Is hoax terrorism worse than real terrorism?

November 27, 2015

Hoax terrorism is repeated over and over again by the same entity, the government. It is done in collaboration with the media including alternative media on the right and left. It shows government control of media down to the level of small readership magazines on the right and left.

Hoax terrorism does impose all the psychological trauma of terrorism on the target population without the perps feeling guilty. In fact, the perps feel they are doing us a favor by subjecting us to terrorism far out of the level of what real terrorists could do.

The destruction of the World Trade Center on 911, 2001 was hoax terrorism by the government. It is far beyond what a real terrorist group could hope to do.  It was pushed by all media 24/7.  This had more psychological trauma on the population than anything a real terrorist group could ever do.  Moreover, the government forced the media to intensify the trauma on the population.

This is further pushed to an extreme as we learn the government has lied the whole time.  This includes their 911 commission, the Senate committee that investigated it, etc.  They produced a 28 page fake report meant to dupe us.  This is all trauma and bullying.

Our entire society is taken over and hostile to us. They call that doing us a favor?  The only way to change that attitude is send those responsible to prison.  It is no favor.

What is the favor in the government and media being taken over and being hostile to us? On immigration, wages, jobs, negative interest rates, etc?

What is the favor in race replacement? What is the favor in Asians being 70% of Thomas Jefferson High School? What is the favor of 1 1/2 hour commutes each way? Of high home prices near DC and NYC? Of below replacement birth rates by young adults?  Of student debt? Of the lack of good jobs for teens and tweens?

What is the favor in being mocked as stupid by the intelligence services for being duped by them? For security theatre that wastes our time and consumes our energy?

What is the favor in substituting a dictatorship for the Constitution? What is the favor for mass deception of the population?  This is used to destroy the prosperity, way of life and to replace them with another population.  What is the favor, Kenneth?

Yes, hoax terrorism is worse than real terrorism. Real terrorism we can fight. Hoax terrorism we don’t know that our tormentor is our own government which is a psychopathic bully bent on our total destruction. One that mocks us and treats us with contempt when we go along and when we resist.


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