Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin contempt of the West as weak

February 25, 2015

“Inside the mind of Vladimir Putin”  seems to be a catchy title for the last few years.

This basically says Putin has contempt for civility, for normal rules of behavior and for every person he comes into contact with.  It says power has gone to Putin’s head and he can’t control himself. He is an absolute autocrat.  This is like the elder Prince Bolkonsky in War and Peace, Prince Nikolay Bolkonsky. 

Tolstoy tells us that Prince N. Bolkonsky is unable to control himself in his treatment of serfs from too long having absolute power. This is the situation of Putin.

The likely killing of Berezovsky and promotion of Stanley Fischer despite his plagiarism and Russia’s use of it to get IMF loans has raised Putin’s contempt not just of Obama, but of the Senate, MI5, FBI and DOJ.  The latter are very important to an exKGB colonel like Putin.  Their failure to figure it out earlier and to act once told of it produces extreme contempt in Putin.  Their swallowing the Anna Chapman spy ring as important adds to this.  The most recent arrest simply adding to it more.  Russia gets its know-how about Western financial firms from the inside in particular its academic and Ph.D. network.  This is linked to the plagiarism. The FBI and MI5 don’t touch this even when it is pointed out to them.  The likely fake defection of Sergei Guriev and the Stanford SIEPR Agenda Day attended by Condi Rice and Leon Panetta add to this.

Stanford prof Amb Michael McFaul was a figure of absurdity to Putin. All the time Putin had the draft book of Stanford Prof Darrell Duffie on the internet showing he had plagiarized and put it into a Stanford thesis.  This was even pointed out on the internet and Stanford, McFaul, FBI, etc. did nothing. Putin has contempt for them.  That this was the amb to Russia gives Putin a feeling of total contempt to America and its elite institutions.

Duffie is head of the MIS Committee of Moody’s which oversees rating of US, Russian and Ukrainian bonds.  Russia get better ratings from Moody’s than S & P and Ukraine worse from Moody’s.  This was pointed out and continued anyhow.  This also adds to Putin’s contempt.

Allowing Putin’s contempt to seem justified in this way is a huge mistake.  In addition, Merkel’s quantum chemistry prof husband was likely involved in analyzing plagiarism kompromat such as that of Corson against Fock in quantum chemistry.  Corson was likely a plant to do that, but it shows how stupid and corrupt the West is not to get its act together. The universities lied to the FBI about Corson and when it was pointed out, the FBI did nothing. Instead it kept arresting fake spy rings like Anna Chapman.

Even the Tsarnaev brothers were a diversion from Russia’s real academic spy rings.  The comment by Putin about Anatoly Chubais advised by CIA agents meaning Shleifer, Hay, and even Summers and Stanley Fischer reinforces this contempt. The USAO Mass was not told of this by Harvard or MIT or the government and even when it was posted on the Internet it did nothing. These all interact in Putin’s mind along with Chechens, Chechen wars and genocide and Berezovsky.

Putin has outlasted Berezovsky and rules and kills as he pleases including MH17 and possibly MH370. He can fool us all the time. His ruse of Russian rebels in Ukraine for the Russian army is an addition example of his contempt for the West. So is his treatment of Merkel at Minsk.

The FBI and MI5 above all are acting as abject servants to lies and corrupt elites. They are afraid even to expose a corrupt professor like Darrell Duffie or Stanley Fischer. This is a constant driver of Putin’s contempt of the West.  This is because he is exKGB and believes that the FBI and MI5 are the last holdout for patriotism and defense of the country. If they are lost, then America and Britain are lost. In that case, the West is lost. So Putin believes from the failure to act on the Stanley Fischer and Darrell Duffie cases.

If the FBI and MI5 are corrupt and demoralized, then so is the entire West is how exKGB colonel Putin sees it. So he is free to invade Ukraine or the Baltic republics and possibly even Poland. Perhaps he can nuke Warsaw and the paper tiger West will do nothing.  Or even set one off in New York and say Chechen terrorists stole a loose nuke from a long time ago.  He will have the paperwork to prove it.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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