Some thoughts on the JFK assassination

January 2, 2015

Some miscellaneous thoughts on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  WC = Warren Commission theory that LHO shot JFK from the rear from 6th floor TSBD without any conspiracy with others.

Back of Head Wound.

  1. Evidence of BOH wound in back of head is strong. Probably on right.  Possibly bottom or middle?  This is the occipital region as many use the term.
  2. Warren Commission defender McAdams tries to defend WC view.
  3. One of the observers at the autopsy said the wound on BOH was where your head hits the bathtub when you lie back in it, this contradicts WC and autopsy.
  4. Another attempted explanation is that the doctors who worked on JFK at Parkland Hospital in Dallas thought because JFK was lying on his back that the top of his head was the back of his head. However, doctors routinely work with patients on their back without confusing the top of the head with the back of the head.  Nor do people confuse the bottom of their foot when they lie down and their foot hangs out.
  5. Overwhelmingly the evidence of those who saw the wound is that it was in the back of the head, lower down and towards the right.
  6. In some films, one or more witnesses say the head had to be raised for them to see it or see it better. I think a nurse that in the 1993 Groden film.
  7. Any back of the head exit wound contradicts the Warren Commission view and shows a shot from the front.
  8. To understand the JFK case, one has to go over the BOH wound issue several times and learn some of the medical terminology.
  9. The drawings of JFK head wound from the government should be studied but not believed.  They also seem to have an odd history.
  10. The autopsy photos and x-rays were not made available to the Warren Commission nor to some of the artists who drew the medical drawings of the JFK head wounds.
  11. There are metal fragments on the x-rays that show a trail on the top of the head, there are some too low in the head, and there is a bunch at the right front top consistent with an entry wound at that spot.
  12. The blood spatter on the Zapruder film, Z313, is consistent with backspatter according to Sherry Fiester.
  13. The head may have gone towards the bullet according to some theories of wound ballistics.  If the bullet acquires mass as it enters ie picks up head material, its total momentum may rise and the head moves towards the bullet to conserve momentum is one possible explanation of this.
  14. Although the Grassy Knoll was more towards the right in the opinion of many, it has a way of sticking to the possibilities.

LHO’s travel and living seem to be overly easy.

  1. Lee Harvey Oswald seems to have been able to leave America, go to Russia, live there for 3 years, pick up a wife, leave with wife and child, come back to America, jump into agitprop without too much trouble.  How did that happen?
  2. One possibility is he had a high level sponsor in Russia and in the US intelligence community.
  3. In that case, the most likely scenario is that one of the high level sponsors was a double agent.
  4. James Jesus Angleton seems to fit the bill as LHO’s high level sponsor in the US intel community.
  5. JJA also handled the CIA liaison to the Warren Commission.
  6. JJA likely was involved in the deceptive messages from CIA HQ in Langley to CIA in Mexico City. David Atlee Phillips was likely involved in that in Mexico City.
  7. JJA was fingered as a Russian spy by a CIA man, Clare Edward Petty,  at a level of probability of 80 to 85 percent.
  8. If Russia ordered JJA to arrange the death of JFK, then Russia could kill JFK and have the CIA take the blame.

Black employees at Texas School Book Depository.

  1. The Black employees, James Jarman Jr, Bonnie Ray Williams, Harold Norman, Charles Givens and others seem to be overlooked.
  2. The first 3 were on the 5th and 6th floor before and/or during the shooting of JFK.
  3. The first 3 seem to have changed their stories and lied at times.
  4. Someone may have helped them change their stories.
  5. Michael Regan has posted an analysis that the Black employees shot JFK. There seem to be slight variations of this essay at different locations.
  6. Charles Givens or another may have gone to the Grassy Knoll during the shooting and shot JFK from the front is a variation of this idea.
  7. The Domino Room was the Black employee lunchroom. LHO ate there.  LHO may have organized the Blacks to shoot JFK, or they could have been communists or manipulated by some group.
  8. Ruth Paine was in the ACLU, had Quaker background, and also had a communist in the family tree (or Michael Paine her husband did).
  9. Whoever organized the Sniper’s Nest in TSBD had inside knowledge of that place.
  10. Roy Truly the superintendent would have been a useful person to be part of the conspiracy. He hired Oswald, assigned him to the Dealey Plaza building, and assigned the Black employees to tear up the floors the day of the assassination.
  11. The Blacks had to be in it. Also they were backup patsies, since they would tend to dead end.
  12. If LHO didn’t work out as patsy, the Blacks shooting JFK could work for Russia or for the “right wingers”.


  1. If LBJ was a tool of Israel or Russia, moving him up would work for either country.  LBJ seems to have had a pro Jewish and likely pro Leftist agenda from the 1930s and been taught it by his family.
  2. LBJ seems to have gone down in his seat before the shooting.
  3. LBJ could have hammered down the coverup including the autopsy using the force of his personality.

Russia or CIA?  A number of people could plausibly be considered agents of either one.

  1. LHO
  2. Ruth Paine.  Quaker, ACLU, communist in family tree.  Or CIA front.
  3. Marina Oswald could have been Russian agent.  Might have been turned by Ruth Paine.
  4. It seems likely Ruth Paine was managing Marina either for Russia or the CIA.
  5. George De Mohrenschildt.   From Russia. Could have been Russian, CIA or both. Shot himself according to official story.  Last few weeks are very strange.
  6. Willem Oltmans likely KGB agent and had a relationship with De Morhenschildt.

Assassination records review board, ARRB, and Doug Horne

  1. The media have barely mentioned the existence of this panel and of Doug Horne’s role in it and writings.
  2. However much one may reject parts of Doug Horne’s interpretation of ARRB, a lot of it sticks.
  3. WC defenders try to avoid the ARRB and Horne as much as possible and try to pick one piece to attack.
  4. The medical evidence is key to understanding the case.
  5. JFK’s head was sloped down at the time of Z312, Zapruder frame 312.

Zapruder Film

  1. Zapruder film frame by frame.
  2. Follow this link to frame 300.
  3. Go the URL at top of page and manually change the 300 to 301.
  4. Continue to do this up to frame 320 or even 330+.
  5. Now you can click through the frames as fast or as slow as you want.
  6. This gives you a hand made gif that you can use to study the film.
  7. Someone of skill should do this as an app.
  8. There are many stabilized films around some point.
  9. There are some other films one should study and compare. Muchmore, Nix, Tina Townsend.
  10. After you listen to the pro and con, rerun the film sequences with sound off.  Eventually the WC defenders seem wrong.
  11. Watch Zapruder film in normal speed not just slow motion.
  12. The slow down of the limo can be seen when the front 4 limo occupants move forward at the same time.  This takes several viewings to tell what they are talking about.

Photographs of the TSBD

  1. The Blacks in the windows should be studied and compared to their testimony.
  2. The Blacks testimony seems to be out of whack at times with the photos.
  3. Dillard photo.  Powell photo.
  4. The Blacks had to be in it.


  1. Grodon Film is well done to use as much of original film to convey the story.
  2. Some of the films are fun to watch regardless of the views.
  3. The films like the websites can sometimes sway you to one theory or the other.
  4. As you learn the evidence better, especially medical evidence, the tendency of a film or website to push your thinking goes down.

Warren Commission Defenders.

  1. Their best value is to hone in on where the dispute is.
  2. Some of them spew out invective against “conspiracy theorists”.  Once you pick up on this and notice it, it undermines their case.
  3. Warren Commission defenders fall back on personal attacks when they can’t find a reason to defend the WC view from evidence.
  4. The WC and subsequent panels were dishonest and tricky.  This includes in the medical drawings of JFK which are intentionally deceptive on key points.
  5. WC defenders will try to change the subject if they can’t defend a particular point.
  6. The ARRB undermined a lot of WC defenses from prior years and panels.
  7. The original Parkland Hospital notes of the doctors are available on at least one website. These indicate the main wound to the head was back of the head and this shows an exit wound at the back contradicting the WC.
  8. Doctors especially neurosurgeons don’t get confused about the back of the head and the top of the head because the patient is lying down in the ER. They see patients all the time who are on their back without the doctor becoming confused where the back of the head is.
  9. That a trained neurosurgeon would confuse the back of JFK’s head with the top because he was lying down is silly when you think about their entire careers dealing with patients lying on their backs.

Anti WC.

  1. These run the gamut.
  2. It is very hard to learn this case.
  3. The medical evidence is hard to learn.

JFK Head tilt Z312

  1. JFK’s head is tilted down in Z312.
  2. If JFK’s head was normal upright and a shot came from a person at the same level and hit the back of the head at the bottom, it would exit the front at the bottom.
  3. If a person in a high building shot at the same angle as the head is tilted down, and it hit at the bottom, it would likewise pass through the head and come out the bottom.
  4. If the head is tilted down and someone shoots from the back from “ground level” (ie standing up on the ground) then the bullet can enter in the back and exit in the top.
  5. The same is true if it comes from the front at ground level, it can enter top and exit back.
  6. The car had a negative slope of about 3 degrees.  This is added to the TSBD 6th floor angle.  I think this is 18 + 3 = 21 from memory.
  7. If the shooter is at 6th floor TSBD and the bullet hits the bottom of head, the bullet may exit the front of the head at the bottom or middle because of the angles. This would contradict the WC.  They need the bullet to exit the top of the head or top of head right side.
  8. If the shooter was at TSBD 6th floor and bullet entered lower down in back of head, it would exit in the face or even lower?
  9. As one considers various theories and the fragments in x-rays, two bullets seem needed to explain all the damage. This contradicts WC and LHO lone gunman.
  10. As you understand the head tilt at Z312, the medical drawings of JFK head shot, the x-ray fragments, and the lines of sight to the TSBD 6th floor and other locations it seems that it is not possible to explain all the evidence by LHO at 6th floor TSBD.
  11. The various panels starting from WC onwards have moved the location of the rear head shot to try to fit different pieces of evidence. However, they are never able to fit them all.
  12. The WC defenders have a problem with finding a spot on back of head where a bullet from 6th floor TSBD would not exit at the wrong place.  As they move the entry point around, they can’t match the trail of fragments at top of head on x-ray or the fragments at front indicating an entrance there.
  13. If someone could put every event in terms of 3d coordinates relative to a fixed reference point in Dealey Plaza and a time coordinate, the WC theory would collapse I suspect.  Partial attempts at this include surveyor work by the government.
  14. Dale Myers has a software program that we are told partially does that but he does not publish any numerical coordinates that would allow 3rd party replication.  Someone should apply for a grant to do this.

Angle of Bullet to car

  1. If the bullet comes from the TSBD it is coming from the right of the car if you are in the car looking forward.  Thus the bullet tends to cross “from right to left” ie to cross from the right rear of the car over the car to exit the left front of the car.
  2. However, the angles may mean it is the back of the car or front depending on the theory.
  3. The same angle logic applies to shots from the front.  Grassy Knoll, or from locations near the underpass or on the underpass have similar types of angle issues.
  4. Some think the angles line up better with Daltex building instead of TSBD for shots from the rear.

Jack Ruby

  1. He may have gotten help to get into shoot LHO.
  2. The supposed spontaneous nature of Ruby shooting LHO is contradicted if he got help to get into to shoot him.
  3. There was a call night before to Dallas PD where the caller warned of attempt on LHO life. This may have been Ruby.
  4. His story of reason changed.
  5. Nixon is alleged to have recognized Jack Ruby as a Johnson man from his 1940s knowledge of him.
  6. Most people find it difficult to believe in the two lone nuts.
  7. Neither Ruby nor LHO were loners.

WC theory is fragile.

  1. The Warren Commission theory depends on many pieces that have to be its way or the lone gunman theory collapses.
  2. Medical evidence points to a head wound on back of head. This contradicts WC.
  3. The bullet CE399 is difficult to believe.
  4. The evolution of single bullet theory seems to show it is contrived.
  5. If throat wound was enlargened to hide entrance wound WC is defeated.
  6. The evolution of the medical evidence available to the public is a problem for the WC.
  7. The evolution of medical evidence points to consistent efforts to be deceptive in the medical drawings of JFK head.
  8. Witnesses were pressured by FBI or Secret Service at times.
  9. Not every FBI agent or SS defends WC.

A conspiracy requires an organization that can keep secrets and impose discipline.

  1. The CIA elements in Bay of Pigs are a tight knit group that could do it.
  2. Mafia.
  3. KGB.
  4. Dallas PD also may have been corrupt.  Big city PDs may also have routinely fixed evidence, pressured witnesses in the early 1960s.
  5. FBI was tightly controlled by J. Edgar Hoover.
  6. At times, the doctors close ranks. Parkland doctors at times deferred to autopsy doctors. This includes on the question of when autopsy doctors learned of the entrance wound to the throat.
  7. The events in Mexico City could only be managed by US, Russia or Cuba governments not by Mafia or even LHO acting alone. There was a fake call by LHO to Soviet KGB agent Kostikov in charge of assassinations.
  8. CIA communications back and forth from HQ to Mexico City CIA agents were deceptive intentionally.  This has come out from ARRB.

Assassination Sandwich

  1. LHO according to WC shot at General Walker before he went to Mexico City.
  2. From ARRB we know that a fake call was made to assassinations KGB agent Kostikov pretending to be LHO during LHO Mexico City trip.
  3. LHO supposedly shot JFK after Mexico City.
  4. This gives us 3 points.  Whoever made the fake LHO call to Kostikov had to know that LHO was involved in this sequence seems likely.
  5. This means that LHO was not acting alone in shooting JFK, ie either CIA or Russia or both knew of this sequence that started with Gen Walker shot.
  6. Someone was creating a picture of LHO and assassinations intentionally.  This points to a conspiracy.

Witness reliability.

  1. Statements made closest in time to the event are considered most reliable by many.
  2. The trained medical staff at Parkland Hospital strongly indicate a back of the head exit wound. This contradicts WC.
  3. The staff at Parkland Hospital made written reports and those indicate a large wound at back of head.
  4. A neurosurgeon looked at JFK’s head closely to determine if they should continue efforts to keep him alive such as opening his chest.  This examination showed a back of the head wound as the cause of death.
  5. Doctors knew at time the throat wound was not the cause of death, but the head wound.
  6. Experienced ER doctors examined JFK head while he was lying on his back and this did not confuse them as to where the back of the head is.
  7. Many witnesses including police officers thought there was a shot from Grassy Knoll.
  8. Many witnesses were pressured by Dallas PD, FBI or Secret Service to identify LHO or to be unsure on evidence against LHO theory.
  9. Allowing for some witness error, but considering it somewhat valid, the Dallas witnesses contradict the WC.

Changing Opinions

  1. It is normal to flip around from one theory to another.
  2. The WC defenders make you feel like you are a mindless dupe when you flip away from a conspiracy theory.
  3. However, after one experiences these shifts a few times, the WC defenders start to seem to be counting on such manipulation for their success.
  4. Overtime one notices that WC defenders depend heavily on making you feel like challenging authority is a mental problem in you.
  5. WC defenders have many tricks to take advantage of your emotions and any gaps in your knowledge of the case.
  6. The ARRB released a lot of information that contradicted prior government panels and exposed that they intentionally deceived on medical drawings of JFK wounds or witness testimony at the autopsy of a back of head wound.
  7. WC defenders try to avoid detailed discussion of ARRB documents since these contradict prior WC defenders at a minimum.
  8. ARRB documents show that witnesses and prior panel members were deceived as to autopsy witnesses seeing a back of head wound.
  9. Taken in its totality, the medical evidence does not fit a single head wound from the back regardless of location. This includes evidence of back of head wound, fragments in x-rays along top of head in trail, a large number of fragments in right front indicating an entrance wound, etc.
  10. There is persistent evidence of coverup and efforts by the government to pressure witnesses, hide information from panel members, create deceptive medical drawings, destroy documents, withhold documents, and to demean opponents and critics.
  11. The overall confusion of the case itself is evidence of a conspiracy.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


2 Responses to “Some thoughts on the JFK assassination”

  1. Helter Ventor Says:

    Some of the strange medical doings in the hospital may be because Kennedy had a medical condition (syphilis, Addison’s disease, who knows ?) that affected his brain and the family wanted this kept secret. The family probably put heavy pressure on everybody to comply with their orders at all costs, even the media. This is one factor that has fueled many of the theories.

    • oldatlantic Says:

      The family may have impacted the autopsy but Admiral Burke I think claims it didn’t. Subsequent handling of the files in archives are a potential issue here.

      Parkland Hospital the doctors tried to save JFK’s life. They wrote up cause of death as wound to back of head that day and said so at news conference. The nurse who applied compress did affidavit shortly after that JFK had wound back of head and she applied pressure bandage to it.

      Before stopping efforts to keep JFK alive, a neurosurgeon examined the wound(s) in the head. His report, which is in writing, said the wound that caused JFK’s death was in the back of the head. This is online at one of the websites and in ARRB national archives and maybe even WC detail volumes.

      An exit wound to back of end means a shooter from front, so LHO didn’t do it alone. Family privacy issues thus don’t affect back of head wound seen by people starting in the limo, at Parkland parking lot, in ER, and even FBI agents and others at autopsy in Bethesda and even the morticians.

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