Case Closed Anthrax Blog one of best public service science detective blogs ever

September 10, 2014

The blog Case Closed by Lew Weinstein featuring comments by Dxer and sometimes others is one of the great public service blogs in the area of science and detection in history.  It has kept alive the 2001 Anthrax attacks, their linkage to the al Qaeda 19 hijackers including their leader Atta, and to the wealth of evidence connecting the attacks to the 19 hijackers.  

FBI agent Van Harp invented a single grower mailer theory not based on considering the evidence for all different theories but simply as an act of will.  Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung is not how to decide to close off investigative options as Harp evidently felt.  The lone mailer idea was contradicted by the evidence from the get-go.  This includes

  1. the injuries to the hijackers consistent with anthrax infection documented by medical authorities,
  2. their location near AMI in Florida,
  3. the timing link to 9/11,
  4. the hoax letters from St. Petersburg Florida to Tom Brokaw who got a real letter when this was not public information,
  5. the evident early lead of the AMI letter,
  6. the testimony that it was the J-Lo letter that was the powder that affected the person who died Robert Stevens,
  7. That all the Florida cases were inhalation anthrax not skin anthrax as were all cases known to be linked to the letters mailed September 18, 2001
  8. The quality of the mailed September 18, 2001 letters sent to New York as Purina Dog Chow, i.e. not capable of spreading inhalation anthrax
  9. The second wave of letters in October that were of the same inhalation quality as AMI earlier
  10. The timing of the AMI letter received September 4, 2001 which adding 7 days for the onset of skin anthrax gives September 11, 2001, which hijackers hoped to time with the attack, but the letter was mislaid
  11. The amount of material which the government’s publication later showed would take longer than a weekend and would be highly variable with many duds,
  12. The presence of high levels of silicon in several letters which shows it is not measurement error. Those silicon levels could not be reproduced in many tens of runs by the government,
  13. The distribution of anthrax to government labs still being covered up in at least one case
  14. The allowing of Muslims and Arabs to gain access to the US biological system in and out of government,
  15. The denial of reality in the name of PC and fear of being fired in and out of government,
  16. The evidence of careful and long term planning of the attacks,
  17. The extensive linkage of the hijackers and al Qaeda to anthrax
  18. The high tech biology research of Alibek and his students who include at least one Muslim likely linked to bad actors
  19. The extensive involvement of the well connected in the research program that allowed this access to Muslims and which even today denies the risk and the loss of know-how
  20. The evident ability of Muslims and suspicious persons to gain access to US government stocks of anthrax,
  21. The poor policing of the entire research of anthrax in and out of government before the anthrax attacks, which is still being denied and covered-up,
  22. The fact that the timing of Ivins time in the labs corresponds to animal checks as shown by Dxer and not to the steps of growing anthrax and producing powder
  23. The inability of Ivins to produce the quantity of anthrax in the letters
  24. The inability of Ivins to turn it into a quality powder fro the lyophilizer not being available
  25. The almost near alibi for Ivins to have reached the unlikely Princeton mailbox for him,
  26. The St. Petersburg hoax letters he could not have sent
  27. The J-Lo letter most likely sent from Florida by the hijackers
  28. The need of the hijackers to commit an illegal act prior to the hijackings that would come out later but was known to the hijackers before the attack so as to prevent them chickening out of the suicide attacks,
  29. The J-Lo anthrax letter met this need.
  30. The timeline corresponds to the hijackers, al Qaeda
  31. The return of Alibek to Kazakhstan where he has a high level position despite Russia’s claim he was leaking state secrets when he came to the West
  32. The need of al Qaeda to show it had anthrax to thwart an invasion of Afghanistan
  33. The need of Russia to show it was involved in a deniable way, but consistent with their MO in the last year and in intervening years such as poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London
  34. The mass of evidence and information posted by Dxer
  35. The complete absence of support for the FBI theory from the scientific community except for those employed by the FBI or close to them
  36. Plain common sense that it was al Qaeda that knew of the hijackings beforehand,
  37. The absurd approach of the FBI to discard evidence item by item based on a preconceived management position of a lone mailer instead of comparing the entire set of evidence of multiple people to the set of evidence for a lone person
  38. The failure of the government to explain the science and manner of the making of the high silicon anthrax to this day.
  39. Any lab can try to create high levels of silicon in harmless substitutes for anthrax such as subtilis. To this day, no lab in the world has reported growing such high percent by weight or so many spores as a percent having silicon.
  40. The silicon tin combination which suggests transfer of know-how from Russia, directly or indirectly through intermediaries.
  41. Known linkages from Russia to al Qaeda in the 1990s.
  42. The obvious lying by the government at the time of claiming Ivins did it when they said he had no reason to be in the labs. They had already asked at that point how long it takes to do animal checks to at least one scientist, which indicates they knew of Ivins animal checks already prior to his death. They lied in their press conference and posted materials by concealing this knowledge.

No one has kept this alive, gathered more evidence, explained it more or had a better place for debate than the Lew Weinstein blog.  The Meryl Nass blog came close at the time of the Ivins death and some other blogs like Emptywheel can be noted, but none like the Case Closed blog and Dxer.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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