Reasons for China to help Russia make MH370 disappear

March 7, 2015

If Russia was responsible for MH370 disappearing, how would China view it?  There are many reasons for China to support such a move. As long as China saw it helping Russia against the West and keeping Russia from itself becoming part of NATO and the EU on the border of China, China had great reason to.

China has tolerated North Korea gaining nuclear weapons.  This is a far greater threat to the region than the loss of life on MH370. Why has China done this?

China supplied nuclear know-how, testing services and a bomb design to Pakistan. This was in hopes the bomb would spread to the Moslem world and use it on the White Christian West.  More recently, China has experienced Moslem terrorism and they may have second thoughts on doing that.

So China has helped spread or allowed to spread nuclear weapons to neighboring states. Pakistan is a rival with India and that has sparked India to build more nukes. The US then allowed India to import uranium ores in violation of the nuclear test ban treaty as part of this rivalry but this also helps India against China.

North Korea’s nukes may lead to South Korea or Japan acquiring nukes.

China looks sort of stupid.  It has worked to get North Korea, India and Pakistan to have nukes or more of them and this may lead South Korea and Japan to get nukes. China is the only known nation to try to get its neighbors to have nuclear weapons or more of them.

Russia also has nukes on China’s border and at times, they have had disputes.  Currently, they seem to be allied on intel matters including Snowden and using plagiarism kompromat. This goes back to using plagiarism kompromat to help get nuclear weapon know-how for Russia and China. Israel may have piggy backed on that as well.

So China has gotten itself surrounded with nukes and it has Moslem terrorists and Pakistan’s nukes are not secure.  There are also the former Soviet Central Asian republics which might pick up loose nukes from Russia and then provide them to Moslem terrorists inside China.

So China has a lot of reasons not to see Russia go over to the West and join NATO and the EU.  China has messed up its near abroad big time bad.  Even worse than Russia has, since Russia got its neighbors like Ukraine to give up nukes. China instead has gotten its neighbors to pick up nukes.

If South Korea and Japan go nuclear, China will need Russia’s help. Taiwan might go nuclear at the same time.  Throw in Australia for fun.

Russia wanted MH370 to disappear so that it could blame not just MH370 on the CIA but MH17 as well when it shot it down.  We know that since as soon as MH17 was shot down, Russia pushed the conspiracy theory of the switched planes. That required either opportunism to look up that MH17 was an identical aircraft to MH370 and flew over Ukraine, or more likely planning both from the start.

Why should China go along? Because if Ukraine goes into NATO and the EU, Russia is next.  If Russia joined NATO and the EU, China would find NATO on its long land border with nukes and see US, UK, France and German troops on its border.   China actually experienced these troops on its country about 100 years ago. So it doesn’t want to repeat that.

If Russia joined NATO, China would have a perfect record of surrounding itself with hostile nuclear powers who are friends and allies of each other, except for NoKo.  Losing Russia to NATO to keep NoKo is not a great deal.  So China desperately needs to stop the expansion of NATO and the EU to the east.

So if Russia needed to make MH370 disappear to implement shooting down MH17 as part of its Ukraine domination plan, then China had massive reasons to go along.  Moreover, Russia has likely pointed this out to China many times.

China also needs Russia to help control Moslem terrorism and fundamentalism from its former Central Asian republics spreading to China.

So China needs Russia a great deal and needs Russia to stay independent of NATO and EU. That means stopping NATO and EU expansion into Ukraine.  So China has powerful reasons to go along.

This means MH370 could have flown to China by a variety of routes.  This could include a drone at some point substituting for MH370.  It could mean MH370 double backed over Malaysia at low altitude and flew on to China. This would explain why Indonesian radar didn’t see MH370.  MH370 could have flown north over SE Asia and to China.

China also has agents in these countries that could interfere with the radar systems at the right moments, or be the ones on watch at the right moments.

China also has satellite know-how and has penetrated computer systems like those of Inmarsat in the West.  It is likely that both Russia and China knew how to do this.

Russia and China may also have gotten Snowden info.  It is likely that the major intel services have penetrated Inmarsat over the years and figured out everything it could do. The types of calculation Inmarsat are what had to be done in the early days of satellites when they had far less capability and every physics angle had to be used as a matter of necessity.  This is why it makes no sense for people to be saying the Inmarsat calcs are new.  Very likely, that is a lie from Inmarsat, and the UK, US have been using these calcs for decades. But also, so have Russia and China.  The US, UK know that but don’t want to admit it.

The whole thing looks like Russia and China did it, and the US, UK know that but won’t say it.  This is like they both know that Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson and Russia used that to pressure IMF loans from Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers in the 1990s including to fund the Chechen genocide by Russia.

The US, UK would rather keep this quiet than expose it. So China and Russia can do an MH370 and get away with it as well.

For China, what goes around comes around. For China that is nukes. So China is desperate to keep Russia out of the NATO, EU orbit.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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