Rosetta Stone of Boston Marathon Bombing is FBI Thursday April 18 2013 News Conference

April 7, 2015

We consider just a scenario here for contrast to the official story.

At this point, the FBI came out with its story.  They said it was done by Tsarnaevs, and that they didn’t know who they are or what their names were.  The FBI said that it had video of them planting the bombs.

If the FBI was lying at this point, then that is the key to unlock what happened.  We know the FBI was lying on having a video of the Tsarnaevs planting the backpack bombs.  We now know they had prior contact with the Tsarnaevs. There are reports of cops saying that they knew who the guys were and were waiting in Cambridge for them.

If the FBI knew who they were, then they were intentionally telling them to run instead of picking them up. That implies they wanted to kill them.  Which they tried to do.

The shooting of the MIT cop’s partner is too coincidental.  Perhaps the MIT cop was involved in helping set up the Tsarnaevs and had to be killed when he would not go along with a coverup?

The FBI agent who shot Todashev may have been part of setting up the Tsarnaevs in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have been the one who had contact with someone.

Todashev had to be killed in case he knew what had happened.

The FBI and DOJ have gone to extreme lengths to control the narrative, evidence and the Florida investigation as well as Congress.

This looks like an entrapment gone wrong.  Then when the bombs went off they had to kill the Tsarnaevs and anyone else who wouldn’t go along.

There were other suspicious deaths as well, the two officers who fell out of the helicopter later.

Too many deaths of law enforcement and of suspects and witnesses in this case.  Tidying up going on.

An interesting twist would be if somehow Russia was responsible for the mixup that led to the bombs going off instead of stopping the plot.  Perhaps a high level person in the FBI is a Russian agent and did that?

If the Russians were able to tip the entrapment scheme into a live operation that went off, then that would make the Boston Marathon Bombing fit into their timeline. That includes the death/killing of Boris Berezovsky in March 2013, the prior resignation of Stanley Fischer in January 2013 by surprise, the CIA outing in Moscow at the end of April, start of May 2013, the dispatch of fake defector Sergei Guriev, around the same time and the departure of Edward Snowden to Hong Kong and then Moscow airport.

Perhaps the Russians also had a hand in getting the US to force down the plane of the president of Bolivia Evo Morales. This is part of some of the strange airplane events of last few years?

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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