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Could Edward Snowden be a US agent meant to distract Russia?

July 20, 2015

Whether realistic or not it is interesting to imagine that Edward Snowden is acting for the US and is intended to distract Russia from America’s plan to achieve some master stroke.  This idea breaks down when we notice that Russia and China have already taken over the Ph.D. pipeline of science, technology, engineering and math in the US and Canada.

What master stroke could the CIA and NSA hope to get?  The codes to Russia’s missiles?  The inventory of Viktor Vekselberg’s Faberge egg collection? What success is the US having?  It just lost the Iran negotiations with a feckless agreement that gives Iran excessive trade benefits and legal rights.  Those involved like Ernest Moniz and Obama are themselves suspect.

The White Christian West is disintegrating and Russia and China and Moslem countries are taking over our academic institutions and everything else in turn.  One can see Obama as part of that.  Stanley Fischer, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke at best are not helping the US by telling what they know and at worst are active agents of Russia or Israel, or a joint Russia and Israel alliance in this area.

One could imagine the FBI is about to arrest Russia’s academic spy network in America starting with them and others such as Darrell Duffie, Larry Summers, George Constantinides, etc.  But it seems more likely they have no such aspiration or plan.

The FBI does not even see itself as a player to fight for America’s universities and academic pipeline into government and Wall Street. It is just a bystander as foreign countries and oligarchs fight it out.

Edward Snowden tends to point up the internal conflicts in the West already.  The Naval War College duo appear to hate the Anglo Protestant South and even much of White Protestant America.  They hate German Scottish Presbyterian Donald Trump with a passion. They appear to be the typical government party types who barely notice the destruction of White Christian America under them, a destruction that will pull down the White Catholic government party which they adhere to as much as White Protestants.

One could imagine the duo as part of an op to convince Russia that Snowden is a genuine damage to America while he is really a US spy. But their dislike of Edward Snowden is probably some visceral dislike of him as representing the White Protestants who rebelled against England and general warrants far more.  This is their governing passion and their dislike of Edward Snowden merges with their hate of the rebels of the American South, past and present.

Snowden is more about the divisions in America than the spy game between Russia and the West. This is because the West is dying from within. Moslem immigration is a far greater threat than 911 style attacks, which in any case likely had foreign government sponsorship if not internal help and betrayals.  So whatever the Snowden op is about internally, the death of the West by diversity is the real story.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


Snowden the ultimate distraction operation?

July 20, 2015

Could Edward Snowden be intended as a distraction operation?  By Russia to distract from its other operations?

What Russia could be using Edward Snowden to distract from?

  1. Killing Boris Berezovsky.
  2. Putting Stanley Fischer in as Vice Chairman of the fed to entangle the Obama administration in past academic spying. This was done to set up the Iran deal.
  3. Ernest Moniz put in place as part of Russia’s academic spy rings.
  4. Russia’s alliance with China in academic spying.
  5. The success of Russia and China to displace White Christian Americans out of academic hard science and math.
  6. Russia’s apparent alliance with Israel.
  7. Russian using blackmail over Israel, academics, Obama administration, etc.
  8. Russia’s aircraft terror operation involving MH17 at least and likely MH370 as well.
  9. Russia’s possible use of MH17 and MH370 to imply to those behind the 911 attacks that Russia had cracked how they did it and could expose that information.  This could be Pakistan, Saudis, Israel, neocons, elements of CIA, Larry Silverstein types, whomever was involved.
  10. The transfer of America’s scientific and technical supply of new talent to the control of Chinese and Russian and other foreign academics in America’s school and higher education system.
  11. Merkel and her quantum chemistry professor husband who were likely part of Russia’s academic spy analysis group under the Soviet Union.
  12. Russia’s operation to destabilize Greece.
  13. Russia’s involvement in nonWhite immigration to destroy the social fabric of America and Europe.
  14. Spread of nuclear weapons to North Korea, Pakistan, and possibly Iran.
  15. The huge explosion in the African population which will destroy the West and also incubate new diseases to distract the West.
  16. Pushing inner conflicts in the West like Protestant vs Catholic as immigrants take education opportunity and also many of the best jobs in government and the private sector.
  17. The collapse of state and federal pension systems under the weight of immigration.
  18. America’s cities continuing to force White flight from Black violence.
  19. Moslem immigration producing ever greater risk of terrorism becoming the new normal in America and Europe at some point.
  20. Deeper spy networks than the US realizes.
  21. Obama and perhaps others in government who are disloyal.
  22. Disloyal oligarch networks in the US and Europe with academics like Stanley Fischer, Darrell Duffie, George Constantinides as part of corrupting them along with corporatists like Josef Ackermann.
  23. Influencing Moody’s in its credit ratings of Ukraine, Russia, US, Greece, Scotland, etc.
  24. Russia wanted Scotland to stay in UK to keep the influence of the Labour Party, which helps Russia, so it used its leverage over Duffie to get a bad credit rating from Moody’s for Scotland.
  25. In general, things in plain sight that Russia is part of or promotes or simply harm America that the government lets fester as it attends to the mechanics of government and not the course of destruction of the West.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Could Russia be blackmailing Israel?

July 16, 2015

This piece is more speculative than usual if that is possible.

Assume that Russia has evidence that could harm Israel such as the following. (These are hypothetical, you may not agree with them as true.)

  1. Israel involvement in 911.
  2. Israel involvement in JFK assassination.
  3. Other events such as shooting of Reagan by Hinckley.
  4. More on USS Liberty
  5. Manipulating immigration into the US, Europe, Australia and Canada to reduce Whites to a minority.
  6. Tape recordings of phone calls where Israeli officials or prominent Jews in the West make disparaging statements about Americans, Evangelicals, victims of 911, etc.
  7. Some Israelis like Michael Oren harbor resentment against Irish and Italian Catholics in West Orange NJ who he considered antiSemitic when he went to the West Orange high school.  There might be telephone recordings of him or similar individuals expressing delight at Italians and Irish jumping off the World Trade Center or mocking the victim families.
  8. There might be phone recordings of Israelis or prominent Jews mocking Sarah Palin, evangelicals killed in the Pentagon in 911 or in Iraq or Afghanistan, etc.
  9. There may be documents containing such statements either by Israeli government officials or prominent Jews in the West.
  10. Other similar cases perhaps unknown even unto Stormfront.

The Boris Berezovsky killing, if we assume that, and the promotion of Stanley Fischer may be seen as making more sense if Russia blackmailed Israel into killing Berezovsky and pushing Stanley Fischer forward. These seem to work better for Russia to entangle Israel and Obama and expose Israel further. If Israel was trying to entangle Obama to stop the Iran deal it failed. But if Russia did it to accomplish the Iran deal it succeeded.

Ernest J. Moniz has emerged as a key player to achieve the Iran deal. Is he just an individual or part of Russia’s network of academics?  If the latter, he can be seen as a key part of their manipulation of the deal to come together.

Could Russia be manipulating some of the incitement of Blacks to shoot cops?  George Soros funded some of the agitation group(s) according to some. He seems a figure who could easily have been a Communist spy in his youth and still be beholden to Russia. There could be others in the media Russia could manipulate into promoting the heavy coverage in MSM to incite Blacks even to kill cops.

The Dylan Roof manifesto showed up on a web server in Russia and the person who exposed it appears to be a communist idealogue.  Whether Russia had any role in this beforehand, it could have known of the essay being there and then told that woman of it.

Russia’s purpose could be to discredit Obama in the eyes of White Christian America.  Irish Catholics and Italian Catholics identify with cops and FBI agents who are the targets of Black violence.

White Protestants identify with their Southern heritage and the loss of their cities and schools from the civil rights movement. In addition, the media vents contempt and disdain for White Protestants especially in these cases. The attacks on the Confederate Flag and desecration of Confederate monuments has been incited and encouraged. Possibly so have the boycotts of Confederate merchandise companies by large distributors like Amazon that continue to sell Nazi flags.

The continued attacks on Christian bakeries. The fine in Oregon was levied by an Armenian who could conceivably be part of Russia’s network. Others might be also. These serve to discredit Obama and the MSM in the eyes of the White Christian majority in America. That makes it easier for Israel to bomb Iran even with nuclear weapons.

Russia has now manipulated Israel into a position where if it wants to stop Iran it will have to bomb it itself. For that bombing to work it probably has to be with nuclear weapons, particularly on the Fordo underground site. Netanyahu is screaming like a stuck pig. He sounds like someone who has been blackmailed or betrayed and manipulated into a bad place where he has to do something desperate.

If Israel nukes Iran, then Russia in the confusion can seize more or all of Ukraine as well as other parts of the Soviet Union it lost. This could even include the Baltic republics. The nuking of Iran by Israel would take place with an Obama fully discredited with White Christians in America, both White Catholics who identify with cops being shot by Blacks and White Protestants who identify with the Confederate Flag and Confederate monuments being desecrated.

At this point, July 16, 2015, one year almost after the shooting down of MH-17 and Israel’s attack on Gaza, Russia appears to be winning on several fronts. They have an Iran deal that will create huge problems for the West and also produce cashflow for Russia when it needs it. They have an America divided. They have the theft of US government employee information by China who is their obvious co-conspirator in intel matters. They have the Snowden revelations. (Perhaps these are linked somehow?)

They have Stanley Fischer in place after the (likely) killing of Berezovsky by Israel. They have the ability to discredit Obama and the institutions of America such as Harvard or Moody’s or the SEC and Federal Reserve for allowing this to go on after it was public and the government was informed of it directly. There are likely extensive documents from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, etc. in the Stanley Fischer confirmation that detail unethical and corrupt actions and both Obama and the Senate confirmed him anyhow.

So Russia is well positioned to spring the remaining stages of their plan. That plan would not leave them under sanctions and forced to give up Crimea to get them lifted. Their plan is to go forward in their manipulations until they get more of the former Soviet Union and they blow up the Middle East even more.

Russia also wants further weakening of both Europe and the United States.It wants more Chinese grad students taking Ph.D. grants in science from White Christians. It wants a Wall Street dominated by foreign born quants. It wants the same in America’s heavy industry and in Silicon Valley. It wants those people running US government labs. It wants an FBI that has no technical base to turn to loyal to America, but one where they are all implicated as the Federal Reserve is now.

Russia wants to defeat the West and America using the same game plan of diversity, nonWhite immigration and social destruction it was working on under the Soviet Union. Obama symbolizes that very destruction of the historic American nation and the nations of Europe. The Greece destruction by immigrants is also part of that pattern. Russia appears to be manipulating the Greek situation. Moniz seems to tie into that.

The communists penetrated deeply into Greek society in the post World War II period and that may include people like George C. Constantinides, other Greeks and their ability to tie into people like Ernest J. Moniz and Josef Ackermann. Russia appears to be manipulating the Greece crisis and Iran at the same time. Ukraine, of course, continues. Perhaps they are also stirring the pot inside the US. The Boston Marathon Bombing may have been part of that. Something else may happen next that is part of that.

So we come back to an Israel that is as manipulated as America. Israel’s best hope to stop an Iran bomb is war if it rejects the Iran nuclear deal, according to Obama himself. Benjamin Netanyahu is more likely to see it that way than is Obama. So if Obama sees it that way, Netanyahu probably does as well. By chance or design, Obama seems a weak figure who has betrayed America (and Israel) in the eyes of the White Protestant South especially but also of White Christians in general.  So Israel is primed and able to nuke Iran.

That brings us to the mind of Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu has said repeatedly he is the steward of a Jewish Israel the one Jewish state. He is ready to take on himself the moral responsibility for using nuclear weapons on Iran to destroy their nuclear sites and bring to an end any capacity for Iran to build not just one bomb but an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons over time. He has himself said that North Korea is an example of how not to do arms control. The ball is now in his court. His own rhetoric of it is 1939 has now come to him and he has to decide what to do. If he lets Iran build a nuclear arsenal he may have signed the death warrant of Jewish Israel.

Russia has created this situation with the help or apathy of others, high and low. Russia has forked Israel. Israel either nukes Iran or the Iran deal frees Iran and brings needed cashflow to Russia. Putin has achieved a masterful chess board configuration. Whichever way Israel jumps, Putin will triumph.

America on the other hand is now in a very bad position. It is on the losing side of history as the communists like to say. It in effect has no real leader. Nor does it have much of a leadership for its own core people, White Christians.

The historic nation of America is being ripped apart before our eyes. This is obviously being manipulated and caused, it is not happening by chance. The players include the usual suspects when it comes to hating and destroying White Christian social and political networks. These players even if independent of Russia or Israel have contributed to the defeat of the historic American nation and the triumph of Putin’s strategy to rebuild the Soviet Union and its network of 3rd world alliances against the West. Iran being an example of one. Now those will be nuclear and hostile to the West including Israel.

Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will let it spread nuclear know-how itself in time. Along with Pakistan and North Korea, the nuclear genie is spreading to 3rd world states hostile to the West and Israel. Netanyahu has seen the failure of arms control in North Korea and Pakistan. That has been under feckless presidents and Congresses that have acquiesced to it in both cases. They have also been manipulated in the Pakistan case by theatrical terrorism such as 911. Russia has at a minimum watched that as has Israel. They have set the stage for what comes next.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Is the Iran deal theatre? Prof Moniz Cyprus Connection

July 14, 2015

Could the Iran nuclear deal have been arranged as part of a larger plan?  For example, Israel nukes Iran sites after Congress votes against the deal but Obama proceeds with it anyhow?

Israel and Russia seem to have something going on together for the last several years.

Or did Russia manipulate things so as to get the deal done.

Could MIT Physics prof Moniz be part of the charade?  Or part of Russia’s manipulation?

Professor Moniz received a Bachelor of Science degree summa cum laude in physics from Boston College, a doctorate in theoretical physics from Stanford University, and honorary doctorates from the University of Athens, the University of Erlangen-Nurenburg, and Michigan State University. He was a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at Saclay, France, and at the University of Pennsylvania. Professor Moniz is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Humboldt Foundation, and the American Physical Society and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He received the 1998 Seymour Cray HPCC Industry Recognition Award for vision and leadership in advancing scientific simulation and, in 2008, the Grand Cross of the Order of Makarios III for contributions to development of research, technology and education in Cyprus and the wider region.

Moniz is one of the founding members of The Cyprus Institute

Secretary Moniz has played a crucial role in negotiations toward a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, directly negotiating technical details with the Iranian atomic energy minister Ali Akbar Salehi, an MIT graduate, and reassuring President Obama that concessions important to the Iranians would not pose a major threat.[14] The comprehensive agreement between Iran and the so-called “P5+1” (which includes the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany and a representative from the European Union) was finalized on July 14, 2015, to much fanfare and criticism.[15]

The Council is currently chaired by Prof. Herwig Schopper. The current membership of the Council includes:

Prof. George Constantinides, world-renowned professor of finance, who has been substantial in the founding of The Cyprus Institute, has received an Honorary Doctorate of the University of Cyprus.

George Constantinides plagiarized two Ph.D. students at University of Chicago in 1991, almost as if on orders from someone.  Since then that has grown into a large conspiracy.

Honorary degree September 2011 at University of Cyprus.

One of Merkel’s husbands was a quantum chemistry prof in East Germany in the 1980s who may have been part of Russia’s plagiarism in physics analysis team. Fock Space the subject of Corson’s plagiarism of Fock in 1947 is part of quantum chemistry.

One of the 2 students plagiarized at University of Chicago by Constantinides in 1991 had in 1983 at University of Chicago attended the quantum field theory lectures of Reinhard Oehme. Oehme was part of the Edge of the Wedge controversy with Bogoliubov of Russia. Was that contrived?

Oehme wrote his own Wiki although someone else is updating it now that he is dead.  July 8 and July 10, 2015 are 2 latest entries.  Wonder why?

Latest one done by someone at CERN.

The Edge of the Wedge wiki article is written from Russian point of view. There is no doubt Oehme invented that name for the theorem. But Russians don’t mention that most of the time, if ever.

The student who attended his lectures had worked for the US government at a US government physics related lab as a job during college. Did the Russians think he was sent to attend Oehme’s class as part of an investigation?  Is that why they had Constantinides plagiarize him? Did they think he was fair game because he was already part of the investigation? Or they feared he would figure it out and blow the whistle? Is that why Constantinides and later Duffie and others acted to keep him from getting a Ph.D., publishing in finance or an academic career?

Did Moniz deceive Obama about the Iran nuclear deal being safe as part of the conspiracy?  Who is he working for? Russia?

Where does Israel fit in? How much do they know?

Do Israel and Russia want a bad deal with Iran so Israel is justified to nuke Iran? Then Russia invades Ukraine?

How much does Obama know? Is he a dupe or participant? What about Kerry? Others?

Did Moniz wow Kerry as a technical expert? Did Moniz sell the Iran nuke deal? Is he a spy for Russia or Israel or Iran or Turkey? What about Constantinides? The Cyprus Connection seems too unlikely to be just a Cyprus Coincidence.

Can this tie into the Greek crisis? Merkel again?  She also ties into Ukraine. She is linked to everything it seems.

One thing we can be sure of is that Russia and Israel are not strangers to this history. They are part of it and are manipulating it. It seems fireworks are in store. Where and when?

MH17 was shot down July 17, 2015. Almost same bat time and a close bat channel.

Who else at University of Chicago in 1980s and 1990s was involved? Arnold Zellner acted very strangely to delay one of the students’ getting a Ph.D. Was he a spy for someone? Where are his students?

There are also Stanford, Harvard, and MIT connections all over this.

What about Iran’s Salehi?

PhD in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1977

Salehi and Ernest Moniz joined 2015 Geneva Iran and P5+1 nuclear talks to discuss more about technical aspects of Iran nuclear program.

Koopmans shared the 1975 Nobel Prize in econ with Kantorovich of the USSR. Koopmans started in physics. This Nobel Prize was likely gained by using plagiarism kompromat.

Jochen Heisenberg was at MIT 1970 to 1978. He was Heisenberg’s son. Oehme had been Heisenberg’s assistant in Germany. Heisenberg most likely sent the  Born Jordan preprint in October 1925 to Fowler at Cambridge that Fowler and Dirac plagiarized in a Dirac paper published in early Nov 1925 before the Born Jordan paper could be published. This started Russia’s kompromat plagiarism in physics.

How much of this has Moniz told John Kerry? Obama? FBI? When?

How much does Iran know? How much are they manipulating?

How much is Benjamin Netanyahu doing a dance to put on a show?

The deal on is based on the approach articulated by President Vladimir Putin

Obama spoke after the deal.  So Obama, Netanyahu and Putin all putting their stamp on the deal in one way or another.

Netanyahu and Putin did a deal to kill Berezovsky so Stanley Fischer could become vice chairman of the US Fed? Obama appointed him despite the FBI files on it.

What performance is going on?  What is the next act?  Given the bloody record so far, it seems likely some people are going to be killed. Who? Where? Can it be stopped? If people who knew about this spoke up, could it be stopped? Perhaps. Or at least mitigated. Do they have blood on their hands from sitting on their hands?

What about the dead of MH17? MH370? Pierre Wauthier possibly killed to protect Josef Ackermann and Renova Group?The Chechen genocide funded by IMF loans by Stanley Fischer? The deaths in Ukraine? Boston Marathon Bombing if that was part of this sequence? Other events? Will no one speak out?

Chairman Professor George Constantinides

Leo Melamed Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago – Former President, American Finance Association, USA

Professor Avraham Meshulach

Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel – Former Director, School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Professor Vladimir Shitov

Professor of Finance, International Business and Business Administration Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia – Dean of the International Business and Business Administration Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Is there an Israel, Russia, China spy alliance?

July 9, 2015

The 28 pages link Israel at a minimum to knowledge of aspects of 911 in advance of the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.  Perhaps there is more and Israel was part of the plan. Its neocon agents appear to be part of the coverup.

Israel is at risk to lose its US link, that includes to US defense and technology.  Israel may have decided to do a deal with Russia and China in case this happens. Israel will give Russia and China US tech and spy information now in exchange for China selling US technology to Israel later if the US cuts it off.

As part of this plan, Russia and China are being allowed to deeply infiltrate all of the US tech sector from universities to companies to government. Their professors have set up networks in the US and Europe.

Plagiarism kompromat is part of how Russia and Chinese profs build their network in the US. Profs implicated in this such as potentially Stanley Fischer, Darrell Duffie, George Constantinides, are used to help build the network using these methods.

Other professors have gone along with it for decades now. Israel, Russia and China together with these compromised profs give them a deep penetration into not just academia, tech companies, and financial services but also government regulators.

Thus if Israel’s role in the 911 attacks or possibly earlier incidents such as USS Liberty or JFK if they were involved in that are exposed, they can still get US technology through their Russian and Chinese partners. Countries like India are also part of this picture, with many of their profs in the US compromised.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

July 4 Dependence Day Donald Trump Macy’s and latest Eloi Kathryn Steinle

July 4, 2015

July 4, 2015.  Dependence Day.  Diversity is dependent on Whites for everything.  Whites are dragged down by it and America itself.  Meanwhile the Lords of Diversity have turned their umbrage at Donald Trump.

  1. Donald Trump says Mexicans are rapists and murderers.
  2. Macy’s drops Trump
  3. Illegal Mexican shoots Kathryn Steinle, White woman, dead in front of her father at the Embarcadero San Francisco.
  4. Boycott of Macy’s takes off on Twitter.
  5. Trump moves up in polls to 2nd roughly behind Jeb Bush.

So where does America go here.  Try to find a big city with a White Protestant mayor and a White Protestant majority in America.  Then White Christian.  These are hard to come by.

White Protestant mayors of big cities are almost as rare as White Protestant Supreme Court justices.  Mitch McConnell is the highest ranked Wasp in America it would seem.  He is married to an Asian and supports Asian manufactures and Asian immigrants over Americans. Jeb Bush is married to a Mexican and is also antiWhite.

Then comes Donald Trump.  An outspoken White Protestant married to a White woman.  Practically a heretic to PC already.  Then he speaks out against their Mexicans and against Asia.  Trump is hotter than a coal in their own Hades to the antiWhite rulers.

Trump is the best hope for White Christian Americans and the PC elite know that.  They are determined to show no White Protestant married to a White and speaking up for Whites can survive their wrath and open displays of hate and calls to hate.

We will see what happens next.  If Whites have sense they will rally round Trump.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

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