Illuminati goal is to discredit social safety net

November 20, 2015

The long term goal of the Illuminati is to discredit every economic and social system except for Illuminati Libertarian Fascism.

The Illuminati have set up countries to fail in order to discredit an economic, social political system other than Illuminati Libertarian Fascism, ILF.

The Soviet Union was set up to fail by the Illuminati. This was to discredit a White ethnostate that was communist. It failed because it did not have a market price system and did not punish industrial enterprises that failed and because of the Communist Party as an open ruling group based on merit and promotion.

Nazi Germany was set up to fail by the Illuminati. This was to discredit a White ethnostate with aggressive national socialism. So if a White ethnostate had a social safety net but was aggressive it failed.

Sweden is being made to fail to discredit White ethnostate socialism in a passive state. It is letting in Diversity that bankrupt its social safety net. The same is happening in every White country.

The American Republic in the 19th century was used to discredit a White ethnostate based on capitalism. They say it failed because it was racist and White Supremacist. So you can’t exclude Diversity. That is why they push their version of Statue of Liberty as Immigration.

So a White ethnostate fails regards of its economic system. Any system with a social safety net fails. So what is left is extreme Libertarianism. There is no social safety net. No unemployment insurance, no welfare, no Social Security, no Medicare, no national insurance, no insurance mandates.

There is no control of borders, because immigration is our strength and makes up for the declining birth rates of natives.   This was brought about by high student debt and bringing in Asians to take good jobs and other Diversity to take blue collar jobs.

So what is left is open borders Libertarianism with no social programs and low taxes that are not progressive but flat.  This is the religion taught at University of Chicago business school and econ department already in the 1980s and it has spread to other business schools.  The finance program at U Chicago and similar schools is the most hard core Libertarian.

The reality is that all these countries and systems were really controlled by Illuminati Fascism that made them fail on purpose.  The Soviet Union was made to fail by Stalin, harsh economic measures, overproduction after WW2, and so on. This was all documented in details post WW2 by econ profs in the West and think tanks.  It was also documented inside the Soviet Union by economists.

The 1975 Nobel Prize in economics for Koopmans and Kantorovich was part of this process of discrediting the Soviet Communist system.

Illuminati Fascism is what we are actually living under. It is producing the system of hoaxes to destabilize the West. It is pouring in Diversity to bankrupt the social safety net.  It is bringing in Asians to displace Whites from the middle management tier of society and break the White middle class and make it powerless.

The reality is that Illuminati Fascism always destroys whatever society it rules. This goes back to the Roman Empire which was a form of Illuminati Fascism.  It too ruled by hoaxes and deception and prevented the people ever organizing a political system to represent them.

Illuminati Fascism likely created Oliver Cromwell to discredit Republican revolution in Europe. It then did the same with French Revolution. The American Revolution was by Illuminati Fascists, but over time that system tended to progressive socialism with 91% income tax rates in the mid 20th century and so had to be brought down.

Kennedy was a major step in doing that.  He lowered the top tax rate from 91 to 70 after his death, and started Civil Rights and immigration. This has bankrupted America and forced Whites to flee cities and near suburbs as part of breaking them with long commutes, student debt, Asian competition and the transfer of know-how and industrial base to Asia.

The Kennedy family were Illuminati Fascists and continue to play a role in betraying Irish Catholics and bringing down America for Irish Catholics as well as other White Christians.

The military and intel services are told the reason for the hoaxes is to avoid the Civil War, WW1, and WW2. But these wars were caused by Illuminati Fascism.  They are told that deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria and Libya are far lower than in WW1, WW2 or even Korea and Vietnam.

They also tell the military and intel services they have to have total surveillance to prevent biological weapons being brought in.  However, the real reason is to crush the White middle class and replace it with Diversity rule.  Diversity rule in turn means Illuminati Fascist rule.

Illuminati Fascism has had rule for the last several centuries and was threatened by progressive and socialist movements at the end of the 19th century. They are now in the process of discrediting those systems in Sweden and the West to return the West and the planet to extreme libertarianism which means Illuminati Fascism.

Illuminati Fascism is the system that destroyed the Roman Republic and caused the collapse of the Roman Empire.  The same is happening again. The Illuminati bring ruin to countries, ethnic groups and the White Race. Their way is the path of destruction. Their desire for power is so great it blinds them to the reality that they are the destructive system.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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