Benjamin Netanyahu is paranoid about Iran nukes because he unloosed Pakistan nukes with 911?

March 17, 2015

If one assumes Israel had knowledge in advance of the 911 attacks, and that sanctions on Pakistan’s nuclear program were working and were lifted after 911 to get its hep with the Afghanistan invasion, then Israel is responsible for Pakistan having a large nuclear arsenal.  Moreover, it is working on missiles to go on subs and then it will sell subs with missiles with nukes to Arab states.  So Israel really screwed up by not warning US of 911 attacks.

Now Israel faces nukes spreading all over the Middle East and eventually on subs with missiles owned by multiple Arab countries.  This really is a nightmare. Israel has done nothing in public to have the US do something about Pakistan’s nukes.

Given the above scenario, we can see why Benjamin Netanyahu would feel a never again rush about Iran getting nukes. Bibi may have warned Silverstein of WTC ownership fame to avoid WTC on 911, which he did.  Up to that day he ate breakfast every morning at Windows on the World at top of one of the towers. But that morning he was not there. Some say his friend Bibi told him in one of their weekly telephone calls.

So Bibi could have warned America and then the sanctions on Pakistan’s nuclear program would have continued to work. They were working and Pakistan was in a financial crisis the day prior to 911. Then it was solved. Pakistan’s finance minster was given an award by some finance magazine as best finance minister for turning his country around.  Shaukat Aziz.

He worked for Citigroup which Stanley Fischer later joined and has overlap with the same people and institutions.  He and Pakistan probably knew about Russia putting pressure on Stanley Fischer over the plagiarism in Fischer’s Ph.D. thesis.

Bibi could have helped prevent this lifting of sanctions by warning America. He didn’t, and now he faces a flotilla of Arab subs with nukes.  Bibi is desperate to avoid that. He is more desperate because it comes from his own ill doing.  He did a morally bad thing to betray America and kill 3000 people and now Israel may be destroyed because of it.  If Iran gets nukes, the Arabs will get the Pakistan nukes that Bibi gave them.

This is why Bibi is going crazy. It is why he is addressing Congress against Obama’s wishes. That is tangled in with Stanley Fischer becoming vice Chairman of the Fed. He is Bibi’s man.  It is also a page from the Russian play book of comprising Obama as part of the coverup of Fischer’s plagiarism, IMF loans to Russia, and Chechen genocide.

If Iran gets nukes and the Arab states get nukes, then this will all come out.  Then Bibi will be held responsible. So he is frantic to stop Iran getting nukes so that Pakistan’s nukes won’t be handed out to Arab states.  Then somehow they might get Pakistan to agree to a freeze, reductions and giving up nukes.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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