How we know the hoaxes are not because they found a doomsday bioweapon?

November 18, 2015

If the West had discovered a doomsday bioweapon in its weapon labs, then it would not invite the rest of the world to get a PhD at MIT. What we see is foreign students taking over our PhD programs, becoming the profs, not letting Americans into PhDs or get finish PhDs and then taking over the tech companies and even the weapons labs.

The US has let Wall Street transfer our factories and know-how to the 3rd world.  You don’t give them the industrial base to discover the doomsday weapon if you found it in your weapons lab based on having the industrial base to support your weapons labs.

What you do if you discover the doomsday weapon is what China is doing.  You sell cheap, you take over the industrial base, you force them to educate your people and let your people take over the PhD admission and granting process, and then the rest of the technical job market and technical know-how.

So did China invent the doomsday bioweapon and make us surrender in secret?  Such a weapon tends to be risky to use.  If it has no antidote, then the Chinese would find themselves eliminated too.  If there is such a weapon and an antidote, we still have enough lead and control of our own biolabs to have found the answer by now.  We also were way ahead of China.  They found it during the Cultural Revolution where the scientists were sent to grow rice?  Hardly.

In addition, the hoaxes started long before a super bioweapon could have been invented. The Lincoln Assassination is an example of a major hoax that predates any possibility of discovering a super bioweapon.

The bioweapon is nonWhite immigration as Vanishing American pointed out in an earlier post very eloquently.

The bioweapon is causing White Genocide. As this blog has pointed out, the Wright Island Model is published science and proves that White genes don’t survive in a mixture but go extinct. Furthermore, White gene lines all terminate as shown by the Immigration Vanishing Survival Theorem on this blog.  See references to both on this blog.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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