Does hoax terrorism drive our real terrorism?

November 26, 2015

The security services act as if they believe hoax terrorism sucks the oxygen in the room away from real terrorism.  How long have they had this idea? Since the Lincoln Assassination? Did they invent the Ku Klux Klan on such a basis? Anarchists in the 19th century? The assassination of McKinley?

McKinley authorized the false flag of the sinking of the USS Maine. So he could have faked his own death to combat anarcho-terrorism.  The idea of hoax assassination in the US is at least as old as the Lincoln Assassination, which was a complete hoax.

The deaths in the Spanish American war are presumably real, and we shall assume they largely are, as well as in the occupation of the Philippines.

So from the 19th century we have had hoax terrorism, false flags and assassinations as part of state craft for the US government.  This basically implies a quasi military dictatorship. It is not far from that to rig elections, trials, financial deals, education opportunity, scientific recognition, popular entertainment success, and so on.  All of these are present in the US in the 20th century and for some of them from the 19th century if not earlier.

Even if hoax terrorism works to prevent real terrorism, it degrades civilization, society and government and still has the same psychological trauma as real terrorism. Since hoax terrorism is intentionally played up by the establishment, it has more trauma impact than real terrorism.

Terrorism, real or hoax, was a factor in the Spanish American war, World War One, and in our recent wars.




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