Snowden the ultimate distraction operation?

July 20, 2015

Could Edward Snowden be intended as a distraction operation?  By Russia to distract from its other operations?

What Russia could be using Edward Snowden to distract from?

  1. Killing Boris Berezovsky.
  2. Putting Stanley Fischer in as Vice Chairman of the fed to entangle the Obama administration in past academic spying. This was done to set up the Iran deal.
  3. Ernest Moniz put in place as part of Russia’s academic spy rings.
  4. Russia’s alliance with China in academic spying.
  5. The success of Russia and China to displace White Christian Americans out of academic hard science and math.
  6. Russia’s apparent alliance with Israel.
  7. Russian using blackmail over Israel, academics, Obama administration, etc.
  8. Russia’s aircraft terror operation involving MH17 at least and likely MH370 as well.
  9. Russia’s possible use of MH17 and MH370 to imply to those behind the 911 attacks that Russia had cracked how they did it and could expose that information.  This could be Pakistan, Saudis, Israel, neocons, elements of CIA, Larry Silverstein types, whomever was involved.
  10. The transfer of America’s scientific and technical supply of new talent to the control of Chinese and Russian and other foreign academics in America’s school and higher education system.
  11. Merkel and her quantum chemistry professor husband who were likely part of Russia’s academic spy analysis group under the Soviet Union.
  12. Russia’s operation to destabilize Greece.
  13. Russia’s involvement in nonWhite immigration to destroy the social fabric of America and Europe.
  14. Spread of nuclear weapons to North Korea, Pakistan, and possibly Iran.
  15. The huge explosion in the African population which will destroy the West and also incubate new diseases to distract the West.
  16. Pushing inner conflicts in the West like Protestant vs Catholic as immigrants take education opportunity and also many of the best jobs in government and the private sector.
  17. The collapse of state and federal pension systems under the weight of immigration.
  18. America’s cities continuing to force White flight from Black violence.
  19. Moslem immigration producing ever greater risk of terrorism becoming the new normal in America and Europe at some point.
  20. Deeper spy networks than the US realizes.
  21. Obama and perhaps others in government who are disloyal.
  22. Disloyal oligarch networks in the US and Europe with academics like Stanley Fischer, Darrell Duffie, George Constantinides as part of corrupting them along with corporatists like Josef Ackermann.
  23. Influencing Moody’s in its credit ratings of Ukraine, Russia, US, Greece, Scotland, etc.
  24. Russia wanted Scotland to stay in UK to keep the influence of the Labour Party, which helps Russia, so it used its leverage over Duffie to get a bad credit rating from Moody’s for Scotland.
  25. In general, things in plain sight that Russia is part of or promotes or simply harm America that the government lets fester as it attends to the mechanics of government and not the course of destruction of the West.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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