Were JFK, 9-11, Boston Marathon Hoax events? Submitting my hoax entry card

September 7, 2015

This post is somewhere between hypothetical and whimsical.  It maybe that the time to submit your entry on what really happened in the JFK November 22, 1963 event, 9-11-2001 and the Boston Marathon Bombing are coming to an end.  All bets are not yet final, but this is a temporary entry card in case the answers are revealed before I can revise it. (This post is revised to remove the discussion of JFK and Jimmy Carter comparison since that is likely a satire.)

JFK November 22, 1963 Event.

The ER docs are saying John Fitzgerald Kennedy (son of a Wall Street manipulator who became SEC chairman) was shot from the front and had a large exit wound in the back of his head.  They have been saying this for 20 years and said it to the Assassinations Record Review Board (ARRB).  This gives us 3 conspiracy choices.

  1. JFK was shot from the front and there was a conspiracy to cover it up.
  2. Oswald shot JFK alone, but the doctors and likely the government want to spin it as a conspiracy.
  3. JFK did not die on November 22, 1963 but continued to live.

We shall set aside the idea that Oswald shot JFK alone and then the government decided to create a conspiracy around the death.  So we only consider the other two options.

If one studies the Zapruder Film however much it is an altered version, which is very likely, a fundamental question is whether the occupants of the JFK limo, the secret service man Clint Hill, and others such as Umbrella Man and The Cuban were acting in a coordinated fashion.

If they were acting in a coordinated fashion, then the group of them (including Jackie and Connally) were in on whatever happened. At this point, this is the choice of one of following two.

  1. The occupants of the limo and some nearby killed JFK.
  2. The occupants of the limit and some nearby hoaxed the death of JFK.

Jackie Kennedy had to know if there was a close in shooting of JFK, for example by the limo driver Greer or John Connally or even at the Grassy Knoll. She was holding JFK’s head around Zapruder frames Z312 and Z313. Z313 is the head shot.  It has even been suggested that Jackie shot JFK.

In the hoax version, Jackie does not shoot JFK, but instead she sets off a hoax pack that sprays matter into the air and attaches a wound patch to JFK’s head.  Her actions around his head are consistent with such a scenario.  She then went onto the rear of the limo to retrieve part of these that separated. Clint Hill jumped on the limo to get those as well.

As the limo emerges from the freeway sign, we see a coordinated set of actions by the limo occupants, Clint Hill, Umbrella Man and The Cuban.

Jackie Kennedy could not keep anything on her lap as they went through Dallas. The limo was open and passed down narrow streets with buildings on each side and open windows.  Jackie was the one person in the limo everyone looked at. So if Jackie had anything in her lap, gun, wound wig, or exploding head kit, people would have seen it and photographed it from the buildings.

At the airport before the event, there is film showing that John Connally got something and put it in his lap. Some people think it is a gun. But an alternative is that it is the wound wig and the spray kit.  After the limo emerges from the freeway sign as we see it on the Zapruder film, Umbrella Man and The Cuban signal to the limo occupants.  Jackie is staring at Connally. Connally puts something in his right hand, and turns and faces JFK. There are likely some alterations in the Zapruder Film at this stage.  But it is likely that Connally hands the wound wig and spray kit to Jackie and she puts her hands around JFK’s head and puts on the wound wig and sets of the spray kit.

However, the wound wig gets lose and goes onto the trunk of the limo, or part of it.  Jackie goes onto the trunk to retrieve it and Clint Hill climbs onto the trunk to get it. Both end up in the limo.  As the limo speeds up, they can attach the wound wig or reattach it.  They may have a backup one in the limo anyhow.

The limo driver brought the limo to a complete halt when the events of Z313 frame happened, including setting of the spray kit and attaching the wound wig. He stopped the limo at the signal of Umbrella Man and the closed fist of the Cuban, which is a signal to stop.  Umbrella Man may have signaled the spray kit and wound wig gag to get started. It was a signal to Jackie, JFK and Connally to perform their sequence.

At Parkland Hospital, the ER doctors had to be in on the hoax.  They are now saying JFK was shot from the front and are producing a video on what happened, not yet released.  They have already said on video available online that JFK was shot from the front with a large exit wound at the back.  The new video may say that or may say it was a hoax and it will be released soon, perhaps in September like 9-11 or perhaps in November, like 11-22.

According to ARRB based research, the Bethesda autopsy was in effect rigged as Doug Horne indicates in his works. He was part of ARRB. His statements are not official findings, but we can use them as representing a sort of inspired statement.  Those indicate JFK death with at least one shot fired from the front. The autopsy was a hoax.  That is the key part. Moreover, the doctors at ER in Dallas had to know the JFK autopsy was a hoax, even though much of the record of it was not released at that time, such as autopsy photos.  Those that exist now are hoaxes is what Horne is indicating in effect.

The Dallas ER doctors had to know at the time of the Warren Commission that the Bethesda autopsy was a hoax. So the ER doctors have been in on some hoax or another since then.  So they were either part of a conspiracy to shoot JFK from the front that involved the limo occupants and the secret service detail and the Bethesda doctors and the FBI or a hoax to fake JFK’s death.

Those who had to be in on the conspiracy whether to kill or fake the JFK death are as follows.

  1. All the limo occupants including Jackie Kennedy, John Connally, his wife Nellie, the two secret service agents in front, Clint Hill and many close by in the secret service detail.
  2. The doctors at the Dallas ER.
  3. The doctors at Bethesda.
  4. The Warren Commission.
  5. The FBI.
  6. LBJ.
  7. The Kennedy family including Jackie, RFK, and possibly others.
  8. Likely the ARRB.
  9. Some on The House Assassinations Committee in the 1970s including the counsel.
  10. People in the CIA.
  11. Likely Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld in the 1970s who were part of keeping info from House committee.
  12. CIA NPIC employees who came forward in recent times including Dino Brugioni.

We are put in the position that either all these people went along with a conspiracy to kill JFK or to hoax his death.  We are put in that position by the ER doctors who insist there was a large exit wound in JFK when they treated him in the ER and that this had to come from a shot from the front. So we either have a conspiracy to kill JFK the ER doctors knew of from the time Oswald was fingered as lone gunman from the rear or a hoax death.

So we are going to pick the hoax death.

(There are those who claim JFK matches Jimmy Carter. Note added: Person appears to intentionally be satire Ed Charini  http://radiofetzer.blogspot.com/2013/01/ed-charini.html Deletions of this discussion made since this appears to be a satire.)

JFK and Jimmy Carter have similar politics including Civil Rights and their attitude towards Israel. JFK wanted to keep Israel from getting nukes and Carter has pushed them on their treatment of the Palestinians.  Carter likely learned of the JFK deception as president.

Jimmy Carter has been announced as having cancer. He wants to end the old South of Confederate Flags and monuments.  The recent questionable shootings, hoax or not, have been hyped to achieve that purpose.

The motive for JFK hoax death could have been that by staging a hoax death in Dallas, the opposition to Civil Rights and immigration in the Congress from entrenched Southern committee chairman could be overcome.  All those involved in the JFK hoax appear to have been on the side of Civil Rights.  This may include subsequent hoax deaths of RFK and perhaps MLK.

The recent hoax shootings and hoax events including Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, Alison Parker and possibly a number of others in the US and perhaps MH17, MH370 and various events in Europe and Russia may be part of an effort to push a Civil Rights agenda by aging members of this hoax conspiracy.

Jimmy Carter, possibly knowing the truth of JFK, may be pushing the pace on hoax shootings and hoax bombings to finish the Civil Rights agenda by removing Confederate Flags and monuments, and taking guns away from Americans so they can’t resist Whites becoming a minority from immigration.  This is a sort of super Civil Rights, where Whites become a minority and then cease to exist.

Jimmy Carter (and JFK hoaxers) and others involved in this may be pushing this agenda. This includes forcing hoax events such as Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, and Alison Parker shooting despite their being obvious hoaxes. Dylann Roof may also have been one. As these come faster and faster, they become more evident as hoaxes to a wider group of people.

The approaching death of Jimmy Carter may trigger a revelation or simply coincide with one. Perhaps this is scheduled for September or November.

The events of 9-11 appear also to have been largely a hoax.  Possibly no one died.  The buildings were brought down by controlled demolition it appears.  Figures like Barbara Olson had faked cell phone calls and she seems to match the new Ted Olson wife on appearance and on closing her eyes while talking and other mannerisms.

OKBOMB and possibly other events such as Waco siege, Ruby Ridge, other shootings and events may also fit the pattern. This may include events in Europe and Russia. It may include MH17 and MH370.

The Cuban Missile Crisis was in October 1962.  Kennedy left office on November 22, 1963.  Khrushchev was removed or stepped down in October 1964.  It is interesting to conjecture if this was agreed to as a way to punish the leaders for taking the world so close to nuclear war.  The US chose to stage a hoax death.

The fall of the Soviet Union including the coup of Gorbachev and Yeltsin taking power may have been a staged coup. There may have been an agreement between the US, UK, and Russia to buy out the Soviet leaders with bank accounts in Switzerland. Marc Rich’s pardon may have been for his work doing this.  The IMF loans in the 1990s may have been part of the deal or Russia expanding the deal.

Recent events such as Edward Snowden’s trip, the MH17, MH370, immigrant deaths in a truck in Austria may fit into this pattern. Some plane wrecks may also be staged to convince people a plane can disintegrate as happened on 9-11 we were told.  German Wings may fall into this category.

There appears an effort to use these events to force refugees on Europe.  The destabilizing of Libya, Syria, Egypt may have been intended to set off this refugee flow by Obama and his cohorts.

Russia and China may be pushing their side of the bargain hard in recent years to get benefits. This could include China getting our know-how and industrial base.  Computer hard drives manufactured in China may contain mechanisms for the NSA, MI5 etc to spy on our computers.  Hacking attacks by China and Russia may be pushing their side of the bargain to go along with these hoaxes or may themselves be hoaxes. Anonymous is also suitable for hoaxes as in the events after the death of Aaron Swartz.

The anthrax attacks of 2001 were also likely hoaxes? Bruce Ivins death may have been real, however. So some people may have been driven to their death or otherwise afflicted in their lives as part of this effort.  The deaths of those in the Vietnam War from the hoax Gulf of Tonkin and in Afghanistan and Iraq from the 9-11 hoax are real.  How many deaths of the Chechen wars and genocide were real is not clear, but likely many.  Those pushing the hoaxes have an agenda to take away our freedom, our ability to make our own choices, and in the case of Whites to make us a minority and ultimately eliminate us from existence. The math of immigration is elimination as proven in the Wright Island Model.

See https://oldatlanticlighthouse.wordpress.com/category/wright-island-model/


Non-white immigration to Europe, America, Canada, etc. causes total genetic extinction, this is published science.


We investigated various cases of the island model with stochastic migration. If the population is infinite, the immigrants have a fixed gene frequency and the alleles are neutral, the gene frequency on the island converges to that of the immigrants.

The people behind the hoaxes are engaged in genocide of the White Race. This is published science. There is no mixture of Whites and nonWhites from immigration. It is complete extinction of every gene line of every gene in every White person on earth. That is published science and it is under Daubert the admissible science on this.

This is what the goal of those behind the hoaxes is at this point. Obviously, there main motive is hate of Whites and an obsession to prove themselves right in taking our freedom and right to know and understand our own time and own lives.  Their hatred of us is total.

The recent hoax attacks show this deep seated malice towards us and our freedom and is the opposite of Concord and Lexington where the English colonists fought for their freedom and their guns.  That is why they made freedom of speech and freedom to own guns the first and second amendments. To keep a government as evil as ours from taking power or having taken power, to give us the means to change it.

We hear the malice on TV.  Despite the obvious involvement of DHS and many cops in these hoaxes, the malice on TV is directed towards them. The hoax attacks will be further twisted against them and against Whites and the civilization and ideas Whites built, which is not this Hoaxacracy which mocks the very idea of human self determination.

JFK and the other conspirators hated us for our freedom and our Whiteness. Those left are now bent to make their taking of them permanent and irreversible for all time.  All men of Goodwill need to come together to expose this and oppose it before they use the onset of new technology to eliminate our freedom and the White West and all its ideals from Ancient Greece to today completely.

They show no hesitation to use technology to hoax us and take our freedom. They ally with Russia and China against us to spy on us and take our freedom. Their malice is palpable in the decay of our once White and safe cities into urban hell holes controlled by martial law at the whim of our tyrannical government.

They create wars out of hoaxes, which result in no victory but simply more misery for all involved, both here and there. This includes Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  These are unending wars of misery precisely because they are created by hoaxes and lies and can’t be stopped until the hoax machine itself is exposed and those responsible exposed.

They make every effort to create fear in the government of exposing their secrets and make harsh examples even of the powerful.  They are ruthless to keep their actions being known. They have engaged in crimes directed against the very idea of self rule and self determination for Western peoples.  Exposing them and stopping the genocide of the White Race at their hands is the task of our time.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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