John Mulvey ORFE Princeton to tutor students but risk assessment needed

October 21, 2014

John Mulvey of the ORFE unit of Princeton University is to tutor children to get out of being prosecuted according to news reports.  However, Princeton and other universities possess information they should disclose to the prosecutor, judge and the parents prior to these students being exposed to this professor.

The Princeton University professor accused of stealing 21 lawn signs from a computer business will perform 120 hours of community service in a Trenton educational facility in exchange for theft charges being dismissed.

“I think that’s the best option all around for students in the Trenton area to be exposed to a distinguished professor who can hopefully provide them some guidance,” municipal prosecutor Reed Gusciora said Monday. “It’s in the best interest for kids in Trenton who can take advantage of his academic success.”

What was John Mulvey’s state of mind when he allegedly stole the signs?  To assess this, the court needs to be told everything Princeton, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and other universities know that may be relevant.

The signs started to disappear shortly after the traffic incident Horodynsky said he had with Princeton professor John Mulvey, 67, of Puritan Court, who now faces theft charges filed by police.

If the court accepts this as valid, what his state of mind was and his intent are important to assessing whether it is safe for him to have access to children.  For example, suppose he was part of a larger immoral nexus and his actions in the sign theft showed his apparent feeling he could get away with it would require evaluation of that larger immoral nexus.

In particular, the ORFE unit of Princeton University may be involved in the matters known as Russian Plagiarism Files as well as parts of Princeton that are associated with ORFE.

The research of Nils Hakansson that was plagiarized by Paul Samuelson, Stanley Fischer and possibly others is in the same field as ORFE and the research of Mulvey can be examined as to how much he may know of that.  Duffie’s later actions with the Jun Liu thesis and related cases are also relevant.

Princeton University withheld information during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and the background checks of Bernanke, Yellen, and Stanley Fischer as well as others.  They have withheld information from the FBI on Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets and later Nobel Prize nominations in economics and physics and later IMF loans.

Princeton was where Corson plagiarized Fock leading to the Fock letter. Princeton concealed that from the FBI during the FBI investigation of spying by Klaus Fuchs.  Information on this has been posted on the web here.  How much is Mulvey familiar with?  What is the role of the ORFE unit? What does he know?

It can be stated here that there are additional faculty and matters involving ORFE that require investigation by Princeton for potential academic misconduct and that Princeton should tell the FBI about in its investigations of Russia’s plagiarism kompromat.

Harvard prof Martin Weitzman was involved in a parallel case involving manure.…11921.15175.0.15458.….0…1c.1.56.serp..13.5.332.7eK4y9mshBU

Weitzman did his actions during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay. Weitzman was at econ conferences in Poland in 1970s and they were also OR conferences same as ORFE field where Russia may have put pressure on MIT and Harvard and U of Chicago and Princeton to nominate Kantorovich for the Nobel Prize in econ for the Soviet Union to get prestige.  That should have been disclosed to the FBI and USAO Mass during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay.

It should have been disclosed during the background checks of Harvard profs. It should have been disclosed after the Boston bombing, after the death of Berezovsky, during the investigation of Aaron Swartz, etc.

This seems to be a parallel case that John Mulvey and Princeton may know of.  How did Mulvey think of that case? Did Mulvey think that Weitzman got away with it?  That Mulvey could do in stealing the signs?

Did Mulvey think that he knew about Princeton concealing info the same as Weitzman knew about Harvard? Did Mulvey think that would let him avoid being fired by Princeton same as in the Weitzman Harvard case?

Does Mulvey think the powerful get away with abusing the powerless?  That would include Hakansson and other victims of plagiarism and abuse.

Plagiarism is about abuse of power over the powerless?  It would seem so.  That would suggest if ORFE was part of it and Mulvey knew of it and went along that children should not be exposed to him.  The parents, prosecutor and the judge should know.

There are reasonable grounds to investigate if ORFE abuses the author of this post and is part of a conspiracy against the author and that ORFE and Mulvey should be questioned about his knowledge, participation if any or benefits from knowing about it.

H. Vincent Poor of ORFE should be questioned on this as well as other faculty there.

Prof Jose Scheinkman helped get speaking slots for Shleifer at an econ conference that helped keep him from being fired by Harvard. What did Scheinkman know of these things? About abuse by ORFE of the author of this blog post? Abuse by Chicago, Stanford, etc.?

Did Scheinkman know or guess that Shleifer, Summers, Fischer had information they did not disclose to USAO Mass and FBI during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay? Afterwards? After Boston Bombing? After death of Berezovsky? If they had disclosed info would the warning by Russia about Tsarnaev led to FBI not dropping that tip?

Does ORFE feel that it can abuse the powerless, including the author of this blog post and get away with it? Does Mulvey know of this attitude at ORFE?  At Princeton?  At Harvard?  Does this reflect Mulvey’s state of mind when he stole the sign posts as alleged?  How does it compare to Weitzman stealing the manure as alleged?

If Mulvey thinks that he is part of the powerful and they can abuse the powerless and the authorities ignore us when we speak up, does that mean he thinks he can abuse these children?  Do the parents have a right to know? Does the prosecutor and the court?

quote from article

Horodynsky said he places the signs outside places where he is contracted, with the permission of the business or home owner, and at other spots around town where such signs are allowed.

After filing several police reports, Horodynsky said he decided to set up a camera near one of his signs to catch the thief. Horodynsky said the video showed Mulvey on five separate occasions stealing his signs, putting them in a car and driving off.

Horodynsky said the camera caught the license plate of the car, leading police to Mulvey’s home, where the 21 signs were found in the garage.

“I’m relieved that after a year of being plagued by this that it’s finally over,” Horodynsky said.

Hakansson has been abused since 1969 and it is not over. He was denied his place in the textbooks. I have been abused by the ORFE unit for over a decade including during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and the background checks. ORFE did not disclose this to the FBI as it should have. Nor to the prosecutor or judge who think that children are safe with an ORFE prof who may be involved in this or at least know of it or think he can get away with abuse because of this.

Princeton and the other universities need to disclose to the prosecutor, judge and parents what they know of this entire nexus of events involving plagiarism, Russia, blackmail and the other incidents including the death of Berezovsky which may have been a killing to keep him quiet while Stanley Fischer was made Vice chairman of the Federal Reserve.

“Some people don’t like the signs and they throw them in the woods,” Mulvey said. “I make it my job to pick them up and keep them, so that’s what happened.”

Mulvey said he never took any of the signs out of the ground.

Did Mulvey lie? The article says he was caught on video.  If he is lying is that a sign of an abuser? If he is part of academic abuse the parents have a right to know before their children are exposed to him.

In this wider conspiracy of Russia kompromat, people have been killed it is possible. That includes Berezovsky and possibly others.  What does Mulvey know of this?  Did he know enough he should have told the FBI during the background checks of Princeton profs to the Fed? Of Stanley Fischer?

Has Mulvey said things on the phone or emailed before Snowden revelations that implicate him in something?  Does he realize that but the statements require interpretation and the FBI and NSA don’t realize the implications?  Does Mulvey think he may end up being exposed and feel desperate?  Did Weitzman feel the same? Weitzman removed contents of his resume from his web page indicating his involvement in Matekon in 1960s and 1970s?

What is Mulvey’s state of mind? Does he think the powerful abuse the powerless and get away with it?  Does he think he is at risk of larger charges and stealing signs doesn’t matter compared to his larger legal risk?  The parents of the children he is to tutor have a right to know. So does the prosecutor and the judge.

Princeton Municipal Court Judge John McCarthy is the judge.

Municipal Prosecutor Reed Gusciora handled case.

Princeton University including Scheinkman, H Vincent Poor and others as well as Stanley Fischer at the Fed should tell the judge what they know. The FBI likely has a substantial file on Russia plagiarism files from the Stanley Fischer background check. Material was sent to the Federal Reserve directly by this author in this matter.

Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, U of Chicago and Moody’s should all tell what they know of this wider conspiracy and what Mulvey’s relation to it is if any.  This includes to the powerful abusing the powerless. That is something that applies especially to Stanley Fischer  at the Fed, which the Fed knows at the chairwoman level is likely.

Repeat of above quote

“I think that’s the best option all around for students in the Trenton area to be exposed to a distinguished professor who can hopefully provide them some guidance,” municipal prosecutor Reed Gusciora said Monday. “It’s in the best interest for kids in Trenton who can take advantage of his academic success.”

Is that really in their interest?  If Mulvey knew of the Weitzman manure theft and felt he could do the same and get away with it because Harvard and Princeton have withheld info about Russia blackmailing profs over plagiarism for decades and gotten away with it?  That Stanley Fischer got away with it despite the FBI finding out about it during the background check?  The prosecutor, judge and parents need to be told the full story by Princeton University and the other universities and the Federal Reserve so they can decide if this is in the best interests of these students.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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