Bruce Ivins Foreign Subtilis in mailed anthrax letters Amerithrax

December 19, 2014

The GAO report on Amerithrax and the suicide of Bruce Ivins is due today.

Ed Lake has suggested that the foreign subtilis, never identified, present in some of the first letters was brought in by Bruce Ivins from the outside accidentally and contaminated the growth of the anthrax on solid media in trash bags in the Ed Lake theory.

However, to get into the hot suites, Bruce Ivins had to change his clothes and take a shower just as when leaving.  This was intended to prevent outside contamination of the experiments being done inside the hot suites.  They didn’t want unknown bacteria coming in, being in the growth media and then being applied to the test animals.  They wanted to keep foreign bacteria out almost as much as keeping the anthrax in.

So after Bruce Ivins came into the hot suite he did not have the foreign subtilis on his hands or person or clothes.  So he could not accidentally contaminate the growth plates in the trash bags in the Ed Lake theory.

What makes sense is that some other group or facility did practice runs with the foreign  subtilis and this was left in the batch of letters mailed September 18, 2001.

The J-Lo letter was likely mailed earlier and we don’t know if it contained subtilis or not.  It appeared to represent superior quality work and was mailed prior to September 11, 2001 so as to produce a result at the same time as the airplane attacks.  (Note Ed Lake still disputes the J Lo letter contained anthrax.)


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