MH370 Russia and Limited Signal Terrorism

June 17, 2015

MH370 may have been an act of sophisticated terrorism by Russia. This is discussed by Jeff Wise and others.  In their discussion threads, they find it mysterious that Russia would do this. However, they may mention motives like Putin showing he is wiling to kill people.  They also say how could Russia do it without the US knowing? This brings up the concept of Limited Signal Terrorism (LST).

Limited Signal Terrorism (LST) is terrorism where the intended target of the signal or message is a limited audience. The general public and even some or most experts do not get the signal. They may speculate about the possibility, but lacking certainty or at least a deeper understanding, they don’t have confidence in the speculation.

The US government is different in the case of MH370. It may know that Russia did it, or that some combination of Russia and China or Russia, China and Israel did it. But it doesn’t speak out. It gets the signal. But doesn’t relay it to the public.

Some blogs as background.

A China variant of the Russia theory.

Note Russia and China would likely be acting together, as they apparently have in the last 2 years. In addition, Israel might have some role, such as limiting the public US response.

There may be Limited Signal Terrorism in the next few days or weeks as a preparation to Russia invading Ukraine or Israel striking at Iran.  This LST may involve terrorism to a specific target such as a specific person who is linked to things, such as an academic linked to the academic part of the case or another person linked in to it somehow.

The press and public might be as mystified as the MH370 disappearance even if it was explained to them afterwards what the signal was and who it was intended for. It would basically be Russia signalling to the US government that it had the secrets of high level people including Stanley Fischer and Obama’s role in his appointment.

A way to enhance the emotion of the signal is where the government had information beforehand that it could have used to stop it. In the Boston Marathon Bombing, Russia gave a warning to the US government. The US government had contact to the terrorists. It could have stopped it.

In BMB there may have been a warning from the British possibly combining information from this source and the Russia warning about Chechens in Boston to predict possible terrorism against Harvard or MIT or academics linked to Berezovsky, Russia in the 1990s, and so on. That includes to the Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson plagiarism kompromat and its role with the Andrei Shleifer case and Larry Summers matters including Obama appointing him after some of this information was known to the government.

Russia and Israel may want terrorism at the end of June or in July as a preparation for Russia invading Ukraine and Israel striking Iran. This sends a signal to the US government to let it happen. They both know the kompromat on the US government and are working as allies in effect. This may be the case with MH370. China also is part of their group and has information. The OPM hack is meant to send the same signal to the US government. The press is ignoring this angle.

US gov as well as UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as Germany, France, Switzerland Sweden, etc. should review their case files to find ones that are suitable for limited signal terrorism in relation to the academic case or the people involved and the suitability of such terrorism for limited signal terrorism.

The software systems of NSA and MI5 and other countries should be programmed to go over possible targets suitable for limited signal terrorism. That would include for LST that would work for Russia invading Ukraine, Israel striking Iran and whatever China wants out of this. That should include the academic related cases.

There may be people linked in for which the government has information but who themselves are not really part of the academic cases or government cases. Those people might be the target of LST because the US government could understand after the fact that they were used in that way, but the press and public would treat it as speculation as in the MH370 case.

LST for this purpose could come anytime. June 22 is a symbolic date for the German invasion of Russia in 1941. June 24 is the date of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Other dates may have importance to Russia or to the people involved. Triggers should be set on these in the information systems of NSA and others to try to better use available information.

Russia’s MO in the Boston Marathon Bombing was to have terrorism in a case that the US government could have stopped. This has the added benefit that the US government will reflexively cover up what has happened. This helps cover Russia’s track from the public as well as discredits the US government with the public and its partner countries. That itself is valuable for Russia and a specific reason for the terrorism in the Boston Marathon Bombing assuming a Russia role.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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