911 was a no going back point for military intel dictatorship

November 25, 2015

911 was a spiritual betrayal of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It was a violation of the spirit of these documents and thus of the spirit of America.

The intelligence community and the generals did not kill the Spirit of America, but they made themselves its mortal enemy. One or the other must destroy the other.  There is no other possibility.

The intel community and generals have made the regular repetition of mini 911s in the hoax shootings a regular part of their organizations activities. They load Youtube with videos exposing their power of hoax and false flag over the people.

These Youtube videos are a recurring declaration of their dictatorship and their opposition to the Spirit of America in its Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They are the enemy of that. They declared war on it with 911 and with each hoax event they renew their vow of war against the Spirit of America.

The courts have abandoned their role as has Congress. The generals and intel community are exercising a semi-open dictatorship obvious to them and anyone who wants to notice.

It matters not at all what reasons of anthrax, bioweapons, nuclear weapons real or not that was the justification. They can say hoax war prevents real war and hoax terrorism prevents real terrorism. They overthrew the Constitution and violated their oaths and separated themselves from the We the People. They overthrew the sovereignty of the people and made themselves the enemy of the Constitution and of the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

They are now the enemy of the American people and the enemy of Mankind.  They are engaged in genocide of the White Race and the destruction of European Civilization. They are degrading the institutions of marriage and corrupting traditional religions and morality.  They regard gender as changeable and they see no limit to the power of artificial intelligence, robots, and automation over humans.

They wage a war of trauma with their hoax terrorism. They deny people the dignity of knowing their own time and understanding their own lives. They deny the middle class in America the opportunity to survive and crush it totally under their dictatorship.

Their opposition is to Human Spirit and Human self-awareness and consciousness. By waging a denial of reality attack on humanity, they are the enemy of what it means to be human.

“Man is the animal that knows and knows that he knows.”  Shoes of the Fisherman.   This is what the intel community and military have declared war on with their hoax reality attacks. They are at war with the very idea of humans as knowing and knowing they know.

Humanity must defeat the intel community and the generals if being human as we know it is to survive.



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