Boston Bombing Tsarnaev Putin Central Asia Renova Group and Mongoose Private Security

January 5, 2015

The Boston Bombing involves the Tsarnaev brothers but much more. Clearly, there is a Chechen support network in the US that includes Musa Khadzhimuratov who links to Kadayev in London to Berezovsky and also to Kadyrov in Chechnya and thus to Putin.   The full truth of the Boston Bombing involves this network, their capabilities, their linkages, their training, their influence. That includes groups in Dagestan and Chechnya, some of which are front groups for Russia’s FSB.

Some of the students come from Central Asia such as Khazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. These republics have a relation to Russia through the aluminum and hydroelectric system set up under the Soviet Union. Vekselberg and Renova Group manage that aluminum connection between Russia and Central Asia.  Mongoose private security aka Mangust under Aleander Zyurikov represnts Putin’s interest in Renova Group and in Central Asia.

Renova Group has hired Josef Ackermann and Peter Loscher and these link to Russian academics like Sergei Guriev and Anatoly Chubais.  Chubais was mentioned by Putin after the Boston Bombing and linked to Harvard Shleifer and the CIA by Putin. Guriev went to the Stanford SIEPR forum in 2014 that gave 100k to Stanley Fischer (as hush money?) during his Senate confirmation.

Is it possible that Russia ignores all these connections? No. They see them as connected.  They manipulate them. Putin manipulated them with his comments about Chubais advised by CIA agents after the Boston Bombing.

Russia under Putin also uses terrorism. The Moscow Apartment Bombings, Volgograd bombing, MH370 and MH17 and the Boston Bombing all fit with their methods, plans and timeline.  The Boston Bombing is not an isolated incident. Russian warned about Tsarnaev before and gloated over Shleifer and CIA afterward.  Russia blamed CIA for Moscow Apartment Bombings that led to harsh methods in 2nd Chechen War and also blamed the CIA in the shoot down of MH17, as well as claiming MH370 was hijacked by the CIA.

The Boston Bombing fits into the timeline and methods used by Russia. They have taken ownership of it by their comments, and by their minimal tip and the information they didn’t disclose. They were manipulating Tsarnaev through front groups is very likely.

The prime interest of the DOJ is to protect Obama, Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers, Bill and Hillary Clinton, etc.  This is not a search for justice. It mocks the victims not just justice. It mocks democracy in America not just Boston.  It contributes to the loss of freedom in Russia and the invasion of Ukraine. DOJ doesn’t care, it just wants to protect its own role in all this over decades.

If DOJ had exposed what it knew by 2010, the Boston Bombing would never had happened. They are responsible for their actions and their concealment.  Just as Bush could have warned the airport people, DOJ HQ could have warned the public and FBI and police by exposing Russia’s blackmail of Harvard and MIT profs. That would have built the know-how to deal with Tsarnaev type cases. By exposing the role of IMF loans in the Chechen genocide, and this academic network, the Chechens would have seen justice and not have even wanted to bomb Boston.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


One Response to “Boston Bombing Tsarnaev Putin Central Asia Renova Group and Mongoose Private Security”

  1. edward Says:

    The Russian/Putin response immediately after the bombing is interesting. Before anything was known about who the bombers were, Putin was offering to help with the US investigation. The timeline and language used could suggest Putin knew that the bombing involved Chechens. It certainly seemed odd, if you look at the statements and the ‘slickness’ of those diplomatic statements as they came out of Russia in the few days after the bombings.

    Also the short lived Chechen group (and it’s leader) who I believe was responsible for the radicalisation of the older brother is worth investigation. The group rose to fleeting prominence and disappeared as quickly, with it’s leader being gunned down by Russian forces a few months before Boston. Reports of that operation refer to the professionalism of the Russian security services. The group leader was reported to have been killed. Was he in fact working for/on behalf of the Russian security services himself?

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