Putin wanted MH370 to set up MH17 as CIA switch

February 28, 2015

Although it may seem silly to us, Putin wanted to have MH370 disappear in the Indian Ocean so that the CIA would be blamed for both MH17 and later MH370.  Russia launched the CIA switched MH370 for MH17 conspiracy theory as soon as MH17 was shot down by Russia. They had it waiting.  This was their plan.


Daily Mail comment thread is full of support that CIA did MH370.  This is getting more votes than Russia did MH370 by far.  It is very popular to accuse the CIA of doing MH370 and using Diego Garcia.

Jeff Wise has shown that the former Soviet airstrip in Kazakhstan was changed from before to after the MH370 disappearance.



This likely indicates either that MH370 landed there direct from its disappearance, or after a stop, or that this was done as a distraction to hide what really happened to it.  In either case, Russia had prepared this beforehand and so it was involved.  Even if MH370 went into SE Asia or China or flew out into the Pacific and then north to Russia, this game in Kazakhstan was meant for the US to see.

A variety of means may have been used to spoof Inmarsat including a drone sent South, or flying around to land at Christmas Island, refuel and take off with a Russian crew put on board.  That might involve one of the original pilots landing the plane or a pilot on board as a passenger.   From CI or a similar nearby point, they could fly into the Pacific and north to Russia.

The US likely has before and after from one day to the next for this airstrip and has known this apparent involvement since shortly after the disappearance.

Russia wanted the US to know that Russia did MH370.  This was intended by the game playing at the Yubileyniy airfield in Kazakhstan.  Russia knows the US will be monitoring this area closely.  They also expected the US to figure out everything that Jeff Wise has.  Likely this happened a lot earlier.

If one considers MH17 and MH370 a joint event, then Russia had to be behind both since it was behind MH17.  Russia wanted the US to know it did both.  This was to create fear of what Russia might do if the US supported Ukraine.  So far, the US has held back in supporting Ukraine.

This blog had also consider the Russia involvement in MH370 earlier and also spotted that Kazakhstan is often involved in terrorism. This may include the anthrax mailings and Ken Alibek(ov).  The 9/11 pilots may have trained on actual commercial airliners in Kazakhstan is a possibility.  The anthrax may have been made there and done jointly.

So Russia may have been part of 9/11.  That may have been the start of Putin’s terrorism against the West and part of his revenge against America.  He wanted to draw America into the trap of Afghanistan.  Their stupidity to invade Iraq he may have anticipated from PNAC.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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