Usaamah Rahim FBI has never arrested a man with a knife before?

June 15, 2015

The FBI shot Usaamah Rahim who according to them had a knife. Was this the first time the FBI ever had to arrest a suspect with a knife?  This was not a cop who came upon a suspect in a traffic stop.  This was a staged arrest in a parking lot by multiple FBI agents. They should have a plan on how to arrest a person with a knife.  According to their statements, when confronted with a knife, they were surprised and had no other training but to shoot the person until he was dead.

The FBI discredits itself by this type of incident. Could the Roman Empire arrest a suspect with a knife before guns were invented? Somehow law enforcement arrested people with knives for thousands of years before guns were invented. Perhaps the FBI could manage to discover how it was done.

It is said the FBI training facility trains police officers to shoot suspects dead in any type of fight. This policy has to be changed. The FBI looks suspect itself now. The public doesn’t believe in this type of arrest.

Fox has video with some interpretation.

There are multiple officers converging on the suspect at once.  One method would be

  1. Some officers have guns ready in case suspect has a gun.
  2. Other officers have means to subdue the suspect if he has a knife.  They rely on the officers with guns to handle the case the suspect has a gun.

Not every police officer in a staged arrest has to be using a gun. Some can have some other means. They could have tasers or whatever.

Or perhaps instead of a parking lot just pull a net over the person’s head while walking along the street next to buildings.   This can be used in the case of suspects considered likely to resist arrest.

Why was Todashev interviewed but this man confronted this way?  Couldn’t they have interviewed him at the station?

This killing of a man with a knife in a parking lot where they could plan the arrest in advance discredits the FBI.  It makes people doubt their previous stories. The Todashev arrest, the Tsarnaev  “shoot-outs” have to be re-examined.

Police forces in Europe arrest suspects with knives without killing them.  The FBI could learn from them.

If all else fails, the FBI could hire bounty hunters to make arrests. If arresting suspects is not a skill the FBI has, they can hire contractors to do the work.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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