New World Order as a protocol itself

November 26, 2015

New World Order is often thought of as a group of specified individuals. However, it can also be thought of as a protocol of behavior for groups and individuals at the top of society.  Those false flags, hoaxes, hoax trials, unfair antitrust, selective prosecution, selective regulation, deception, revolving doors, etc. can be seen as a set of protocols that embody the New World Order.

The NWO identified with specific groups such as landed aristocracy, Anglo American Wasp elite, Jews, etc. is incomplete since NWO includes individuals from all groups.  NWO is a form of protocol of behavior as well as the current set of specific individuals who are members.

Membership is also fuzzy since it is a variety of circles that reflect membership. In addition, the individual has to maintain themselves in good health, be diligent and participate in affairs to be effective in the NWO.  People who let themselves go, tune out, drop out are not effectively part of NWO.

A hard working Irish Catholic like James Comey who systematically undermines the DOJ, FBI and perpetuates hoaxes and false flags up to causing wars is more of a NWO transactor than is a hereditary rich person (Jewish or Wasp) dissipating their life with no effect.

The people at the top of the intelligence services, military, banking, bank regulation are the NWO even if they don’t come from a wealthy background or are not Jewish or Wasp elite.  Merely being Jewish or Wasp does not make one NWO, although they may passively contribute to it.

NWO currently is causing the genocide of White Protestants and also of non-orthodox Jews.  Thus it is destroying two groups most associated with NWO.  That leaves NWO as a protocol. It is a protocol so destructive that it causes the biological destruction of two groups most often associated with NWO.

White Catholics from the New York or Boston area might be another group often associated with NWO.   Obviously, Irish Catholics from South Boston are not the NWO. Their subjection to forced busing is an example of that.

The NWO has become a protocol that mirrors its ideology of denying race reality and of enduring human differences in groups as an essential element of humanity.  NWO elevates its own protocols above biological survival of the groups that gave birth to those protocols. It is currently destroying those groups biologically as fast as it can.  This is another reason NWO must be defeated.

NWO protocols involve deception of the group by the ruling class.  Defined this way it goes back to the founding of human civilization.  The Roman Republic and empire embraced such deception and this was perhaps the main reason for the fall of each.  Deception by the rulers undermines the information clearing of society for essential functions of finance, defense, jobs, reproduction of the founding group, and cultural preservation as a tribe or group. That is a recipe for group destruction. The Roman Empire accomplished that for the founding Roman stock.

NWO is now using information deception and interference to achieve the destruction of the White Race, the founding stock of Western civilization. This is destroying Western civilization itself.

NWO is based on greed, lust for power, a delight in deception to gain power and money.  NWO is basically the protocols of evil.

The document Protocols of Elders of Zion, even assumed as a mishmash of prior documents and ideas created and edited by the intelligence services of Russia and possibly other countries illustrates information deception both in its contents and its own life history.

The Protocols of the intelligence services are destroying the West and genociding the White Race.  They are not meant to preserve anything but momentary grasp on power and wealth by a group engaged in a biological destruction so vast as to include their own members.  It is destroying itself for power.  Nothing illustrates the Satanic impulse more than NWO.

NWO is a protocol for corrupting the institutions of society. That includes religious institutions such as mainline Protestant churches, the Catholic Church, Jewish networks,  schools and colleges, banks, regulatory agencies, investigative agencies, prosecution offices, and courts.  It intentionally drags all of these into corrupt and illegal acts to degrade them and bring them into its circle.

NWO protocols and networks become ever more entangling at the top. This denies those at the top even the ability to think outside of NWO protocols. They choose the biological destruction of their won group. NWO is a mental virus that leads to biological suicide for the sake of power, celebrity and excessive wealth.

NWO transcends any group. However, NWO does depend on group identities within it as part of a converging set of networks.   The groups can include Wasps, Jews, White Catholics and others. Within each of these, there is hierarchy, status and power that are based on group within group selectivity as well as perpetuating that.

The tendency to stay within one’s biological and cultural tribe has degraded in the NWO although somewhat stronger in Jews. Jeb Bush is an example of outgroup marrying as the protocol of not being loyal to the White Race leads the NWO members to choose to diffuse their own genetic heritage.  This leads to a drop in coherence.

As NWO embraces outgroup marriage it also becomes more and more just a criminal gang.  This is one reason that it is becoming more obvious and is unable to restrict its information monopoly as in former times.  It is shedding its own cultural and heredity nature and relying more and more on power, money, status and celebrity.  It is disintegrating in the face of the information technology of society.

This is true even if there are secret internets or other manipulation of the seemingly hoi polloi internet available to most.  The internet is making available a vast amount of information to the common person whatever corruption or interference techniques are being used currently or in the near future.

911 was an act of hubris as are more recent false flag or hoax events where the NWO dumps out the evidence of the false flag itself as part of the event planning.  This is being required because people who are united only by reasons of greed, power, threat are going along with these events but insisting proof of no deaths be posted as part of their protection against later legal action.

That NWO has reached the stage where it has to furnish openly legal defenses to its members in face of the real possibility of near term trials shows it is cracking up. It is a bubble that is bursting.

NWO is like the explosion of asset bubbles, and it is itself entwined with creating asset bubbles as a means of enrichment.  This also is lowering the rate of interest on savings and the equity risk premium. Both of these are devastating to the middle class and are leading to their own efforts at rebellion.

The NWO bubble is bursting in front of us. Like all asset bubbles it’s maximum size it just before it bursts. The same is true of NWO.  It is pushing hoax events and false flag wars at a faster rate.  This is becoming evident to more people.  NWO is close to its demise.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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