Hoax Terrorism shows MSM control to real terrorists

November 29, 2015

Real terrorists watch the videos of Peekay22, Morris108, RussianVids, etc. and see that the MSM is controlled by the government or the New World Order, or that they work together closely.  The real terrorist realizes that only hoax terrorism gets 24/7 coverage.  Any real terrorism will get a paragraph in the newspaper and no TV coverage.

It is the media control that is the message. The hoax terrorism and the Peekay22 type vids show the media control to the real terrorists. They realize they can never get on TV with real terrorism.

Hoax wars send a similar message.  Are you a 3rd world dictator? Well Russia, US, NATO, China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, ISIS, al Qaeda, Syria, Iran, Pakistan etc. are all working together.  The message to 3rd world dictators is that they can work with New World Order or be crushed.

Nothing shows Russia and the US are working together more than when they do hoax wars together.  This was true in the Cold War as well.  They controlled the MSM and the banking system including Switzerland and offshore islands then. The Cold war hoaxes including moon hoax, Cuban Missile Crisis and JFK death hoax sent a message to the 3rd world dictators that the US and Russia were working together and they had to go along with the system.

This is draft and preliminary. The above is hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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