When if ever did Snowden become a spy for Russia? Is he to blame for everything?

June 16, 2015

One scenario for Edward Snowden is he is a totally transparent truth seeker and revealer who is just what he and Glenn Greenwald say he is.

A second scenario for Edward Snowden is he left the US, arrived in Hong Kong, sold our secrets to the Chinese and Russians and went onto Moscow airport for a staged show and now is a willing tool for Russian propaganda.

Another scenario is that Russia knew about US spying inside the US long before Snowden left Hawaii and that they were searching for a way to disclose this to do maximum propaganda damage to the United States. At some point they became aware of Snowden, possibly years earlier in Geneva as John Schindler has suggested and decided to use Edward Snowden as the young man who tells the truth.

In the Russian plan scenario, Snowden’s epic flight was planned to be part of a sequence of events that started before Edward Snowden and lasts to our present time.  The full maximum Russian plan scenario is partly like this.

  1. Russia had academic kompromat on universities linked to Barack Obama including University of Chicago and Harvard.
  2. Merkel and her chemistry prof husband before fall of Warsaw Pact may have been involved in  analyzing plagiarism kompromat in physics and chemistry including Reinhard Oehme at University of Chicago.  Oehme was from Germany and likely had relatives in East Germany.
  3. Russia planned to use the second term of Obama to retake Ukraine and other parts of the USSR lost due to Yeltsin’s betrayal, in their mindset.
  4. Obama had hired Larry Summers and was compromised into the Clinton coverups.
  5. They formed a deal with Israel to kill Berezovsky and to get Stanley Fischer promoted in the US or at IMF to further compromise Obama.
  6. Stanley Fischer resigned in January 2013 a week after  I asked MIT to investigate him and Boris Berezovsky and Larry Summers.  Previously in 2012 I posted in m own name info about Darrell Duffie kompromat and Russia knew I was pushing harder and they had to use this kompromat now or lose it.
  7. Russia possibly hurried up its plans.
  8. Russia and Israel killed Berezovsky in March 2013.
  9. I provided info to the Brits on Russia possibly using academic kompromat including plagiarism to get IMF loans and that I had asked MIT to investigate this in January 2013 and Fischer resigned.
  10. Brits probably provided a warning to FBI at end of March on Chechens in Boston area.
  11. FBI ignored warning because they were managing the Chechens.
  12. Russia learned of this and managed somehow to hurry up the Boston bombing from July 2013 to the April 2013 Boston Marathon surprising the FBI.
  13. FBI then tried to coverup up and find out what happened at same time.
  14. Putin made statements in press conference after Boston bombing saying Shleifer was a CIA spy in effect.
  15. Russia exposed CIA chief and alleged CIA spy in Moscow at end of April, start of May.
  16. Snowden left Hawaii in May.
  17. Snowden circus ran through the summer 2013.
  18. Russia may have been behind killing of Pierre Wauthier in Zurich to protect Josef Ackermann, Renova Group and Vekselberg and other German assets.
  19. Russia planned to invade Ukraine partially after 2014 Olympics.
  20. Russia staged suicide bombings in Volgograd before Winter 2014 Olympics.
  21. Russia was behind the Maidan and neo-Nazis in Ukraine and fall of government.
  22. Russia blamed this on CIA.
  23. Russia invaded Ukraine pretending to be separatists.
  24. Russia was behind MH370 to blame it on CIA and later MH17 on CIA.
  25. Russia took Crimea.
  26. In July 2014, Russia shot down MH17 while Israel invaded Gaza as part of the Russia Israel deal.
  27. Russia then made further aggression in Ukraine in 2014.
  28. Russia and possibly others have used academic kompromat to pressure Darrell Duffie and Moody’s to give better ratings to Russia and worse to Ukraine. At some point, someone may also have used this to pressure Moody’s to give a worse report on Scottish independence and now on British independence from EU.
  29. China has been working with Russia on this all along.
  30. China and Russia have hacked US government files and made it public.
  31. The US and UK governments try to blame this on Edward Snowden.
  32. Russia is basically still calling the tune.
  33. Assuming the negotiations with Iran don’t reach a deal as scheduled by the end of June 2015, Israel may strike Iran possibly with nukes.
  34. At the same time, Russia may invade Ukraine to fight a battle.
  35. Ukraine is defending forward.
  36. If Ukraine loses a battle, Poroshenko might agree to Russia’s terms to avoid a war.  Poroshenko may be an agent of Russia and Israel and part of this plan.

In this way of looking at things, Edward Snowden likely made his deal with Russia before he left Hawaii and Russia planned on him as part of their sequence.  Snowden is likely a willing participant although he knew only a little concerning himself.

The Chinese hack of US government files was planned to embarrass the US at this time.  This is because Israel and Russia are gearing up to make strikes around the end of June or start of July.  They want the Obama administration to look ineffective and weak to justify Israel’s strike on Iran as necessary. Meanwhile, Russia invades Ukraine at the same time to overload the US and the West so they do nothing as this goes on.   Edward Snowden’s real value was to help overload the West and to make Obama look weak to justify Israel to use nukes on Iran.  Russia gains Ukraine out of the deal.  China gets to hack while taking over the US supply chain and controlling our universities and tech even more through immigration and student and work visas.

There is no effective US or Western opposition to these plans.  The NSA, CIA, MI5 know some of it, but have no effective plan or resistance. They just go along with higher ups.  Higher ups eventually get 500k speaking fees and board memberships so they do nothing.  Israel is able to pay them off through its oligarch network in the UK, America and the West.  The US, UK and West are close to paralyzed.  All they do is sputter over Edward Snowden because that is all they are permitted to do.

What is going on is about Russia not about Snowden.  How much Snowden is a witting traitor and how much a manipulated dupe is difficult to be certain of on the outside.  But what matters is what Russia is doing.  Russia is the main actor and it does have a plan, to retake as much of the USSR as it can and dominate the rest.  It has dreams of shattering NATO but that is not too likely from it.

Russia has used terrorist acts as tactics throughout this sequence.  There may be a terrorist event in the end of June to further show the US has ineffective.  That will further justify Israel to nuke Iran’s sites and let Russia walk into Ukraine at the same time.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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