Security men directly in front of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dropping backpack Boston Marathon Bombing

January 30, 2015

In the photo of Dzokhar Tsarnaev allegedly dropping the backpack in front of the Forum Restaurant there are two security men. One is right in front of Tsarnaev staring right at him it seems.  They might be 2 feet apart.


If you right click and open in a new window it is larger.  You can see the bald man with khaki pants in front of Tsarnaev seeming to stare at him. Behind him is another security type with a backpack. The backpack guy with glasses might be wearing a sweater. He might not be a security type.  But who was he?  Since they both appear to be going bald in the same way, we will treat them both as security types together.

Here is the photo link.

Dzhokhar Dropping Backpack in front of Forum Restaurant in front of 2 security men.

Here is the link explicitly.

Here is another article with that photo.

Some observations.

  1. Was the bald headed khaki pants man a security man?  Craft international?
  2. What about the man behind him with the backpack?
  3. Who are they?
  4. Who do they work for?
  5. Were they interviewed?
  6. When?
  7. Will they testify?
  8. Doesn’t the other man’s backpack look closer to the black backpacks reported as the bomb backpacks?  Compared to the off white backpack of Tsarnaev seen in other photos?
  9. Would Tsarnaev drop his backpack while a security type was looking at him 2 feet away?
  10. Did that man not notice a foreign looking teen dropping a backpack?
  11. Tsarnaev has a white cap on backwards.  The security man appears to be staring at him.  How could he not notice a kid in front of him with a backward cap dropping a backpack?
  12. Didn’t the security men have instructions to report backpacks that were dropped?  Isn’t that posted everywhere?
  13. After the bombing, did these 2 security men report that a foreign looking teen dropped a backpack in front of them at the bomb location?
  14. Why didn’t these guys come forward to give a sketch of who they saw at that location who looked suspicious?
  15. Why didn’t they come forward when the FBI was trying to find people in the thousands of photos?
  16. They can also be asked if Tsarnaev still had a backpack on or was carrying one.
  17. The defense can bring them as witnesses to say that they would have noticed that Tsarnaev dropped his backpack and they didn’t.  Thus disproving this photo as showing Tsarnaev dropping a backpack.  Instead that backpack was already there or linked to one of the girls in front.
  18. The defense can bring them as witnesses to prove that Tsarnaev would not drop his backpack while they were almost in his face, with one seeming to stare at Tsarnaev in a belligerent manner.
  19. Why is the bald man with khaki pants the angry looking one?  He looks like he is violent more than Tsarnaev.
  20. If Tsarnaev didn’t drop the backpack then but continued walking as he appears to do, then he is out for dropping the backpack in front of the Forum restaurant.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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