Obama Executive Amnesty and DHS funding bill

February 25, 2015

Congress should recognize that Obama is engaged in genocide of the White Race and act accordingly.

Additional provisions the House should add to the bill are as follows.

1.  The reduction of Whites from 90 percent of the population is an act of genocide.

2. This violated the original Constitution and the amendments.

3. The power to genocide Whites was never an intent to be delegated.

4. All decisions of the executive and judicial branches that have tended to genocide Whites are reversed as of the date made.

5. Immigration and work and study visas to the US are restricted to Whites.

6. Birthright citizenship for nonWhites is void.

7. Discrimination decisions against Whites or having promoted White genocide or would continue it are void.

8. Whites have the right of association to perpetuate the White Race.

9. Powers reserved to the people under the Constitution are meant for the White Race, the People who created the Constitution.

10. Government officials whose position arises from the genocide of Whites, lose their job and their decisions that assisted in causing White genocide are voided and reversed as of the time made.

11. The people of the 9th and 10 amendment are the White Race and they shall have the power to interpret these provisions and to carry out the reversal of the White genocide.

12. Universities, colleges, schools, clubs and other associations shall admit members so as to restore the percentage of Whites as of the date of their founding.  Where established as White Christian, it shall be the percentage of White Christians as of their founding.

13. DHS shall develop computer software and databases to carry out these provisions.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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