Stanley Fischer and Berezovsky death indicate likely linkage

October 5, 2014

Stanley Fischer resigned unexpected in January 2013 the week after I sent an email to MIT asking he be investigated for plagiarism and Russia’s possible use of it to get IMF loans.  I asked them to investigate if Berezovsky was involved.

Berezovsky then dies in March 2013.  Fischer is nominated at end of year for Fed Vice Chairman.  At that point, Berezovsky can’t be questioned by MI5 on behalf of FBI about the hypothesized pressure by Berezovsky and Russia to get IMF loans from Fischer in the 1990s.

Putin brings up Anatoly Chubais after the Boston bombing, just weeks after the death of Berezovsky.

This seems too much for chance.

Once one accepts it is not chance, it implicates Obama in a coverup.  In effect, Obama, Israel and Russia are co-conspirators in killing Berezovsky to cover-up wrong doing by Stanley Fischer.  Obama already has liability through the Larry Summers appointment.

Usual disclaimers.


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