Boston Marathon Bombing and the reconstruction of evidence some questions

February 3, 2015

The Boston Marathon Bombing occurred before Snowden’s revelations of NSA surveillance.  At that time, law enforcement would reconstruct false chains to use evidence or information obtained from NSA methods but conceal that had happened. DEA in particular did that and taught how to hide the real NSA source by evidence chain reconstruction.

So was that done in the Boston Marathon Bombing?

Did the FBI and NSA determine who did the Boston Marathon Bombing using NSA recordings of phone calls and emails?

NSA could have searched the database after the bombing for Moslems in Boston who were suspicious. That would lead to Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Then they could find he had downloaded bomb making material and jihadi material and the book the Slicing Sword.  They probably had some photos of the Tsarnaevs in their records.  They spit those out and then the FBI agents looked for those photos in the ones turned in by the public.  They found them.

So at this point, they know who they are and they have their photos.  Rather than pick them up, they instead resort to telling the public they found a video showing them putting down a backpack.


This is at 1:50 in the video. (Edited from here)

One thing to notice about this news conference is how he spends so much time at the start praising all the different organizations.  If they really wanted the public’s help to find the suspects they would have immediately told people about them and what they looked like.  If you replay the tape to hear the real content, you have to go past this junk over and over and you realize how it obfuscates the message.  This also may be by intent to cover up that they are lying. They found the suspects from NSA searches not from combing through the photos turned in.  That came second to confirm the NSA search.

If the FBI had just picked them up, it would have exposed their methods they may have feared. So instead, they did this stunt.  That resulted in further losses and the financial cost of the shutdown.  After that, the FBI had to cover up that they caused another death, injuries and damage.

Then Snowden came along and revealed mass surveillance. So the FBI had to cover up the cover up of its methods to avoid admitting it caused another death, injuries and the financial cost of the shutdown.  This took priority over telling the truth at the trial.

The above assumes the FBI story is sort of true otherwise.  But is it?  Didn’t they notice Tsarnaev downloading information on building bombs?  Didn’t that put them high on the surveillance list?  What about buying the fireworks?  Traveling to test them in wooded land?

The whole FBI story seems to be doubtful.  Didn’t they really track these guys before the Boston Bombing? Also did the British MI5 and MI6 have access to this info?  Did they connect it to Berezovsky’s death and issue a warning about possible targets in Boston including Harvard and MIT econ profs linked to the IMF loans that funded the Chechen genocide as Chechens see it?

After the bombing, if they identified the Tsarnaevs, couldn’t they track their cell phones and so on?  Why didn’t they just pick them up?  Were they able to backtrack them to where they were during the Boston Bombing using cell phone data?

How deep do the lies go?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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