Iran refuses to make written nuclear deal. Will Israel strike?

March 26, 2015

Iran won’t sign a written deal shows their intent to build nuclear weapons.   Given their Constitution’s provisions as pointed out by this blog and by Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress, this means that Iran is following its religious and constitutional mandate to destroy Israel and America.  Under Khomeni’s Will, America is the foremost enemy of Islam. Iran’s Constitution gives that binding constitutional authority.

Bibi said that North Korea was allowed to acquire nukes despite diplomacy and he implied thoughtlessly and fecklessly by the West, in particular the United States. That is accurate.  It was incredible ineptitude and apathy by Bush followed by Obama’s hostility to American victory.

Iran is also demanding all sanctions be removed as part of what is now being called the preliminary deal in some news reports. This indicates Iran has no serious intention to negotiate in good faith. Nor does it appear John Kerry and Obama are doing anything but acting as Iran’s co-conspirator to dupe the West.

So will Israel act?  It would have to use at least one nuclear weapon on one of Iran’s nuclear sites to change things.  It is the contention of this blog that Israel and Russia have a deal that allows Israel to nuke Iran in exchange for Russia being allowed to invade Ukraine and have a free hand in Eastern Europe.

The US has threatened Israel at the UN, but if there is a Russia Israel deal that could include blocking any Security Council resolution after Israel nukes Iran.  France and the UK might help there as well.

A Kerry pseudo preliminary deal not in writing will be seen as stupidity by Paris, London and even Berlin.  They can’t take Obama and Kerry seriously after this.  They also know Iran could nuke their capitals as part of an end of days jihad.

Iran may feel it has no choice but to follow the Last Will of Khomeni and build nuclear weapons and destroy America, Israel and Europe. It may see this as a mandate from Allah through Khomeini that they can not alter.  There may also be a secret Khomeini fatwah directing them to do this specifically as the meaning of Khoemeini’s statements that America is the foremost enemy of Islam and the Great Satan.  That specific directive too may not be in writing.  But it would have the force of the Iranian Constitution.

Moscow too might be targeted by Iran as part of this religious jihad.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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