Charlie Hebdo Kouachi brothers cornered. Scratch some but not all conspiracy theories.

January 9, 2015

Charlie Hebdo shooting is coming to end of the chase stage of Kouachi brothers. The Kouachi brothers are now cornered and want to die as martyrs.  This eliminates many but not every conspiracy theory.

  1. Were they trained?
  2. Where they trained for this mission?
  3. Who planned the Charlie Hebdo attack?
  4. Were they part of a group of fighters in the Middle East?
  5. Who helped them go there?
  6. Who helped them come back?
  7. Did they have help in the Charlie Hebdo hit?
  8. Who gave them their guns?
  9. Other equipment?
  10. Uniforms?
  11. Did they get inside information on Charlie Hebdo?
  12. Did someone film it for them?
  13. What about filming the police shot on the street?
  14. Did they make martyrdom videos? Where, when and with whom?
  15. What about the high school student, Hamyd Mourad? Is he part of it?
  16. If Hamyd Mourad is not part of it, how did his name come out?
  17. How many id cards were found in the car? Just 1? Why the other 2 names broadcast at same time?
  18. Did others help in the preparation, training or escape?
  19. What is the proof the Kouachi brothers were the shooters?  Can that be nailed down, or is it the sequence alone we rely on?  I.e. we fill in the gaps with our minds and accept it as a connected story and proof of guilt.
  20. There is still the question of an organization helping this.
  21. Did the intel service of a nation state gather info on the police protection, meeting times of Charlie Hebdo, and pass that to a front group and then to the Kouachi brothers?
  22. What about the timing to the reduction of police presence?
  23. Were the Kouachi brothers told the poilceman was unarmed guarding Charlie Hebdo?
  24. Is there a chain of links from the authorities to the Kouachi brothers?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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