Alleged video of Princeton ORFE Prof John Mulvey taking a sign

October 21, 2014

Horodynsky said in an interview that he believes the signs were stolen as a result of a traffic incident from August of last year that occurred near Rosedale and Elm, where the signs were allegedly taken from. Later that month, he said, he received a phone call from an unnamed male caller, who accused Horodynsky of cutingt him off in traffic. Horodynsky said the caller had noticed the name of his company, written on Horodynsky’s car, and allegedly promised to “remove all advertisements” from supermarkets and the road in retaliation. Three days later, Horodynsky said he began to notice signs in the area missing in the area.

“I thought, ‘Okay, this guy is going to fulfill his threat,’” he explained. He reported most of these to the police, “but [the thief] did it so often that I thought I would become a pain in the ass to the police.”

Should unsuspecting kids be exposed to someone with such an attitude?  Where does it come from?

Alleged video of Princeton ORFE prof John Mulvey stopping his car, taking a sign and driving off with him. This shows him pulling the sign out of the ground which another article says he claimed not to have done.

Given such a video, and assuming it is true and indicates Mulvey pulled a sign from the ground intentionally not just picked one up, how did he think he would get away with it?  Because of Martin Weitzman getting away with stealing the manure?  Because Princeton got away for decades of covering up Russia using plagiarism at Princeton as part of its spying?  Because Stanley Fischer and Harvard got away with it?

Howard Weitzman alleged manure theft Harvard during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay

Mulvey is a specialist in the same portfolio methods as Hakansson, Fischer and subsequent work presumably from his resume and his company one would assume.  Or at least has some familiarity with them.  Is this why he thinks he can take the sign and then later give an inaccurate version to the police or through his lawyer to the court?

Is it arrogance? Or is it something deeper? Could they be involved with the Russia plagiarism files schemes in some way?How deep are they involved if they are involved?  Russia plagiarism kompromat may involve the killing of Berezovsky in 2013 and the Boston Bombing and possibly the Russian private security company Mongoose doing bad things.  How much if any does Mulvey know? What about Princeton ORFE? Rest of Princeton?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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