Frontline Putin’s Way and what should be our way?

January 16, 2015

PBS Frontline had a documentary on Vladimir Putin and his rise to power and how he has used it.  It is called Putin’s Way. It has many interesting interview snippets.  Some of them apparently by people still in Russia speaking frankly.

Basically Putin’s Way is as follows. Putin left the KGB and became the Rahm Emanuel for Anatoly Sobchak the mayor of St. Petersburg.  Putin controlled access to offices and permits for Western business and used that in a sort of food for licenses program. However, the food part ended up being money in foreign bank accounts for Sobchak, Putin, etc.

Putin then was seen by Yeltsin as someone to protect him in retirement.  This is because Putin had  been loyal to Sobchak when Sobchak was investigated.  Actually it was Berezovsky who promoted Putin and Berezovsky who was the power behind the Yeltsin throne.

Putin engineered apartment bombings in 1999 to fuel a second Chechen war.  This was a genocide as far as Chechens were concerned.

Left out was how Russia used academic kompromat and likely spying kompromat on Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers to get IMF loans and the role of Andrei Shleifer, Anatoly Chubais, etc.  This was a Berezovsky operation and the key to his power, because he as an academic knew this history and used it in the 1990s.

Putin used the 2nd Chechen War to get elected president of Russia.  Once president, Putin publicly taunted Stanley Fischer to take credit for the IMF loans that funded the Berezovsky Yeltsin corruption in the 1990s.

The Frontline concentrates on Khodorkovsky instead of Berezovsky as representing the oligarchs.  This is inaccurate.  Berezovsky was killed in 2013 most likely by a joint agreement between Israel and Russia.  Perhaps this is why PBS did a special on Putin’s rise without ever mentioning Berezovsky.  Having Khodorkovsy as the representative oligarch is a fiction and intentionally is meant to fill the hole of avoiding Berezovsky.  Many viewers will think that Khodorkovsky was the person behind corruption in the 1990s and he got Yukos Oil out of it.

Frontline takes elements of conflict between Khodorkovsky and Putin and makes the uninformed viewer think that Khodorovsky was a sort of “young reformer” taking on Putin.  This is almost agitprop and part of their distraction op from Putin working with Israel to kill Berezvosky in 2013.

Frontline does acknowledge MH17 being shot down as having a critical effect on the West’s relation to Russia. However, they ignore the context of Russia blaming the CIA for everything from the 1990s on. That included linking the CIA to killing Dzokhar Dudayev in 1996 while Clinton was in Russia, blaming the CIA for the Moscow Apartment bombings and saying that Shleifer was a CIA agent (in response to this webpage?) having exposed the academic kompromat used to get the IMF loans.

Ignored was Renova Group likely holding part of Putin’s money in Switzerland and that Alexander Zyurikov watches over Viktor Vekselberg and is also involved in Russian private security company Mongoose which is all over Central Asia and Ukraine.

So now Putin shows us he is willing to kill Westerners and to kill inside our own countries.  He in some way sponsored the Boston Bombing involving Tamerlan Tsarnaev probably through a front group in Dagestan and Chechnya that planned it when Tamerlan visited Russia.

Putin tells the story of how he confronted a rat as a boy and cornered it and the rat apparently jumped out of the corner surprising Putin.  This is left as the message of the documentary.  They say Putin fears prosecution if he leaves the presidency of Russia and so he is invading Ukraine to repeat the method of the 2nd Chechen War to stay in power.  So the message of the documentary is leave Putin alone?

Who did the documentary?  It is almost like Putin did it in order to tell the US to back off Russia. This is very strange.  It leaves out Berezovsky’s death and likely killing by Russia and Israel in a joint pact in 2013.  It leaves out this is to cover up for Stanley Fischer and Obama.  So it is like Russia, Israel and Obama put this documentary together to tell us to back off Russia.

Also left out is that MH370 may have been taken by Russia as indicated in The Spoof by Jeff Wise. The spoof is that they spoofed Inmarsat to think MH370 flew south when it flew north by using a device programmed to send out deceptive signals.

Putin has a sophisticated plan in place over several years to advance his interests.  This reflects the weakness of Obama as an opportunity. Frontline did mention that.  But that Stanley Fischer gives Putin even more leverage was not.  Nor that Putin has executed a plan step by step including a media campaign such as Boston Bombing, Snowden Saga, MH370 disappearing possibly, MH17, etc.

Putin is presented as a passive person in Putin’s Way in the current situation. Poor Putin he is just a pooch caught in the storm. Let’s take him in.  But actually, Putin has a plan that he is executing and he thinks it is succeeding.

So we can follow the message of this documentary and back off Putin and lift or moderate sanctions and accept whatever he does, or we can think about having our own plan.  Any plan to convince Putin we are serious has to involve exposing Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers, Andrei Shleifer, and likely presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama as involved in covering this up.  That likely includes the attorney generals and also likely heads of the FBI as part of the conspiracy.

If Putin thinks the FBI heads and AGs are involved in covering up Russia’s kompromat to get IMF loans in the 1990s, then he thinks he has the US contained if not controlled.  In that case, he will continue to expand Russia and gain popularity that way.

Germany has been corrupted by Russia. Frontline admits that in the case of former Chancellor Schroeder.  However, this appears to be deeper in Germany and widespread. Renova Group’s Josef Ackermann and Peter Loescher seem to be part of this.

Frontline also said that Russia has corrupted the UK through oligarch money in London.  This was quite bold for them.  Russia needed to payoff the UK to neutralize MI5 and to cover up for Berezovsky. Eventually, Russia killed Berezovsky inside the UK with Israel’s help.  MI5 has gone along with the suicide idea.  No doubt this was ordered by Cameron.

The CIA, FBI and DOJ in the US are also covering up.  So Putin feels he has a free ride from the Anglo Powers, US and UK. No wonder the PM of Australia was so frustrated with the inaction over Putin.

There is no leverage possibly on Putin as long as he thinks he has MI5, CIA, FBI and DOJ under his thumb and covering up for him in order to cover up for their political bosses.

So the West is a fractured alliance which Russian intelligence has co-opted and turned and which has been bribed by oligarch money into being a partner with Putin not his adversary.  To Putin, the West is pretending to oppose him because it keeps covering up Russia’s actions such as the IMF loans caper with Stanley Fischer now installed as vice chairman of the Fed after Russia and Israel killed Berezovsky to make it possible.

Putin is not fearing his retirement as the Frontline documentary tells us, Putin feels he is one of the great men of history. He has neutralized and co-opted the West and made it his partner by bribes, networking and kompromat.  He can rebuild the Russian Soviet empire.  He is a man of destiny.  He is not a worm fearing his own death as Frontline makes out. He strides the earth as a 21st century colossus and uses the Russian intel service to neutralize and coopt his enemies.

Putin feels he can seize the moment and make Russia great.  Putin will die in his bed in the Kremlin of old age as the beloved man who restored Russia’s greatness. This in a world where Moslem terrorists can freely invade the West and kill people and destroy buildings at their whim.  Russia is being protected from what happens in Paris and New York happening in Moscow.  Putin does that.  Putin the Great does that.

Until we expose Russia’s intel operations, networks and the corruption of our political leaders and the MI5, FBI, DOJ going along with it, nothing will push Putin off this path. He won’t believe that any US or European initiative is anything but window dressing on a corrupt West that he has the files on.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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