Israel blames Russia Iran S-300 missile deal on Obama

April 17, 2015

Official Israel went right ahead and laid the blame for Moscow’s decision squarely on the steps of the White House. In a call to Putin, Prime Minister Netanyahu decried that “the sale of advanced weapons to Iran is the result of the dangerous agreement that is emerging between Iran and the [six world] powers. After this arms deal [for the S-300 missiles,] is there anyone who can seriously claim that the [framework] agreement with Iran will increase the security in the Middle East?”


In case anyone didn’t get the message, Israeli media blared with headlines such as “The sale of the missiles is Obama’s failure” — attributed to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who, in fact, stopped just short of mentioning the American president by name.

This might raise an eyebrow among Washington Kremlinologists who are fretting over the unraveling ties between Putin and Obama.

Noga Tarnopolsky

Is this the purpose of the deal? Did Bibi and Putin agree to this announcement now to put pressure on Obama to do a better deal with Iran?

Jamestown Foundation is already using the deal in US to pressure Obama.

But Jamestown also says following.

The Kremlin has reported that several days ago, in a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Putin spelled out at length Russia’s reasons for delivering the S-300s (Interfax, April 14). The Russian president apparently believes Israel to be important: the latter has not imposed any sanctions on Russia over the Ukrainian crisis and has been withholding any possible arms deliveries to the Ukrainians. During the national phone-in, Putin spoke about the Kremlin scrapping a contract to sell S-300 missiles “to one Arab nation [apparently Syria]” because it could have threatened to shoot down Israeli planes over Israeli territory. “We returned to this Arab nation a $400 million cash advance,” he stated (Interfax, April 16).

This supports the idea of an Israel Russia deal that embraces Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the killing of Berezovsky, the advancement of Stanley Fischer to entangle Obama in a coverup and Israel’s interests as well.  Russia shot down MH-17 at the same time as Israel did an operation against the Palestinians in Gaza is another manifestation of this linkage.

The author is Pavel Felgenhauer.

Pavel E. Felgenhauer (Russian: Па́вел Евге́ньевич Фельгенга́уэр; born December 6, 1951) is aRussian military analyst who allegedly has insider sources in the Russian military.[1] He is known for his publications critical of Russia‘s political and military leadership.[2]

Felgenhauer was born in 1951 in Moscow, the Soviet Union; graduated from Moscow State University as a biologist[3] in 1975. He served as researcher and senior research officer in the Soviet Academy of Sciences (Moscow) and received his Candidate of Sciences degree in biology from the Academy in 1988. He is based in Moscow.

Moscow State University is involved in academic kompromat against Stanley Fischer and formerly against Paul Samuelson the uncle of Larry Summers. 1975 was the year that Kantorovich of the USSR got the Nobel Prize in economics from this kompromat. Samuelson and Fischer both plagiarized Nils Hakansson together in 1969, Samuelson got an NSF grant and Fischer his MIT thesis from which he derives his and his wife’s US citizenship.  Valery Makarov was likely involved then and is now head of the New Economic School Moscow. Sergei Guriev was rector of the NES and was at the Stanford SIEPR day that gave a 100,000 award to Stanley Fischer while he was under review by the Senate and while Stanford, MIT were concealing info about Fischer and Darrell Duffie’s linked plagiarism in the 1990s.  Guriev pretended to defect around the time of the CIA outings in Moscow but this is likely fake.

Guriev got a degree from MIPT Phys Tech which is a very elite school in physics founded by Kapitsa who started plagiarism kompromat in the 1920s and Russia used it to help its atomic spy program and later get Nobel Prize nominations in physics.  This includes intentionally creating plagiarism incidents.  Fischer may have done that and so may Darrell Duffie as well as others in physics and economics.  Guriev’s area was in economics and finance including in the same area as the Stanley Fischer thesis plagiarism and the Duffie plagiarism.

“In 1997–98, he visited the Department of Economics at MIT for a one-year post-doctoral placement.”

This was a key year in Russia applying plagiarism kompromat against Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers.  Daniel Rubinfeld was Deputy Assistant Attorney General during that time and should have told the FBI what he knew from when he was at MIT in 1969.

Why is the deal announced when Russia has no missiles to deliver?  Because right now will give maximum embarrassment to Obama?  Put the most pressure on Obama?

Is there an Israeli Russian understanding still? Is this part of the game?  Or is Russia outmaneuvering Israel?

Does Israel have countermeasures?  Does it have the software codes used in these missiles and radars?  Can it disable them or jam them?

Obama is exposed as a feckless fool by this Russia Iran deal.  It puts heavy pressure on Obama and Kerry to get a good deal or to strike Iran. Israel doesn’t want to strike Iran itself, it wants America to.  Israel would rather have America hit Iran with Iran having S-300 missiles than for Israel to hit Iran with Iran not having the missiles.  Is this a ploy to achieve that?

Why would Putin want the US to strike Iran?  To drag the US into war with Iran. That takes pressure off of Ukraine.  Even without that, the US needs Russia for sanctions on Iran.  So Putin wins leverage over the US and also puts his main enemy on a track for more quagmire in the Middle East.

Putin still wants revenge for US support of rebels in Afghanistan against Russia in the 1980s. Putin is still determined to even the score for the fall of the Soviet Union by bringing down America. Entrapping the US in a war with Iran helps do that.

Israel and Russia share a common objective to embroil the US in war with Iran.  Russia’s announced missile deal with Iran helps do that in multiple ways.  Israel and Russia appear to be working hand in glove on this. So does the Jamestown Foundation.

Russia, Israel and Jamestown Foundation all have interesting links to the Boston Marathon Bombing events.  In timing this appears to follow directly the death or killing of Berezovsky in March 2013 which followed the surprise resignation of Stanley Fischer in January 2013 after a request was made to MIT the previous week in January 2013 to investigate Fischer for plagiarism in his 1969 Ph.D, thesis and Russia using that as kompromat to get Nobel Prize nominations for Kantorovich from Paul Samuelson and Kenneth Arrow.

After the Boston Marathon Bombing came Russia outing the CIA station chief and a CIA agent in Moscow. That distracted attention. That was followed by Snowden’s run and Moscow airport show. That was followed by Larry Summers and then Stanley Fischer considered for the Fed, and Fischer’s nomination.

That was followed by Stanford SIEPR award to Fischer and then Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  This ties into the lower ratings for Ukraine by Moody’s than Standard and Poor’s. Stanford’s Darrell Duffie is chairman of MIS board of Moody’s with supervision over ratings of Ukraine and Russia.  Moody’s also gave better ratings to Russia than Standard and Poor’s.

So this Russia missile deal announcement appears part of Israel and Russia working hand in glove to kill Berezovsky it appears and move up Stanley Fischer to Fed vice chairman and do the other things. The end game appears to be to get the US embroiled in a war with Iran.

With the US embroiled in war with Iran, Russia can take Ukraine and even Baltic states and Israel can continue to squeeze Palestinians out of Palestine.  Thus Russia and Israel benefit all around.   This appears to be the case every step of the way.  We also note that Benjamin Netanyahu and Putin are talking over their secure line installed for them to coordinate actions it appears on this deal.

Putin also harbors a resentment towards the White race and Germanics especially.

Late Wednesday, Netanyahu, who was speaking at a ceremony marking Israel’s Holocaust Day, declared that “As the Nazis aspired to crush civilization and impose the rule of the superior race by exterminating the Jewish people,

Bibi uses language to show a conflict with the White Race and especially Germanic Race. Many Americans are of German ancestry and Anglo Saxons are also Germanic so that Netanyahu has animosity towards Americans and Brits not just Germans. This is why he feels no compunction in entangling America in war with Iran or perhaps in not giving America a warning before 9/11. (That however mostly killed Italian and Irish Catholics, who in any also died and lost legs in Iraq and Afghanistan in the US military.)

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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