Could Edward Snowden be a US agent meant to distract Russia?

July 20, 2015

Whether realistic or not it is interesting to imagine that Edward Snowden is acting for the US and is intended to distract Russia from America’s plan to achieve some master stroke.  This idea breaks down when we notice that Russia and China have already taken over the Ph.D. pipeline of science, technology, engineering and math in the US and Canada.

What master stroke could the CIA and NSA hope to get?  The codes to Russia’s missiles?  The inventory of Viktor Vekselberg’s Faberge egg collection? What success is the US having?  It just lost the Iran negotiations with a feckless agreement that gives Iran excessive trade benefits and legal rights.  Those involved like Ernest Moniz and Obama are themselves suspect.

The White Christian West is disintegrating and Russia and China and Moslem countries are taking over our academic institutions and everything else in turn.  One can see Obama as part of that.  Stanley Fischer, Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke at best are not helping the US by telling what they know and at worst are active agents of Russia or Israel, or a joint Russia and Israel alliance in this area.

One could imagine the FBI is about to arrest Russia’s academic spy network in America starting with them and others such as Darrell Duffie, Larry Summers, George Constantinides, etc.  But it seems more likely they have no such aspiration or plan.

The FBI does not even see itself as a player to fight for America’s universities and academic pipeline into government and Wall Street. It is just a bystander as foreign countries and oligarchs fight it out.

Edward Snowden tends to point up the internal conflicts in the West already.  The Naval War College duo appear to hate the Anglo Protestant South and even much of White Protestant America.  They hate German Scottish Presbyterian Donald Trump with a passion. They appear to be the typical government party types who barely notice the destruction of White Christian America under them, a destruction that will pull down the White Catholic government party which they adhere to as much as White Protestants.

One could imagine the duo as part of an op to convince Russia that Snowden is a genuine damage to America while he is really a US spy. But their dislike of Edward Snowden is probably some visceral dislike of him as representing the White Protestants who rebelled against England and general warrants far more.  This is their governing passion and their dislike of Edward Snowden merges with their hate of the rebels of the American South, past and present.

Snowden is more about the divisions in America than the spy game between Russia and the West. This is because the West is dying from within. Moslem immigration is a far greater threat than 911 style attacks, which in any case likely had foreign government sponsorship if not internal help and betrayals.  So whatever the Snowden op is about internally, the death of the West by diversity is the real story.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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