The 3 bad branches for FBI and DOJ of shooting Todashev

February 13, 2015

Consider possible alternatives.

  1. Todashev truly confessed, but DOJ lied to defense and judge and is withholding the information from Tsarnaev defense for some reason. In addition, DOJ is not properly investigating the Waltham killings anymore for some reason.
  2. Todashev falsely confessed. In this case, the FBI shot a man while forcing him into a false confession.  They then kept shooting him until he was dead with a kill shot in the head.  This is bad even if he got angry during being forced into the false confession and attacked.  The FBI agent may have realized that and finished him off to avoid his talking.
  3. Todashev never confessed. This was a lie invented by the FBI and DOJ.

None of the alternatives is good for the FBI and DOJ.  It also casts serious doubts on all its ongoing and past actions in regards to these cases.

  1. If Todashev confessed truthfully, why is DOJ now saying they don’t think it is reliable?  What do they want to cover up?
  2. If Todashev was forced into a false confession, why?  At whose orders?  What really happened while he was being coerced?
  3. If Todashev never confessed, who was involved in the coverup?
  1. So was the Boston Marathon Bombing another set up gone wrong?
  2. Was Todashev forced into confessing to keep him from exposing that the Tsarnaev brothers were being manipulated by the FBI before the Boston Marathon Bombing?
  3. Who is behind this?
  4. How high does it go?
  5. Didn’t NSA listen to all of this?
  1. This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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