Anna Chapman spy ring a diversion? High level Russian mole in US?

February 20, 2015

Was the Anna Chapman spy ring a diversion? It was intended to divert US intelligence from Russia’s academic spy ring involving plagiarism kompromat and including such figures of interest as Stanley Fischer, Darrell Duffie and Larry Summers?

Evgeny Buryakov is the most recent arrest of this type.

Buryakov is supposed to have been interested in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and High Frequency Trading (HFT).

You can ask about the ETF,” Buryakov was quoted saying. “How they are used, the mechanisms of use for destabilization of the markets.”

It seems Buryakov also allegedly recommended having the news organization ask about high-frequency trading and trades involving Russian products.

“Then you can ask them what they think about limiting the use of trading robots,” he was quoted saying.

Russia has plenty of Ph.D.’s inside US financial firms and at US universities as well as in Europe.  There are also some at the Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Banks.

Russia gets information about trading methods from finance Ph.D.s and math and physics Ph.D.s in US firms or US regulators as well as in Europe.  It doesn’t need Evgeny Burykakov to ask about them.

Can the FBI be so easily fooled? Or the CIA and NSA?  NSA has many mathematicians working for them. DoD has physicists. Can they really be fooled that Buryakov was sent to find out?

Albert Shiryaev Essentials of Stochastic Finance

Shiryaev may have helped Russia gather information for plagiarism kompromat in academic and Wall Street finance.  He may have a relation with Darrell Duffie and Delbaen. Agnes Sulem,  Nicole El Karoui are professors in France whose network of former students is worth understanding.  Several Russian professors in the US and UK are worth keeping track of.  This is not to say they are spies themselves but this is where to build awareness not with Buryakov who is a decoy.

Russian oligarchs can hire Ph.D.s from Wall Street to trade in Russia or London or even in New York. They can form joint ventures with US hedge funds or European ones.   Setting up high frequency trading requires close access to the feed from NYSE or similar exchanges in London, Zurich or Asia.  Companies pay a fee for this access.

HFT related search

In the Manhattan lawsuit, exchange operators and Barclays were accused of giving high-frequency traders special access to exchange floors and enhanced data feeds, and letting them install computer servers near the exchanges’ own.

So you can’t do high frequency trading from Moscow to disrupt the NYSE.  You would be too far away. All that would happen is the Moscow traders would give up money to the New York HFT traders.

Very cartoonish meetings and “plots”.  Just spy theatre.

Russia sent a tax inspector to find out how to crash the US trading system when it has Ph.D.s at US universities, the fed, investment banks, etc.   This is absurd if the FBI buys that.  This is just a ploy to distract attention from Russia’s Ph.D. and professor networks already on the inside.  It isn’t a tax inspector at Starbucks who is getting our secrets, it is the Ph.D.s and profs on the inside.

The whole Anna Chapman spy ring reeks of decoy.

During Snowden July 2013 Circus in Moscow Airport the Anna Chapman spy ring was called attention to by Russia.

Col Alexander Poteyev is a true defector or a fake? Part of the distraction operation from Russia’s real academic and financial services spy ring? One which includes math and physics overlap with finance as well?

Is there a high level Russia mole in US intelligence who is helping distract the US? Or is it an Israeli asset who is part of an Israel Russia spy alliance? The same spy alliance that killed Berezovsky and advanced Stanley Fischer to entrap the leadership of the US into likely illegal acts in covering up for past actions? The same spy alliance that is giving Russia its share of Ukraine and giving Israel a free hand with Iran?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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