We can’t understand Boston Marathon Bombing and aftermath except as war.

April 9, 2015

The Boston Marathon Bombing to many is inexplicable.  But to the Moslems who did it, it is a war that has gone on since the 7th century and is proclaimed in their Koran.  The reaction of the White cops, the shoot outs with so many bullets fired, the lock down of Watertown, and the shooting of Todashev is like the reaction to a spider.  The mind shifts not of our own choosing.

If we think of the BMB and the police reaction as war, it is easy to understand.  The Tsarnaev Brothers waged war on Boston.Their friends from Central Asia joined in that war without thinking about it.

The White Christian cops then reacted to this invasion.  That led to shooting Tamerlan, the shooting but not killing of Dzhokhar and later shooting of Todashev. As many Moslems as possible were deported like taking insects outside.

Many an attempt to analyze the motives of those involved fails because it doesn’t recognize the existence of this war and its change in the mental state of both sides.

The fundamental lesson of the Boston Marathon Bombing is not some change in police procedure or NSA computer code.  It is to expel the Moslems from America.  They don’t belong here because they are at war with us and our society can’t help but react to that fact.

Viewed in this way, everything that happened is simply acting our their parts in a war that has existed and continues on. This is also why White Christians trying to nation build Moslem nations is doomed to fail.  They are at perpetual war to the death with us. There is no nation building.  Neocons push a false ideology of nation building there just like of Moslem immigration here.

The DHS, FBI and police simply react to a real war with the responses of war.  That is what happened in the Boston Marathon Bombing aftermath including shooting Todashev.

Because our legal system won’t recognize this war and the remedy, to expel all Moslems, the FBI, DHS, NSA and even judges have to simply cover for those engaged.  That results in blatant lies and deceptions.  If these are treated as in a civil context, they are intolerable.  In a war the Congress won’t declare, it is what the FBI, DHS, police, prosecutors and judges have to do.  They are on the front lines and can’t pretend it is not war.

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev makes sense when seen this way. Tsaranev is at war with us and our entire system and all our people.  He wants to kill us all.  That is all he wants to say.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not that interested in the contradiction in our society between the lies of Congress that deny the war with Moslem immigration and the police, FBI, DHS, NSA who wage the war in the real world.  So even though the prosecutors and FBI told many lies, picking them apart was not of interest to him.

It is of interest to agitprop specialists like CAIR.  But Dzhokhar lacks that sophistication.  So he just wants to fight.

The jury recognized this war coming and going. They will give the death penalty because Tsarnaev engaged in a cowardly attack in violation of the Christian West laws of war, but not of Moslem ones.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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