Leon Panetta criticism of Obama is because Russia has kompromat on Obama?

October 10, 2014

Is the reason that Leon Panetta is out criticizing President Obama while still in office because Russia has kompromat on Obama?  This arises from the Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer appointments?  Obama has become an accessory to the plot and this is complicated by his being a former paid employee of University of Chicago, a co-conspirator with Russia against the United States?

University of Chicago was involved in numerous incidents in economics and physics including atomic espionage aided by plagiarism kompromat starting in World War II and the possible Markowitz Roy Cowles Commission incident in 1952, Oehme and Edge of the Wedge, Stanley Fischer plagiarism and more reason incidents.

Panetta’s actions are very unusual.  This is covered on TV and Kelly File where questions are raised about Panetta’s loyalty to make this criticism of Obama as weak.  Is the weakenss from kompromat on Obama?

Leon Panetta was head of the CIA and DoD. So he would know about some of the plagiarism kompromat discussed here.  Panetta was at the Stanford SIEPR Day where Stanley Fischer was given an award and 100,000 by Stanford while Stanford was acting as a co-conspirator with Russia to cover up and to engage in further acts.  These include those involving Darrell Duffie and further iterations of the plagiarism starting possibly with Markowitz, then Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson and then of portfolio theory dynamic optimization with stochastic interest rates.  Markowitz Roy was one period optimization, Hakansson was multiple period and then the case of stochastic environments leading to dynamic portfolio rules was a third iteration in this series of plagiarism of the portfolio optimization.

Russia used this to get the Nobel Prize nominations for Kantorovich in 1975 from Samuelson and Arrow.  Then to get IMF loans in the 1990s. Now to influence Duffie and Moody’s to lower Ukraine’s credit rating ahead of S and P and do less to lower Russia’s credit rating.  They also have kompromat over Obama over the Stanley Fischer appointment. That is linked to the murder of Berezovsky if that is the case.  Obama has potentially become an accessory to criminal acts. Eric Holder as well may be. That may be the reason he has to resign.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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