letter reaching AMI on September 4, ie on September 11, 2001.

As it was, the letter was not opened until later, no one got skin anthrax from any anthrax letter at AMI, but at least two people got serious cases of inhalation anthrax.  Inhalation anthrax as the Mayo Clinic link points out can take weeks to develop. Whether the mailers understood this distinction, we don’t know.  But it seems they were planning for September 11 to get anthrax cases if we assume the J-Lo letter was anthrax.

The AMI anthrax was not spread by copier paper, because in a large building, copy paper is distributed in boxes not in individual reams.  So the anthrax could not be spilled into every box of paper.  At most it could get into one box in the mailroom and even that is unlikely.  Instead, the copy machines pull anthrax spores from the air because of some part being electrically charged.

A better timeline should have been constructed at the start of the case.  Instead of assuming a lone mailer, the FBI should have built a timeline of the case from the point of view of each possible suspect.  This would have included the hijackers as a group as well as for a lone mailer.  Then one compares each party’s timeline.  

The J-Lo letter matches up with a hijacker timeline.  It also serves the purpose of the hijackers already committing conspiracy to commit murder before the hijackings. This way, they won’t get cold feet.  Recall that they had made martyrdom videos which were later released.  Having made martyrdom videos clued them in these were suicide jobs.  The martyrdom videos are also meant to shame them into carrying out the suicide attack.  The J-Lo letter as an anthrax letter sent before the attacks does the same thing.

They thought on the morning of 9/11, the anthrax cases would be coming out about that time and so they might as well do the suicide attack and go out with glory as opposed to be arrested for the anthrax letter.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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