What is the best path through the Boston Marathon Bombing to Tsarnaev?

April 7, 2015

The skeptics of the Boston Marathon Bombing case have found many faults as they see it with the government case.


What path through the evidence is most favorable to the government’s case?

We could start with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev found alive in a boat in Watertown and Tamerlan Tsarnaev”s body when it arrived at the hospital.  Everyone agrees this happened.   The government would like to say at this point, this shows they were involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing itself.

The government would ask, why did they run when their pictures were on TV except that they were involved?

The government has found photos at the bombing scene.  In particular, the photos of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the Forum restaurant site.  These photos fall short of actually seeing him drop a backpack at that location.  However, they appear to show him coming with a backpack and leaving without one.

It is interesting we have such precise photos for the Tsarnaev on trial but not the for the one who died.  If they had been told to drop a backpack at the Forum restaurant, we might expect this.  This is a skeptics point.

Could the Tsarnaevs have run when their photos were put on TV without having been wittingly involved in the bombing?

The government says no.

The government says there was a fire fight with the two brothers. But they also claimed one at the boat, but now admit Dzhokhar had no gun at the boat, so all the shooting was by the government.

The government points to the records of the purchases by the brothers of the fireworks and pressure cookers and some unused remnants found in their belongings.

Skeptics point to the government having concocted many such plots that they foised onto the unwary.

Those killed in this case overall besides the Marathon victims are

  1. MIT cop.
  2. Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
  3. Ibraghim Todashev.

The government’s account seems inconsistent to skeptics on each of these.  Aspects of the MIT cop shooting evidence are disputed, and strangely the government shot his partner but didn’t kill him.

The government’s account of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s death is contradicted by the ER doctor. Was an autopsy done? Released?

Todashev’s death is a matter of enduring mystery with the government now seemingly saying he was forced into a false confession and then shot in the middle  of it when he got angry at it.

The government at the press conference on Thursday April 18, 2013 claimed they had video of the Tsarnaevs dropping the back pack. This is now known to be a deliberate lie.  There are also accounts that the cops knew who they were already and were waiting for them to run.   This is key since it potentially undermines the whole government thread that starts with the capture of Dzhokhar in the boat and Tamerlan’s body delivered to the ER.

We see in some ways a parallel with the killing of Todashev later.  His body was full of bullets and the government did all it could to prevent a local investigation.  They evidently lied to the local prosecutor about the confession being true. They didn’t let that prosecutor interview the FBI agent who did the shooting.  Skeptics find this very suspicious.

At trial the government didn’t start at the end but started with the Boston Marathon Bombing. Perhaps they realized that the later events were suspicious and subject to criticism.  So they relied on the photos of the bombing, the materials found in the possessions of the Tsarnaevs, and most of all an appeal to emotion.

The government suppressed all evidence relating to Tamerlan’s relation to the government.  It did not even present testimony that the news conference claims that they didn’t know who the Tsarnaevs were. Other aspects of their story were also never testified to it appears from the outside.  (We don’t have a transcript and the media is ineffective at the details.)

Snowden makes the government claim to have lost contact with the Tsarnaevs difficult to believe. Skeptics don’t believe it.

Skeptics don’t find any anchor to hold onto to believe the government’s case. They find difficulties at every stage and whatever path one tries to follow through the evidence.

Skeptics say the only things we know for sure are that the government is covering up and that they have been caught in critical lies.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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