Why is the FBI distrusted and suspected of False Flags?

January 27, 2015

The network of Moslems turned up by the Boston Bombing investigation are at best apathetic to White Christian America and at worst actively hostile to it. So why so much distrust of the FBI? Is the FBI not protecting us from them?

The leaders of the FBI, their political masters and former high level DOJ and FBI officials spout the rhetoric of multiculturalism, Diversity, immigration forever, etc.  Not just in math, but before our eyes, they are leading to the displacement of White Christians. Yet the rhetoric continues.

A population will not trust a government that ethnic cleanses it. Nor should it. Survival requires it to distrust it.

If the government ethnic cleanses the population by policy, and we see the results in the schools and public transit, we are going to distrust it. Nor will the new replacement people trust a government that ethnic cleanses its own people.

In the 1960s and 1970s, people talked about the population being alienated from the government and the FBI.  Often that meant Blacks in cities were alienated from it.  Now it means Whites.  It really means everyone.

The cities increasingly are hostile to Whites.  Those who occupy them are hostile to Whites and to the government.  They distrust the FBI by definition.

The Whites forced to suburbs and now to outer suburbs also distrust the government that forced them out of the cities. The government is on the side of the nonWhite immigrants displacing us. So naturally, we distrust the government.

When the government says Moslems did a terrorist act, the government then says the real bad guys are the Whites.  The government doesn’t stop nonWhite immigration after a Moslem terrorist attack, they continue it and increase it.

Liberals who push nonWhite immigration are hostile to the FBI and also hostile to the White victims. They are not going to trust the FBI, since they think they are hostile to the liberals doing this to the Whites, including turning cities into nonWhite areas.

Former FBI officials don’t come out and say stop nonWhite immigration. They are silent or continue to support White displacement and the loss of White cities.  They do nothing to connect to Whites or show they represent us or identify with us.

Rudi Giuliani did all he could to make clear that White Southern bigots were the ones he hated and the only people he hates on earth.  He was the one who sent the WTC steel to China before it could be analyzed.  So why shouldn’t we suspect him of a false flag.  He says he hates us and he shows it.

The network spreading out from the Tsarnaev brothers are no friends to White Christian America.  They did all they could to protect the Tsaranevs.  They disposed of evidence, didn’t report them, etc.  They acted like the hostile invaders the Koran says they should be.

But the high level FBI officials, current and retired, continue to push moderate Islam rhetoric and support more Moslem immigration. This is after every attack by Moslems against White Christians. So we have nothing to trust there.

The FBI can’t protect us from Moslems taking over our cities anymore than they could stop Blacks and Hispanics forcing White Christians out of the cities.  So the FBI leadership are simply part of forcing White Christians out of the cities. So there is no reason for White Christians to trust them.

An FBI leadershp that is kosher with White Christians being forced out is one that can be suspected of false flags.  They presumably are in it for the prestige and government contracting type money of a Chertoff Associates type gig in retirement.   So they have abandoned us. False flags simply increase their post retirement revenue and are good for their business.

Once the FBI leadership turned against Whites keeping their cities, distrust and alienation became a certain outcome. That has been the case for decades. Moslems are only the latest iteration of it.

The Tsarnaev network is dangerous.  They are hostile. They are not the friends of White Christian America. But so are the leadership of the FBI and DOJ.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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