Lee Harvey Oswald as US agent and Angleton as Russian agent scenario

January 3, 2015

Here we consider a scenario where Lee Harvey Oswald while a US marine was recruited into the US intelligence services, possibly ONI or CIA, while James Jesus Angleton head of CIA counter-intelligence was a Russian spy.

  1. Russia tells Angleton to recruit a LHO type and send him to Russia as an agent pretending to be a defector.
  2. Angleton hears of LHO possibly through David Ferrie.
  3. LHO thinks he is a US agent.
  4. LHO is desperate to stay in Russia because it is his assignment. This explains the “suicide” attempt.  He may even have been taught this by US.
  5. Russia accepts LHO in Russia and gives him a good life, because it is their plan.
  6. Marina Oswald is a Russian agent and marries LHO as part of the assignment.
  7. LHO has a smooth transition back to the US with Marina.
  8. Ruth Paine is assigned by CIA or Russia to monitor the Oswalds.
  9. Same with De Mohrenschildt.
  10. LHO is sent to New Orleans by US intelligence.  But this is what Russia wants through Angleton.
  11. LHO is sent to Mexico City by US intelligence.  Again this is Russia’s plan.
  12. In Mexico City, Russia is controlling both sides actions.
  13. Angleton is setting in motion the plan to kill JFK using CIA resources for Russia.  This will implicate CIA.
  14. Ruth Paine gets LHO the job at TSBD.  Roy Truly may be involved?
  15. LHO eats in Black lunchroom, Domino Room, and possibly develops a relation with Black employees.
  16. Angleton possibly with help from other angles from Russia or even an Israel connection gets buy in from LBJ and others.
  17. TSBD Black employees, Harold Norman, James Jarman Jr, Charles Givens, Bonnie Ray Williams are part of the plot and LHO thinks they will take the blame.  LHO thinks they will be blamed for shooting JFK under Communist and Casto influence.
  18. Thus LHO thinks that Castro will be blamed for stirring up the Blacks and Russia as well.
  19. Multiple shooters take out JFK but try to make it seem as if from 6th Floor TSBD.
  20. LHO’s rifle, if it is his, ends up being stated as the murder weapon and he is implicated.
  21. Jack Ruby kills LHO to avoid a trial.  They can’t expose their autopsy fakery to a court room. That would mean the autopsy photos, brain section, and x-rays would be admitted as evidence in court.  There they would be exposed as inconsistent.
  22. The Warren Commission never sees the autopsy photos or x-rays.
  23. LBJ is installed with Russian and possibly Israeli help.
  24. Under LBJ, Russia catches up in nukes and has a nuclear program to go far ahead.
  25. Russia has a giant anthrax program.
  26. Angleton has interfered with the Soviet desk of CIA so that CIA finds out about these things too little and too late for US to stop Soviets going ahead in arms race.
  27. Israel gets its payoff in taking Sinai and in its nuclear program going ahead.
  28. LBJ avoids prosecution.
  29. CIA is stuck with a coverup that is slowly coming undone.
  30. LBJ sets in motion America’s collapse with 1965 Immigration Act and 1964 Civil Rights Act.
  31. America’s cities are soon lost.  A nation without cities, lacks a consistent purpose and basis of action, a soul in effect.
  32. Soviet Union collapses as America heads down in decay.
  33. Ken Alibek fake defection in 1990s is to remind America, “We have this anthrax.” “Are you afraid?” “Death to America.”
  34. Increasingly US tech, know-how, factories are moved out of the country.
  35. US defense supply chain runs through China and other hostile countries.
  36. Knowing this history, Putin can be more aggressive as can other bad actors.
  37. CIA does nothing to expose Russian spy networks or Chinese ones in the US.  These grow and takeover universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, University of Chicago, Princeton, etc.

This is just a scenario.


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